Barrack on the town hall with pro-Amnesty Congressman

Posted by Ben Barrack

On the evening of August 20th, I attended a town hall event with Rep. John Carter in Texas. In the past, Carter has been a somewhat reliable conservative but something has happened to him; he’s working on an amnesty bill. This was a contentious topic of conversation at the town hall.

Carter is part of the House gang – along with Rep. Paul Ryan – who is working on a comprehensive immigration reform bill. He also boasted about bringing Republicans and Democrats together in a room for several weeks to hammer out their differences; this always seems to benefit the Democrats in the end.

After watching “They Come to America II” by Dennis Michael Lynch, Carter spoke at length to defend his position, which I find to be indefensible. Talk show host Lynn Woolley and I were both in attendance and were referred to by Carter as “demagogues” on “the radio” when we challenged some of his statements.

Congressman John Carter (R-TX)

Congressman John Carter (R-TX)

The town hall got quite contentious at times. At one point, I corrected him when he referred to their being “11 million” illegals in this country. I shouted, “No, it’s more like 40 million”. He took issue with this figure but I said when you add up the numbers of what each state in the union reports to be their illegal population, 40 million is much closer to reality. The true intent of the fourteenth amendment is Lynn’s hot button and he got vocal when Carter seemed to endorse the view that birthright citizenship is part of the constitution.

The next day, the town hall was a main topic of conversation on Lynn’s show. Due to an appointment that required Lynn to leave the show early, I was able to do the final segment of the show and decided to devote that time to giving my take on the town hall.



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