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Iranian Nationalism, The Destruction Of Israel, And The German-Persian Alliance

By the Shoebats “We hear the shouts of the world-eating Jews from the throat of the Saudi king … Our missiles will rain down on our enemies. Our Sejjil Missiles will drop in the heart of Tel Aviv. The voice of Heydar [Ali] will prevail from the Kaaba. This is the Shia flag that will […]

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JUST IN: Erdogan, the President of Turkey uses the same “Mein Kampf” arguments as Hitler, Turkey now moving to Nazi style aggression.

Hurriyet Daily News, news paper that covers the Turkish Region Erdogan reported as stating “those who fought against Islam and Muslims throughout the centuries have never given up” and that “this is an eternal struggle.” Hitler railed against the Versailles treaty and his book “mein Kampf” means “my struggle.” History is lining up to repeat […]

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Kidnapped President of Yemen Officially Resigns, Leaving Capital in Hands of Muslim Terrorists

As Barack Obama and Congress was preparing for the State of the Union speech on Tuesday, a coup was taking place in Yemen. The media all but completely ignored this extremely explosive development in a country Obama himself touted as a place where his foreign policy was succeeding. On Wednesday, reports surfaced that the president […]

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Iraq’s Sunni Vice President flees to Qatar; Shiite Prime Minister Al-Maliki demands he be returned

Syria is not the only place where the Sunni / Shiite divide is heating up. It’s also manifesting itself at the highest levels of government in Shiite-controlled Iraq. Last December, it was learned that an arrest warrant had been issued for Iraq’s Sunni Vice President – Tariq al-Hashemi – who fled to northern Iraq to […]

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Shiite-o-Phobia behind the Torching of a Belgium Mosque?

A Shiite mosque in Beligium was intentionally set ablaze by a Sunni man. However, the New York Times prefers to call it the result of “Sunni-Shiite Friction.” The fire also caused the death of the imam. Via the New York Times: An arsonist’s attack on a Shiite mosque in a Brussels suburb that left its […]

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Guess who has a problem with New York Police keeping Shiite Mosques under Surveillance

You guessed it, the Muslim Brotherhood’s American allies, which include the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), have all united to confront New York’s Attorney General over NYPD’s plans to surveil some Shiite Mosques. Get this. […]

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