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Imam in Uganda Beats Daughter to Death for Converting to Christianity, now seeks to kill her traumatized 12-year-old sister,

A 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized for two weeks after her Muslim father beat her and her sister for converting to Christ last month is traumatized after learning that her sister died from the assault, sources said. Naigaga Saidah’s father, Imam Abudalah Ali of Bwita mosque in Kaliro District, allegedly beat to death her 15-year-old […]

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Obama’s Plot To Cover For His Terror-linked Brother

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack (Shoebat Exclusive) The Barack Obama administration is stepping up its efforts to bring a warlord named Joseph Kony to justice. But common sense tells us that such effort is simply a political ploy; the U.S. Administration simply wants to portray Kony as “Christian terrorist”. Why else does the Obama […]

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Homosexuals Want To Recruit Your Children, And Suppress Christians

Exclusive By Theodore Shoebat An enemy army cannot invade without traitors from the nation it desires to conquer. So the same is true with the great infiltration that we see: the sodomites cannot accomplish their evil mission without traitors who call themselves Christian. I rarely get attacked by sodomites, but rather mostly by Christians who […]

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Uganda Will Imprison People For Doing Gay Weddings

By Theodore Shoebat The crusade lives on… Uganda has now passed a bill which decrees that anyone conducting gay weddings will face imprisonment, and this deserves our emulation. It rightfully punishes anyone who “conducts a marriage ceremony” for sodomites with seven years of jail. The man who wrote the bill, David Bahati, said: This is […]

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Video: University of Washington professor of African Studies on Kony 2012

Yesterday, we posted Sam Childers’ video response to the viral video, Kony 2012. He said that while getting Kony is a good thing, Omar al-Bashir in Northern Sudan is the much bigger problem. Childers has credibility because his boots have been on the ground over there, on and off, for fourteen years. Now enter University […]

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