Oklahoma Rep. and Retired Marine Continues Sustained Assault on Islam

Oklahoma State Rep. and retired Marine John Bennett is still speaking out against Islam and intimidation doesn’t seem to be working on him. If he continues down this path, mainstream media might just be forced to pay attention to him since the tactics employed by Muslim Brotherhood front groups don’t seem to be deterring him.

In a local Oklahoma news report, some excerpts of Bennett at a town hall meeting on October 2nd are featured but we’d love to get access to video of the entire event.

What makes Bennett effective is that he has read the Qur’an and makes very salient and applicable comparisons to Nazi Germany. No, not all Germans were Nazis, just as not all Muslims are terrorists who seek Sharia law to be enforced but when Germans remained silent, they had to follow Nazism. When Muslims remain silent, they will be forced to follow Sharia.

Bennett also very cogently responds to a woman who points to peaceful Muslims who denounce the killing of innocent people. Bennett rightly cited the Qur’an and made a point that is rarely if ever made; Islam commands that non-Muslims do not qualify as innocent people.

Via Raw Story:

Here is a separate video from the same event. It features dupes that are running interference – wittingly or unwittingly – for the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in America:


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