Distribution List of ‘Smoking Gun’ Benghazi Email Included Muslim Brotherhood AGENT

By Walid Shoebat, Ben Barrack and Keith Davies

The ‘smoking gun’ email that reveals who instructed Susan Rice to blame the Benghazi attack on a video also exposes a recipient named Mehdi K. Alhassani. Alhassani was the leader of the Muslim Student Association (MSA), a Muslim Brotherhood front group and attended the sister mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bombers. It is a mystery how Alhassani slipped through the cracks to become a Special Assistant to the Office of the Chief of Staff, National Security Council Staff, and Executive Office of the President. It is unknown why a few hours before the Benghazi attack, Alhassani met in the White House with Samir Mayekar, a George Soros ‘fellow’ for an unscheduled visit.

Why did Alhassani receive 'Smoking gun' email?

Why did Alhassani receive ‘Smoking gun’ email?

It is obvious that as a Muslim Brotherhood operative, Alhassani wanted to blame the video for the violence that erupted in the Middle East. As Shoebat.com reported just two days after the attacks, these forces had been hard at work on that very agenda. This aligned the Muslim fundamentalists with the Obama administration in at least one respect – each had a stake in blaming the video.

Mehdi Alhassani

Mehdi Alhassani

As to Alhassani’s affiliations with Islamist groups, the proof is found in a document published by the Islamic Institute of Boston (IIB) entitled, Participants at the Citizen Dialogue Group. One of the participants of this U.S. State Department initiative was Mehdi Alhassani. In his bio, Alhassani is identified as a student of George Washington University (GWU) who was President of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) there from 2005 to 2006 and who served as an intern at both the White House and the U.S. State Department.

There is overwhelming evidence that MSA is a Muslim Brotherhood front.


The MSA branch of GWU has a checkered past. As Shoebat.com revealed, former Deputy Chief of Staff and close adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin served on the Board of GWU’s MSA in 1997, a year after she was hired by Clinton. In light of what we know now about Alhassani’s involvement and Abedin’s affiliations should put closure to the smear campaign against Rep. Michele Bachmann, who was at the forefront of bringing the issue of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. Government. Probably more alarming is that just four years later, none other than Anwar al-Awlaki, the inspiration for Fort Hood jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan, would become a chaplain for that MSA chapter, which Alhassani later led.

Mehdi (C. or K.?) Alhassani

Mehdi (C. or K.?) Alhassani

It is a mystery as to why records indicate that Alhassani has used two different middle initials and is also identified as “Mehdi C. Alhassani”. In the ‘smoking gun’ email, he is identified as “Mehdi K. Alhassani”.

In addition to a work history that includes time at the State Department and White House, Alhassani has also worked at the Arab American Institute (AAI), which actively collaborates with the Arab American Action Network (AAAN) and CAIR. The AAAN was founded in Chicago by Rashid Khalidi, who was the Director of the PLO press agency at a time when the PLO was designated as a terrorist organization. Khalidi is also a friend of President Barack Obama:

Rashid Khalidi and the Obamas in 2003.

Rashid Khalidi and the Obamas in 2003.

When he was younger, Alhassani attended what has since become the much larger Islamic Center of Boston (ICB) in Wayland, Massachusetts. The ICB is the ‘sister mosque’ to the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), which was founded by convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi with the active assistance of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The ICB was constructed by the ISB for the purpose of ‘interfaith’ outreach. Today, the imams for both mosques serve on the Imam’s Shurah Council.

Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsaranaev attended the ISB mosque. When then FBI Director Robert Mueller was asked during a Congressional hearing if he knew that the ISB was founded by Alamoudi – a terrorist convicted and sentenced on Mueller’s watch – Mueller said no (3:45 mark to the end):

Two Muslims who joined Alhassani on the Citizen Dialogue excursion to Europe were Dr. Yahya Basha and Farah Pandith, both of whom have had access to the halls of U.S. power for years. Basha was part of delegations that had access to the Oval Office during the Bush administration in the days after 9/11 and currently sits on the board of the highly suspect Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) with former Dar al-Hijrah mosque chairman Bassam Estwani, as reported by Shoebat.com.

Estwani approved the hiring of al-Awlaki as the Imam of his mosque, had a relationship with Alamoudi, and welcomed al-Qaradawi into his mosque, as Shoebat.com revealed.

Pandith has been photographed with Clinton’s close adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin as well as Abedin’s mother Saleha Abedin, who is a leader of the Muslim Sisterhood, as revealed by Shoebat.com:

Pandith (L) with Muslim Sisterhood leader Saleha Abedin (R).

Pandith (L) with Muslim Sisterhood leader Saleha Abedin (R).

Pandith became the State Department’s U.S. Representative to Muslim Communities during the Obama administration and was sworn in on the Qur’an. At about the time she was partnering with Alhassani, Pandith organized a conference in Belgium that brought several Muslim Brotherhood front groups together, as Shoebat.com reported.

