Sick: Democratic Congressman praises CAIR on House Floor

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) caucus (that would be ‘communist’) issued recognition and praise to a Muslim Brotherhood front group (CAIR).

Via CapitolWords:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ohio Chapter.

CAIR is a nationwide, nonprofit organization whose mission is to “enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.” For the past ten years, CAIR Ohio has played an instrumental role in helping to bridge the divides between Greater Cleveland’s diverse communities.

This, from the same man Ron Paul said he would consider for a cabinet position if elected president (gasp).

We found Kucinich’s closing stanza to be the most telling about his loyalties:

Mr. Speaker and colleagues, please join me in recognizing the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ohio Chapter for their tenth years of outstanding achievement. May their efforts to promote dialogue and create a more inclusive world continue to endure.

This would be like a congressman in 1938, praising the Nazis from the House floor.

h/t Weasel Zippers


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  • anna

    What so many of us scratch our heads about, is why would a “socialist”politician praise a right wing organization such as CAIR or such a conservative religion like Islam.?

    (As far as Ron Paul is concerned: no comment )

    it makes no sense and efies al common sense and logic
    Rather like “feminists” (mostly left-leaning) ignore the plight of Muslim women, instead praising their
    “choices” to wear veils and adhere to Sharia, when they copy everything from the 7th century including child marriage and bigamy and present it as “liberating”?
    The world has gone insane, but then if we take the Bible seriously we should be prepared for all this !

  • punkin7

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich shows he has not done any research concerning Islam and seems to disregard what CAIR has done and is continuing to do. Why will those in the government not realize what is happening to our country? Are the purposely blind to the invasion of Muslims in America or has the enemy blinded them to the Truth? Yes, love your enemy God says but that doesn’t mean to give the enemy the key to our cities for them to destroy and make them and the people into the cult they follow through force

    I never could understand how anyone would call Islam or any other cult as right wing or conservative when they act more like the far-left wing radical progressive-liberalism or rather the cult followers are more like the false messenger it came from

    CAIR may be a nonprofit organization who says its mission is to “enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, to empower American Muslims but not in the way Americans would think and build coalitons that promote their own Sharia justice which has little to do with justice but more to do with abuse of women and (no) mutual (mis) understanding.

    CAIR does not try to bridge any divides between diverse communities, if Rep. Kucinich would just do some reading of books about the “true” history of Islam and/or speak with those who used to be “Muslim” and then, they just might learn the Truth. I say “might” because so many of the progressive-liberal party refuse the truth because they have become so brainwashed by their professors from their past in Universities/Colleges.

    We are at the brink of End of Times, there is no doubt about this and all we have to do is study the Word of God and read/look around ourselves how people are acting, responding, the wickedness of coddling the criminals and abusing the victims, the lies of so many in Government along with the people who accept the lies of those they support and putting it off as something that isn’t bad or so bad. Today people are calling what is “GOOD” as Bad and what is Bad as Good and this was prophecized by God and we are witnessing this happening, the rebirth of Israel in 1948, the continuous lies against Israel by the Muslim people and the majority of the people of Earth are accepting the lies of Satan against Israel.

    So many people in America say they believe in God and are Christians yet, they know nothing about GOD nor His Words. Many of these people who call themselves Christians are just church goers, no human being becomes a Christian just because his/her parents are Christians. Everything is a choice, no one is born into anything except being born as a human being. A Muslim chooses to be a Muslim, even though they are not taught the full truth of this following and many never learn the truth either.

    It is an exciting time but for the many lost, it is a sad time because they have no idea where they will spend eternity because many do not believe in God even though His presence is all around them along with all His creation along with the knowledge of God inside themselves as God said He would put it