Muslim book that teaches men how to beat women flying off the Shelves

If ever there was a real life example of why you should never judge a book by its cover, leave it to Islam to come up with it. Personally, I find the flowers on the cover of the book entitled, A Gift for Muslim Couple to be a nice touch. Compared with its contents, we have the perfect allegory for Islam itself. Peaceful on the outside, hateful on the inside.

Via The Toronto Sun:

A local bookstore has “sold out” of a controversial marriage guide that advises Muslim men on how to beat their wives.

The 160-page book, published by Idara Impex in New Delhi, India, is written by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, who’s described in the book’s foreword as a “prolific writer on almost every topic of Islamic learning.”

The store’s manager, who didn’t give his name, said the book had been sold out for some time, and the store’s owner, whom the manager identified as Shamim Ahmad, refused to comment for the story.

Have you ever wondered why Muslims aren’t proud to loudly proclaim their own beliefs?

This part is interesting…

In the book’s opening pages, it is written that “it might be necessary to restrain her with strength or even to threaten her.”

Later, its author advises that “the husband should treat the wife with kindness and love, even if she tends to be stupid and slow sometimes.”

Stupid and slow? Where are the feminists? Their silence is deafening.

Stockholm Syndrome anyone?


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