Pandith (R) with Huma Abedin (L).

Pandith (R) with Huma Abedin (L).

The day before the ‘smoking gun’ email by White House Deputy Ben Rhodes was sent to Alhassani, Pandith joined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Ben Franklin room of the State Department to celebrate a Muslim holiday. Also joining Pandith and Clinton was Libya’s Ambassador to the U.S., who one year earlier spoke at the ISNA convention and was introduced by CAIR-Chicago’s Executive Director. [video here].

It is clear that a White House employee – Alhassani – with ties to groups and individuals who sought to blame the video to undermine the first amendment was one of the recipients of the ‘smoking gun’ email. As such, he was part of the Obama administration’s effort to blame the video as well.


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  • Julie LaBrecque

    And the plot thickens.

  • Amash

    This is getting scary.

    • lilyred

      Been scary for a long time.

      • Michael Ruda

        If you have been paying attention that is…..

  • yahshua love’s you

    mehdi human abedin mujahed Obama kelly Mc Cain they all are going to pay for what they have done woe to them evil wicked and corrupted people woe on to them woe woe woe woe woe the blood the blood that has been spilled oh how much blood has been spilled woe!!!

  • IngeC

    Great work and research Walid!
    The implication in Benghazi are becoming clearer by the day; americans doe not know or understand how far we are compromised from within!
    That is the real story and quite scary; because there is time left for more destruction.

  • info warrior

    Shoebat is still around eh?
    The fool was exposed as a liar years ago.
    Will the fascists never learn?

    • LVR

      The fascist are in the white hut, stupid troll.

    • shoebat

      Liar? Really? How?

      By CNN’s slanderous bomb-throwers Drew Griffin and Anderson Cooper? And they’re credible why? Oh, maybe you mean Christopher Hedges, a far left liberal hack. Why should he be believed? Liberal hacks are completely objective, right? Perhaps you’re referring to a hit-and-run Jerusalem Post piece by Jorg Luyken that was rebuked by the Post itself.

      Bring it, smear merchant. You won’t, though because backing up libel is an oxymoron.

      You do know that bearing false witness is a violation of one of the commandments, right (assuming you’re not an atheist)?

      • AmericanLass

        Libs have a different outlook on lies and truth. They choose to be deceived and be followers of all liars.

    • shoebat

      Still around, a thorn in your flesh, CNN and your devils did not win, did they?

  • richinnameonly

    I believe this administration has been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood, some secretly and some by being openly appointed. We have this primarily because of not properly vetting and exposing the one who was elected President.
    Here’s a problem with this situation. Well informed citizens know it is part of their modus operandi to lie and deceive to further their agenda. Many citizens are of the opinion that this administration is ruining the country and aiding the enemy. But does this administration officially recognize the Muslim Brotherhood as the enemy? No? Even after comparing their worldwide agenda to our founding principles and Judeo Christian background? So, if the citizens rebel against this current trend, then the citizens are the ones officially guilty of sedition and/or treason? Are we already at that point? Even if common sense tells you that the government is becoming a traitor to the nation and aiding the enemy? This is like what seems to be one of the aims of the Brotherhood and this administration; making it illegal to criticize Islam while leaving it open season on Christianity and Judaism.
    Walid, Keith, Ted, help me out here.

    • bshade

      Malik Obama, Obama’s brother is muslim brotherhood. The Egyptian newspaper, after Morsi was removed, stated that it had proof that Obama, our president, was a member of the muslim brotherhood. U.S. citizens need to know who our president really is. There are no documents. Who is he?

  • Antoinette

    Befriending and arming terrorists is tricky business. Kind-of like driving around Iraq waiting to get blown-up.

  • Schawminator

    Everyone that post on this site should send this report to all their representatives in Washington DC as well as their annex offices. Email and send hard copies as well.

    • GenEarly

      Why? Do you really think WE know more than the 550 approx people in Con-gress? It’s a small club in the District of Control, comrade. They know, they pretend ignorance to cover their a$$es. What else can they do, just kick the can and stuff their pockets, prepare for their bug out. We will be left holding the Debt Bomb, and then the Muslims move in to “save us”. Who knows? But no one is singing “Happy Days are Here Again”.

  • Soxtory

    The kidnapping plot to then trade the Blind Sheik to get him back is the most plausible in light of the evidence. Egyptians showing up saying they were there from Morsi to pick up the ambassador. This is on tape.

    The former Seals had showed up, throwing a monkey wrench into those plans.

    • Bill_H2

      A Hostage exchange does make a lot of sense, the mysterious lapse in diplomatic security in a country that just had its national government dismantled makes no sense, the absence of the president during the attack to avoid accountability should the plan fall apart, the recording of one of the attackers saying they were sent by Morsi. But like conditioned animals, we are not allowed to connect the dots and say what none dare call it a conspiracy…..

  • jay28elle

    seems to be how the facts are lining up, but only to the objective, unbiased observer.

