Muslim Police Officer Murders Three Christian Americans In A Hospital

By Theodore Shoebat

Three American Christians were murdered today in a hospital in Kabul Afghanistan. They were visiting the hospital to tend to the sick, following the beautiful commands of Christ, and as they were walking out, a Muslim police officer opened fire and killed all three of them.

Among the slain was Dr. Jerry Umanos, a pediatrician from Chicago who worked for Lawndale Christian Health Center. He and his family moved to Afghanistan to medicate and care for sick children. Dr. Art. Jones, a friend and colleague of Umanos, expressed his appreciation for Umanos’ love of the children he was helping:

He was obviously concerned… At the same time, you can’t count the number of children that Jerry’s impacted, the lives he’s saved on his own, and with the doctors he trained. That’s who he was. He was driven by the kids.

The other two Americans killed were a father and son who were with Umanos, and it is truly agonizing to see what indifference their deaths has been met with in the US. Umanos conducted the only residency medical training program in Afghanistan. He was a Christian helping Muslims, only to be killed by a Muslim whose hatred so transcended the moral order that he killed one of the few people who actually cared for his people.

Umanos’ mother-in-law Angie Schuitema, remembered what a great person Umanos was, what a great loss his death brought, and how he always wanted to be a missionary:

He was a great person, a great doctor. It’s a great loss… He was doing what he wanted to do. He thanked God for allowing him to help people there. …He always wanted to be a missionary and he felt this was one way he could do it… He was brought up knowing the Lord and wanting to do work for the Lord. . . .His desire was to work with other people and help them.

Dr. Jerry Umanos, martyr

Dr. Jerry Umanos, martyr

Usman Sharifi, a military doctor who knew and worked with Umanos, remembered the lamentation he suffered upon hearing the death of his colleague:

I called a doctor friend and asked, “What has happened? Is everybody fine?” He said in a sorrowful voice that “We are fine but Dr. Jerry is dead.” …So I called two more doctor friends and they also confirmed, one was crying. They were all Afghan doctors, colleagues working in Cure Hospital… I couldn’t believe Dr. Jerry was dead

Dr. Jones recounted the great effort Umanos put into his charitable work:

I don’t know anyone who went as often or stayed as long as Jerry. He sort of realized that how he was spending his time, the magnitude of impact he could have in a place like Afghanistan, even compared to the inner-city in Chicago, was just so much greater

When the Crusaders settled in the Holy Land, they built hospitals where they medicated Christians, Muslims and Jews. They did not discriminate, they just medicated whoever needed the help, because that is what our Lord commands of us.

We must work to help the persecuted Christians. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TODAY TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES


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  • Julie LaBrecque

    Shockingly enough, ABC news is reporting this story right now. Are they waking up?

    • richinnameonly

      Wow. Did they actually say Muslim, or did they just say shooter or terrorist? It seems many of these people are so warped that they are beyond human help and require divine intervention.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I caught the report halfway into it, so I can’t say.

    • really, l am surprise … someone might get fired on ABC over reporting this…

  • metheoldsarge

    Must be a local station. I haven’t seen this in the media at all. Not even on FOX. If it happened in this country, it would be called “Work Place Violence”.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      It was on the national news broadcast. I didn’t catch the beginning of it, so I don’t know if they reported that the religion of the creeps. I’ll try to find the full report on their website.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      It is on their website, I just read the transcript, they do not mention anything regarding the shooter other than he was a security guard. There is a quote from the CEO of Cure International (guess the Dr worked for that corp) where he says he had no information that it was religiously motivated. Hum. Maybe he doesn’t have any info, and if he did, he might have sidestepped it to protect other workers of the organization still in the field.

  • sandraleesmith46

    I saw one notice a out this earlier, but couldn’t access the story. 3 doctors there to HELP! They didn’t turn Muslim kids away, they tended them! This shows all too clearly what “moderate” Islam is!

  • Juan Rodriguez


  • setemfree

    Get out and let the animals killone another off.