Greek Citizens fed up with Illegal Alien Muslims

Isn’t it amazing how countries begin to address the roots of their problems only after they’re forced to deal with them? Greece has been at the forefront of a formidable economic crisis that has been threatening the global economy for some time now. It looks like citizens there are so fed up that they might be forcing politicians to finally act in their interests when it comes to the issue of illegal Muslim aliens.

Via Eurasia Review:

Many of the immigrants to Greece are from Africa — as well as the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan — and settle in the seedy Omonia Square area, where many hotels have closed because of the crime level. Many Greeks blame them for the once-attractive tourist area turning into a rotary of prostitution, open drug dealing, and human trafficking.

The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIMEP) estimates there are 1.1 million immigrants in Greece’s population of 11 million. About 400,000 are believed to be undocumented.

Citizens Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said he had to react because Greece was facing ejection from the EU’s Schengen zone, which allows open access between borders unless the country policed its borders tighter. He said with so many illegal immigrants — about 57,000 were recorded last year by the EU’s FRONTEX border patrol trying to sneak into Greece — the country is hard-pressed to handle the influx.

Had to react? Isn’t it interesting how the path of least resistance inevitably leads to the place you avoided going in the first place?

It looks like the Greek people have finally started to direct politicians – and not the other way around:

Greece’s two major parties, the New Democracy conservatives and PASOK socialists, are uneasily sharing power in a coalition government formed after former Prime Minister George Papandreou resigned five months ago. That was in the wake of two years of protests, riots and strikes against austerity measures demanded by international lenders in return for lifeline loans to prop up the failing economy. The parties have rapidly fallen out of favour with voters and are so desperate that they’re taking back former party members booted out for opposing austerity.

New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras said “Our cities have been taken over by illegal immigrants (that would be Muslims). We have to reclaim them.” Even those born in Greece and now second-generation citizens should have their rights reviewed, he said.

Here is a news report on Greece’s (Muslim) immigration problem:

For some reason, this Rahm Emanuel clip is coming to mind:

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