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Trafficking ISIS Fighters Disguised as Refugees INTO Western Countries

A western reporter in Istanbul has reported that he spoke with a man who claims to have been in the business of smuggling ISIS fighters – disguised as refugees – out of Turkey for three years. Their destination? Western countries: Extremist fighters have been brought into mainland Europe, hidden amid boatloads of Syrian refugees, according […]

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Greece Refuses To Open Mosques, And Tells Off Antichrist Nation Of Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat The Crusade continues on… Greece is standing its ground against the Muslim heretics. The Greek capital of Athens has refused to open any official mosque, in the desire of the Orthodox Christian population. While Athens has about 200,000 Muslims, thankfully it has not provided the haters of Christ the liberty to have […]

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Greece: Muslim Immigrant Detention Camp opens; more to follow

Well, now isn’t this an interesting development? Via Reuters: Greece opened its first purpose-built detention centre for illegal migrants on Sunday in Athens, a week before a national election where illegal immigration has emerged as a key issue. About 130,000 immigrants cross the country’s porous sea and land borders every year, the vast majority via […]

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Greek Citizens fed up with Illegal Alien Muslims

Isn’t it amazing how countries begin to address the roots of their problems only after they’re forced to deal with them? Greece has been at the forefront of a formidable economic crisis that has been threatening the global economy for some time now. It looks like citizens there are so fed up that they might […]

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Small Island Flashpoint in the Mediterranean?

Daniel Pipes has written an extremely interesting piece about a little island that sits about one mile off the southern coast of Turkey. Its name is Kastelorizo and though its proximity to Turkey is much closer than Greece, the latter country is the one that currently controls Kastelorizo. As Pipes points out, it’s not necessarily […]

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