Seeking Town Hall Videos!

The month of August is known for its town hall meetings. U.S. Congressmen and Senators return to their districts and typically use the time to hear from their constituents. Several of these members are going out of their way to avoid the most explosive of scandals as has demonstrated. In the case of one – Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) – he acknowledged the explosiveness of one such scandal during a town hall last August and has been hiding under his desk ever since.


In 2010, town halls all across the country exposed elected officials as being corrupt, unqualified, or just plain stupid (click the photo of then Rep. Phil Hare for a prime example) on the matter of Obamacare.



Regular readers to our site are all too familiar with the explosive scandals that are not only being avoided by the mainstream media and Democrats but also by Republicans. This does present an opportunity in the upcoming town hall meetings.

While the issue of immigration is certain to be on the minds of town hall attendees, if anyone is able to capture video of a Congressman or Senator being asked about any of the following scandals, we’d love to post it.

Examples of what we’re looking for…

1.) Malik Obama dimension to the IRS scandal.

2.) Egypt’s involvement in the Benghazi attack.

3.) Innocence of Muslims filmmaker being a Muslim and agent of Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

4.) Possible compromising of Benghazi Select Committee.

5.) Questions about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. Are the following members of Congress STILL willing to defend Huma Abedin against questions raised about her by Rep. Muslim Brotherhood: John McCain (R-AZ), Marco Rubio (R-FL), John Boehner (R-OH), Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Mike Simpson (R-ID), Richard Hanna (R-NY), and Mike Rogers (R-MI).

Send any relevant videos to [email protected]


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