“ISIS was started by the Jews” Who Knew?

Renowned Iraqi Sunni Cleric: “ISIS Created by Jews, Al Baghdadi Is a Dog”

Source Al Monitor Mid East News

It is truely breath taking what Arab Muslims and even Christian Arabs come up with to tar the name of Jews. This cleric swears by his Satanic diety that he will go to hell if he not speaking the “truth.” He must be really looking forward to hell.

ISIS declares they wish to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel yet according to this Imam it was the Jews that formed ISIS, what incredulity!

The truth is that ISIS was formed and aided by Turkey with some help from our CIA. If anybody has blood on their hands it is Turkey and the Obama administration. Now that ISIS has looted banks in Iraq of hundred of millions of dollars, as well as taking over oil installations, they do not need Turkey anymore. Turkey will end up destroying ISIS and then claim to be a “peacemaker.”

How the world is so turned upside down, our media and western governments are so corrupt and the masses are so disconnected from the evil that is befalling the world.


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