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The Islamic State Firmly Engrained in Jerusalem

Prominent Preacher Sheik Omar Abu Sara who is seen here openly preaching vile anti Jew hate at the Al Asqa Mosque Jerusalem to dozens of “worshippers” amongst the “highlights” of his speech were: “By Allah, the Jews are the most evil of Allah’s creations,” “They are the most evil creatures to have walked this Earth.” […]

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Proof of Jew hate from American Mosques

Posted by Memri on You Tube Rami Kawas an Imam that preaches Jew Hate from his mosque in Brooklyn New York If one believes this is just an isolated speech, think again as we work with many former Muslims, which include Zak Anani, Kamal Saleem, Nonie Darwish and others who would all testify that Jew […]

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Israeli’s “infiltrate” Bradford UK

George Galloway a Hamas touting, Jew hating member of the British parliament is answered by Israelis in the UK A few days ago George Galloway spoke in Bradford his own parliamentary constituency to spew some Jew Hate. The israelis decided to enter Bradford and see if George had the desired effect on the people of […]

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Dutch Justice Ministry Employees Claims ISIS is a Zionist Conspiracy

Forward.com Said Jihadist Group Is Plan By Zionists To ‘Blacken Islam’s Name’ An employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry said the jihadist group ISIS was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation. Yasmina Haifi, a project leader at the ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, made the assertion Wednesday on Twitter, the De […]

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“ISIS was started by the Jews” Who Knew?

Renowned Iraqi Sunni Cleric: “ISIS Created by Jews, Al Baghdadi Is a Dog” Source Al Monitor Mid East News It is truely breath taking what Arab Muslims and even Christian Arabs come up with to tar the name of Jews. This cleric swears by his Satanic diety that he will go to hell if he […]

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Arabic Vs In English, Hamas Nazi Jew Hater – You Decide!

Here is Osama Hamden a leader and spokesperson for Hamas as Posted by Memri interviewing on Arabic language TV in the Middle East Now look at the same monster in a suit interviewed on CNN by Don lemon lying about “observers” to monitor ceasefire. The UN are already on the ground cooperating with Hamas in […]

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Euro Jew Hate reaches its Medical Profession

Israel National News Belgian Doctor Refuses to Treat Elderly Jewish Woman A Flemish doctor who manned a medical hotline Wednesday night refused to provide help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman, Bertha Klein, who had suffered a fractured rib. “I’m not coming!” he said. “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, and she will not […]

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