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(WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL) Homosexuality Must Be Abolished, Here Is Why

Watch this video of sodomites trying to attack a church. A band of brave Christian men made a human wall in order to protect the church. The sodomites resort to sexual depravity and assaults. These people need to be abolished and driven out. Homosexuality itself must be abolished. Remember what Paul wrote, that these things […]

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Morsi, The Common Tyrant

By Theodore Shoebat Muhammad Morsi is right now doing what any tyrant would do: use the emotions of the people to comply with what you want. In his address to to the senate, Morsi blamed the decrease in tourism (from which Egypt’s economy thrives) on his opposition, who “violated the peacefulness of politics”. This accusation […]

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Video: Let’s talk about Women’s rights in the Middle East

As the left wing feminist movement and U.N. groups continue to launch complaints about Zionist abuse of women, Islamic countries seem to get a pass when they should be receiving the most scorn. If you don’t think we’re dealing with misplaced indignation, watch this. Sent in via We are Synonymous. **CONTENT WARNING**

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Muslim book that teaches men how to beat women flying off the Shelves

If ever there was a real life example of why you should never judge a book by its cover, leave it to Islam to come up with it. Personally, I find the flowers on the cover of the book entitled, A Gift for Muslim Couple to be a nice touch. Compared with its contents, we […]

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Israeli Feminists being Sexually Assaulted by… Palestinians

Haaretz is reporting that Israeli left wing feminists are running into a bit of a problem that doesn’t seem to jibe with their worldview – sexual harassment from Palestinians. The article opens with a letter penned by one of those feminists: “Hi everyone, I’m writing this here because I’m not really sure when the next […]

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