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Oklahoma Rep. and Retired Marine Continues Sustained Assault on Islam

Oklahoma State Rep. and retired Marine John Bennett is still speaking out against Islam and intimidation doesn’t seem to be working on him. If he continues down this path, mainstream media might just be forced to pay attention to him since the tactics employed by Muslim Brotherhood front groups don’t seem to be deterring him. […]

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Shoebat.com Seeking Town Hall Videos!

The month of August is known for its town hall meetings. U.S. Congressmen and Senators return to their districts and typically use the time to hear from their constituents. Several of these members are going out of their way to avoid the most explosive of scandals as Shoebat.com has demonstrated. In the case of one […]

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John McCain Scared by Obama

Senator John McCain is outraged at the release of five Taliban terrorist commanders in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Seemingly not lost on the Senator is the gravity of this release and the implications of it. In his own words, he said the five that were sent to Qatar have the “blood of thousands” on […]

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Barrack on the town hall with pro-Amnesty Congressman

Posted by Ben Barrack On the evening of August 20th, I attended a town hall event with Rep. John Carter in Texas. In the past, Carter has been a somewhat reliable conservative but something has happened to him; he’s working on an amnesty bill. This was a contentious topic of conversation at the town hall. […]

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