  • rwendling70

    Reminder: for Barry to have been a student in Indonesia (where he studied/memorized the Koran) he had to be a Muslim, adopted by Lolo Soetoro. When he was moved to Hawaii, Barry became mentee of Frank Marshall Davis, CPUSA from Chicago where the US branch of the party began circa 1923.
    Can one imagine a more frightening combo than a committed Muslim-Communist-community organizer sitting in our White House, having gotten there by lying?
    Shoebot shows there are powerful forces guiding (pushing) Barry ever higher or lower.

    • rwendling70

      I tried to delete my erroneous post. I believe the posts I read: Lolo was not devout; Barry went to public school as a Christian. Mea Culpa.
      Still, it is scary to have a Com-Symp in our WH.

  • janger

    So, why hasn’t the public reached a level of outrage and called for this traitor’s ouster?

    • GenEarly

      After you, comrade. Where? How? Feral Gov doesn’t care. Only NSA listens….
      maybe a petition to them……WTF. get ready, prepare for impact. I’m open to other suggestions, I don’t see any.

      • janger

        I think there’s a grass roots rebellion in the making…wait, watch, and see!

  • NMRancher

    It’s important to remember that the “Blame the Video” campaign was launched before the Cairo riots. The Islamists were going to riot at the US Embassy in Egypt in support of releasing the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. The Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, installed with the help of Hillary and Obama, had promised to seek the release Abdel-Rahman who was convicted to life imprisonment for the first Twin Towers attack. Before the Cairo riots Hillary’s State Department apologized for a video that no one had seen in order to deflect criticism for the failed policy of ousting Mubarak, supporting the “Arab Spring”, and supporting a Muslim Brotherhood take over of Egypt.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    I love Walid. Straight up facts! No BS or theory’s. Keep up the great investigative and factual articles. You ROCK.

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  • Seedpod1

    What is Alhassani, a leader of Muslim Brotherhood front group MSA, doing on the smoking gun email distribution list? Why was he meeting with Samir Mayekar in the White House a few hours before the Benghazi attack? What was Mayekar, recipient of a $90.000 Soros scholarship, doing working as a National Security director in the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office? No wonder this administration refuses to call anyone a terrorist.

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  • Dan Knight

    ‘turn the other cheek’ has been misused and misinterpreted. Jesus tells us to 1) offer our other cheek 2) give up our cloak, and 3) go an extra mile.

    Notice what Jesus does not say: When someone kills your neighbor, help him kill another. When someone kidnaps a child, help him kidnap another. When someone demands more money than you have, or he will kill you, offer to find the kidnapper another victim.

    Think about it.

    Jesus is saying be more charitable, and forgiving. And His admonition is solely to you. You still defend others, and you still protect your neighbors from violence, and you must do your job – especially if it’s law enforcement or emergency services, etc.

    Too many people think ‘turn the other cheek’ means ‘submit to evil.’

    Turn it around though. How many of us would lash out at the cheeks of others. The trolls do it all the time. How many cloaks have we stolen? I’d dare say none of are innocent – the paper money is as ubiquitous as public education and Liberal propaganda. But liars have distorted this teaching to such an extent that one must endorse evil, wrongdoing, crime, and violence or be labeled evil, wrongdoer, criminal and violent.

    What Jesus means is ‘don’t be evil.’ Even if the decision is unjust, or seems unjust. If it’s unjust, God will reward you for your kindness and charity.

    So, if someone burns your house to the ground and demands that you buy him gasoline to burn down your neighbor’s house. Don’t Do It! That’s not covered by the ‘turn the other cheek’ teaching!

    • Proudvet56

      Lol! Exactamundo as Henry Winklers “Fonz” would say. I think of the first people who came here from Europe, and how they rightfully defended their own, and they were devout Christians. These were brave men,and women. Now contrast them to some of the “Selfish” pacifists who stink up this blog from time to time. See, Jesus was quite clear about sacrificing ones life for another. He didn’t say how, just that you put someone else’s life ahead of your’s. Now Jesus is the son of God, so he new what the future held. God also put what I call common sense into the man. By observing your surrounding world not just reading about it you can be more useful to God,and your fellow man. But the “run away” types are just the reverse. They cling to their lives,and pick verses they like,and use them to hide behind,so in that way they justify their selfish cowardice. Jesus said many things, and also many things he said were not written down. So I hope the cowards read where it said they will not enter heaven like the homosexuals,or drunks,or idol worshipers, and so on. Great post Dan. God bless

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  • TheBodyguard777

    Yes. Millions and millions America have pulled the dead corpse of Jim Jones out of the grave begging for more Kool Aid.

    What kind of an American desires those of an Islamic tribal warlordish culture of bloodshed and hate to be equal to our own in America as though it can be harmoniously integrated into our Judeo-Christian heritage?

    One that has been given over by God to a reprobate mind and deluded. We are in a spiritual war of biblical proportions and I am sad to see the green flood coming.