New San Antonio Decree: Politicians Will Lose Jobs If They Speak Against Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat

Absolute equality is absolute despotism. This statement is becoming truer every moment in which the Sodomite agenda is incessantly advancing over the moral infrastructures, and they are not doing so without destroying lives. Look at the decree that was just passed in San Antonio, TX, which now prohibits all those in political office from being bias toward homosexuals.

Homosexuality is not a right, and sodomite marriage is not even recognized in the state of Texas, yet the reprobates are not stopping in their endeavorment to make everyone accept them. Now let me make one thing clear, this bill is not about fighting discrimination, as they say, it is about control. As the Texas attorney general Greg Abbot said:

The obvious problem with this provision is that it allows government to impose thought and speech control over any city official or board or commission member who may hold deep religious beliefs that are counter to the ordinance

The ordinance also states that any city official will be removed from public office for showing any dislike or bias, “by word or deed”, against sodomites.

Full equality is a threat to all liberty. The only equality necessary is equality before the law, and equality of opportunity. But this collective and absolute equality is downright tyrannical.

If a pastor refuses to conduct a homosexual wedding, he will be punished, the same would go for a wedding planner who wishes not to organize a sodomite wedding. They want to ban discrimination, but when the state punishes someone for their view on homosexuality, that unto itself is discrimination.

Just look at what happened in Oregon, when a Christian bakery refused to make a cake for a lesbian ceremony, they were received with mobbish threats of violence. Aaron Klein, the owner of the bakery, said that the sodomites turned to their vendors and

inundated them with phone calls and threatened them. They would tell our vendors, ‘If you don’t stop doing business with Sweet Cakes By Melissa, we will shut you down.

The sodomites even sent Klein messages that they would murder his family. On top of this, Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries commenced an investigation on the Christian family. The business ended up having to close down for lack of money.

Tolerance is an illusion, made by those seeking power, to obtain power, and to stay in power. It is a mask concocted for the purpose of deception! It is used by the mob, by the violent, by the cruel, in order to trick us into thinking that they are peaceful, until they take control, and there will be no tolerance of us, only tolerance for them, and their despotism.

Here is a great answer to absolute equality by Roger Scruton in a filmed lecture he gave:

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  • grandmamoses

    I live in W.Tx where Walid & Ted have been guest speakers for years on a local broadcast.

    This is the mayor of Houston, Texas. … she and her ‘life partner’

  • dapreach.1

    Clearly you have opened the can of worms that the pro-homo movement wants to keep sealed up! As they preach equality and tolerance they practice vitriol and abject hatred! Their agenda is no more and no less than CONTROL–which, as you know, is completely in sync with the agenda of the islamist deceivers as well. In a word, they are DEMONIC to the core! We’re not going to win this fight without a Holy Ghost revival, but I fear that Babylon has already carried off a majority of our precious youth into the deceptive captivity of political correctness. Satan is a mighty deceiver, but our God is an ALMIGHTY DELIVERER!!!!!

  • Pierre Montagne

    Once Minority rights are recognized and ordered to be advanced within a democracy – the democracy has died and is no longer functional.
    Those who think the democratic process prevails in such systems are self-deluded. Plurality means nothing as minority rights are defended and trump the majority at every turn.
    Only if the minority permits some or other “freedom” do the majority benefit.
    Minority rights as they have come to be know are the antithesis of “United we stand – divided we fall. To the Minority the idea of United applies only to them and not the majority.
    This protection of Minorities establishes obscene case law that not only imperils freedom of speech but penalized freedom of thought ending and vilifying individual rights.
    Rational thinking is replaced by mandatory political correctness.
    Plainly speaking – the Constitution imperils the growth of minority rights and therefore the Politically Correct thereby assert “IN order to Protect minority Rights the Constitution must go or be ignored for the grater good”.

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  • Clare

    Fascisms share the same m.o. Whether homo or Islamo, their strategies are very alike.

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  • sumsrent

    Over the years I’ve gone back and forth on the homosexual agenda and how it fits in Islamic prophecy.
    I read today that the Ottoman Empire actually decriminalized homosexuality, in the later years before its collapse at the end of WWI.
    Knowing the Ottoman Empire had become somewhat westernized… this still amazed me. We learn something new everyday.
    See… I’ve often wondered whether or not the homosexual agenda was designed to fit Islamic views and eventually cause the world to get sickened of it, like what Pike said in his fake letter to Mazzini. Or… somehow get Islamic leaders to pass some Sharia Law to approve of homosexuality like sex with the dead, sex with animals and prostitution.
    And Scripture tells us that the later days will be much like Sodom and Gomorrah…
    The way I see that is… homosexuals beating down neighbors doors wanting their guests sent out so they could have their way with them. In fact… so demented was their thinking… they literally refused the virgin daughter that was offered in place.

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