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If Ethiopia Continues On With Its Damn Project, Egypt Will Lose 72% Of Its Farmland And Egypt And Ethiopia Could Go To War

Ethiopia wants to build a dam for the purpose of creating what would be Africa’s biggest hydroelectric power plant and the seventh largest one in the world. Egypt has been filled with consternation because, as the Egyptians argue, this dam would divert water from the Nile River which provides over 90% of their country’s water. […]

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Video: In Meeting Chaired by Mohammed Mursi, Egyptian Politician identifies America and Israel as ‘Enemies’

You would think that before a group of Egyptian (Muslim fundamentalist) politicians sat around a table to discuss intelligence strategies about how to deal with their enemies, someone would tell them they would be on live television. But, alas, no one did and well, these politicians – in a meeting chaired by President Mohammed Mursi […]

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