Russia Will Get Tougher On Islamic Religion

By Theodore Shoebat

The recent series of terrorists attacks which have taken place in Russia, in which tens of people were killed, are events that are only adding to the nation’s already growing tension against Islam, and it as well prefigures a religious inquisition being imposed on Muhammad’s heresy.

According to the pro-Russian government newspaper, Izvestiya, Russian security officials are aspiring to impose certain measures to control uncontrolled immigration, and also imposing surveillance on women who have converted to Islam.

Kirill Benediktov, a Russian policy analyst, attributed the terrorist attack to Saudi Arabian support of Wahhabism in Russian:

There is no doubt that the Salafist regimes of the Persian Gulf, primarily Saudi Arabia, have been supporting Islamic terrorism in Russia… Russia is now strong enough to afford unfriendly measures towards the regimes that have been using the Wahhabi fifth column in order to destabilise the situation in our country

Galina Khizreyeva, a specialist in jihadism at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, is referenced by the popular daily Moskovskiy Komsomolets as stating that laws against Wahhabism must be passed:

The terrorists have a new strategy of involving Russians in carrying out terrorist attacks to show that Russians are unhappy with the authorities. This problem should be solved at a federal level. It is necessary to pass laws as soon as possible to help stop extremism and Wahhabism, which result in terrorism

Let us never forget that the attacks in Russia are intended to kill Christians. Please Donate now and save Christian lives.

Aleksandr Grishin, a Russian writer and patriot, has affirmed the governmental measure of arresting, not just terrorists, but all of their relatives as well:

We are left with no choice apart from declaring zero tolerance regarding terrorists and members of their families …There should be no concessions from the state towards bandits’ relatives, anyone who was aware of preparations for a terrorist attack but did not report to law-enforcement bodies should be imprisoned… There should be a life sentence for terror, the death penalty for organisers.

All of these sentiments, and reports of governmental measures planning on being on certain Muslims (especially female converts) are foreshadowers to a future significant imposition on the Islamic religion itself. Now, to further make clearer the signs that show a future suppression of Islam, there are several events that occurred shortly prior to the recent terrorist attacks.

Earlier this month, I wrote on how the city of Moscow decreed that Muslims could no longer build mosque. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, declared emphatically:

No new building permits will be issued. I think that’s enough mosques for Moscow.

The same mayor said on a radio show:

Muscovites are becoming irritated by people who speak a different language, have different customs, and display aggressive behavior. This is not a purely ethnic issue, but it is connected with some ethnic characteristics

Moreover, add to this the fact that just days before these terrorist attacks took place, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Orthodox Church of Russia, expressed his concern and illustrated his foresight on Islamism in Russia:

The increase in the number of migrants, primarily from Central Asia and the Caucasus, in Moscow has increased the risk of ethnic conflicts

He also said that many jihadists “are recruited by extremist and terrorist organizations, sometimes right in Moscow,” and he also added his concern on the building of mosques and the anti-Christian sentiments amongst Muslims:

The radicals are extremely negative to Orthodox faith: they killed six Orthodox priests, including Moscow priest Daniil Sysoyev, in the past 15 years … The creation of a favorable atmosphere on the issue of construction of mosques on the territory where Orthodox population prevails directly depends on ethnic relations in every specific place, the level of ethnic crime and terrorism

The Patriarch, who is very influential, said that he hoped that Moscow purges itself of the “enclaves of lawlessness, that the problems of illegal migration and impudent behavior by some migrants will be resolved, that the activities by some saboteurs and extremists can be curbed.”

All of these signs are indications that a suppression of Islam under the hands of the Islamic state, is looking very prospective.

The war between Christian and Muslim will take place, and it is important for us to prepare both our souls and minds for it. Get our new DVD special on militant Christianity today.

I want to thank all of you for supporting Rescue Christians. Truly, you are those Christians who used their talents, and were faithful servants to Christ our Master.


  • vaquero70

    PTL!!!! Maybe we should follow their lead on this issue!!!!

    • Dittman

      I don’t think that it will happen anytime soon here in the United States. The majority of the powerful and influential here are still under the delusion that Islam is a peace-loving religion. Maybe in a century after the Marxists in this country are done robbing us and a destroying our freedoms, like in Russia, we’ll wake up to the threat of Islam.

      • Non Alislam

        If u wait a century, u’ll all b muslims…

      • richinnameonly

        I expect bible prophecy to move forward and wipe out islam before we go another hundred years. In the meantime, I’d like to see a big backlash against islam in the U.S. so it can be purged from the government. Looks like Russia is ahead of us, although they have a bigger muslim population than the U.S.

      • Rexlion

        Indeed, the principles of free speech and freedom of religion are being used against the U.S. citizens nowadays to force tolerance toward the violent and unlawful.

        While I have never liked or trusted Putin, it goes to show how God can work through even the unregenerate sinner to achieve good.

        • alenajoy

          Actually Pres Putin is a Christian. He has publicly stated that. He is an Orthodox believer and was baptized as a child. His mother took him to church, unbeknownst to his communist dad.

          • Rexlion

            I hadn’t heard that before. I certainly hope he is a true believer.

