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ISIS is racist towards Boko Haram, please call Al sharpton and Eric holder, You cannot make this up!

We have reported this in the past, but we know that the Arab Muslims are very racist towards black people including the fact the Arabs were the instigators of the African slave trade also reported here. Black Muslims in Sudan have been persecuted and murdered by Arab muslims. We also know that the Black Muslim […]

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Black American who Died Fighting with ISIS was a Racist and a Homophobe

His name was Douglas McAuthur McCain. He was a black American who chose to fight with ISIS and was killed while doing so. McCain, who went by the moniker of Duale Khalid on twitter, wasn’t just black. He was also a black racist that despised both whites and homosexuals. Let’s take a look at McCain’s […]

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Pro-Palestinian Racists with Judeo-Phobia attack Synagogues

We’re constantly told that Islam is a religion of peace and that extremists shouldn’t be lumped in with the ‘moderates’. Keep that in mind as you digest this latest bit of news out of Paris, France. Unhinged, Pro-Palestinian protesters racist rioters targeted synagogues… in PARIS, France in response to Israel’s attacks on Hamas in Gaza. […]

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Obama Hugs Racist President of South Africa

**WARNING: Graphic content at bottom of this post** Much is being made of Barack Obama’s handshake with Cuban dictator Raul Castro at the memorial for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Ted Cruz – who was the only U.S. Senator in attendance – walking out during Castro’s speech also grabbed a headline (the bigger issue is […]

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Turkey’s Erdogan outs himself as Racist (horse already knew)

If you’re a conservative, liberals think you’re a racist. If you turn on any mainstream media outlet, you will inevitably hear opinions or opinions disguised as news that Christians and conservatives are racist. The seething hatred the left has for Christianity is so blind that its champions refuse to become outraged at the actual sources […]

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