          • Silentpies

            The problem is Putin isn’t going to live forever or stay in power forever, when Muslims start becoming polititians and army generals you’re only hope is civil war.

          • Tammy Secrist

            I’ve heard this too.

  • Richard Connolly

    I hope Mr. Putin shows the muslims in his district, it is not a good idea to hide these islamic terrorists, anyone doing so will get the same treatment as the ones that did the criminal offence…….as for the rest of the world, Mr. President we share your grief, but respect your wishes and I hope when all is said and done there will never ever be a church that teaches islam,, it is the devils domain..

  • greg

    Maybe it’s time for Russia to be the world police instead of Obamamerica, just my opinion

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Frightening thought. They have a horrid history, which continues today under different names.
      NO “world police,” ever!

      • I do not want world police either but given a choice, l rather have Putin …

    • abey

      I appreciate your suggestion

  • Matt

    Time to take out the trash Mr. Putin.. once one country stands up to these muslim savages more will follow ( hint hint England!!!)

  • 54footscray .

    how about you ban islam and deport muslims, problem solved
    but oh no that would be hatred and discrimination

  • Unc Remus

    Islam is a Plague on Humanity…

    • Rexlion

      One little mistake (Abraham with Hagar) can have devastating consequences for millenia. It makes one think about self-examination and about avoiding even seemingly insignificant sins.

  • yahshua love’s you

    Wow Putin that’s a real leader folks I mean this guy is the only one who dears to take a stand against these Islamic scums I know what he’s going to do take care of those terrorist basterds but the rest of Europe needs to wake up before civil war starts breaking out all over the place God forbid

    • alenajoy

      There was a Prophesy from God given last year and I can’t remember who spoke it here in the USA. It said that many will leave Europe in droves because of the threat of Islam. But God will spare Europe and we are to begin to pray for them.

  • duke

    I believe in fairness. If a Christian church is bombed then one Mosque should be bombed. If a new morgue is built then a new church be allowed to be built. Allow the same number of Christians to enter the country as Muslims, factored by the percentage in the population. This is fair and balanced.

  • Please, crush them, Putin.

  • irish7_1sg

    I vaguely recall a brief confrontation of Russians and Moslems in the mid 1980’s. At the time, multiple Americans were captured and held in captivity by Islamic terrorist groups. One group briefly detained a Soviet. The KGB found the brother of the leader of Moslem kidnapper. They killed the terrorist’s brother, cut off some body parts and mailed it to him. The Russian was released. It would be years before the Moslems messed with the Soviets again.

  • alenajoy

    Americans need to unite and stop being wimps about what we don’t believe in, in our country.

  • Amir

    My Russian brothers and sisters. You are slowly taking in Nazism/Facism. Do not take it in because your country was amazing. The USSR was amazing. However Stalin was an idiot I would of prefered if Trotsky was in power, maybe he would of made USSR better. I alsop love Putin he is a great leader. Viva Putin and Russia 🙂 As for Islamic terrorism it is Wahabism not Islam. Wahabism are not Muslim. As for Europe and America they are Nazi/Facist who are using Christianity like how Adolf Hitler made his own church called the Reich Church. Do not beleive in what the West says. Your true allies are with Arab and the Muslim world, with Africa, with Asia and Latin America not the West. The West uses Christianity and hate religion, they call themselves Christian but Athiests ( USSR Athiestism was the fault of Stalins hate towards religion) just like the right wing hatred towards religion and they beleived that Hitler was thier God. Who saved the Jews from the concentration camps,was it the West? No it was USSR. Who defeated Germany from Stalingrad all the way to Berlin and they truly deserved Germany not the West? USSR. I love my Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters snd all Orthodox Christians and Arab Christians more than Western Christians.Islamic terrorism are supported by fake muslims the Wahabis. The Nazi/Facist infested West. And lastly the state of Israel who are Zionist and use Judaism for there own agenda. See my Russian brothers and sister and all of Eastern Europe your enemies are not Muslims but the West, Israel and Arab gulf countries who follow Wahabism and Salafism who are using Islam for there own agenda just like how the West use Christianity and how the State of Israel uses Judaism for its own agenda. Together Muslims,Jews and Christians will unite one day and defeat out true enemy who are the ones who use religion for thier own agenda. Much love to Russia and Putin. Viva Putin and Russia 🙂 May Allah be with Putin and the Russian people and Eastern Europe and its people. 🙂

  • Amir

    Also there are some Christians,Jews and Muslim that are peaceful in the West. If you hate Islam than you probally are with the Nazis and the Zionist scum that has plagued you and are just like the Islamist teerrorists themselves. Because you love violence and are not good Christians but war momgering this is to all the people on this site who are Christian nazi fanatics who are not Christians but are Reich Church goers who beleive that Hitler is thier God. As for the peace loving Christians on this site. may Allah be with you 🙂

  • gj boehme

    I wish there was a law against muslim and islam to be prohibit on grounds in many countries. I want those fanatic religious to be wiped out. they have caused so much misery upon animals and humans. its too much to watch anymore of those beheadings on the christians and its really wrong. this is 2014 we should be able to fight those barbarics back. unlike the roman catholic times that killed many who refused to convert (which is what they are doing the same) we are in 2014 and are able to stand up and change things since population are much different today than it is then.

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