Trey Gowdy MUST Call out Mike Rogers on Benghazi

“Good investigators talk to everybody, not just folks whose testimony may buttress your position.” – Rep. Trey Gowdy, House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman, 12/30/13

Members of Congress should never be trusted, even the ones who seem to be the most trustworthy. As much as the American people may be inclined to trust House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy, they should not, at least not completely. Healthy skepticism is healthy for a reason. Gowdy has already made one highly questionable decision by appointing Philip Kiko as Executive Director, as has explained. This should warrant more scrutiny, not less.

Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Speaker John Boehner.

Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Speaker John Boehner.

As should any deference Gowdy might show toward House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI). In response to an irresponsible New York Times piece on Benghazi by David Kirkpatrick last December – reviewed by – Gowdy was asked in an interview who the American people believe, Kirkpatrick or Rep. Rogers, who expressed skepticism with Kirkpatrick’s claims that al-Qaeda wasn’t involved in the attack. Gowdy said:

“They should believe Mike Rogers, who is a former FBI agent and Adam Schiff who happens to be in a different party but I respect him greatly… Both of those men dedicated their lives to following the facts wherever they take you, without respect to trying to prop up anybody’s political career, without respect to trying to damage anyone. Wherever the facts go, that’s where they go.”

In that exchange, Gowdy asserted Rogers should be believed over egregious lies of Kirkpatrick. With all due respect, that’s an easy call. A call not so easy for Gowdy is one that needs to be made – a tough deposition of Rogers.

There are plenty of reasons to do so, many chronicled at Today, reported on a brand new reason, having to do with whom Rogers has chosen to honor.

Rogers should be deposed about what he knows and he should be asked very hard questions.

The last time there was a major investigation into a terrorist attack that happened on September 11th, the body charged with investigating it came up woefully short of telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

One of Hillary Clinton’s allies has already charged that the Benghazi Select Committee is about a ‘political witch hunt’.

The best way for Gowdy to make sure it isn’t is to demand answers to tough questions asked of members of his own party who know much more about Benghazi than they’ve told the American people so far.

Rogers clearly falls in that category.

Here is the December interview with Gowdy mentioned above:


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  • momprayn

    Yes, I’m afraid I don’t hold out much hope of Gowdy doing what he needs to
    do. I agree about Rogers and Kiko whom he appointed. Perhaps Boehner is the one who told Gowdy to do that? In my view, Boehner is a treasonous RINO, in cahoots with the Establishment – whom I feel is probably Gowdy’s “boss”
    & calling the shots (and he doesn’t want the truth to get out either).
    Boehner acts like he’s not, but I’m guessing he is. Kabuki is the name of the

    And I get the feeling maybe Gowdy, even though may very well be a
    patriot and wants to get to the truth, is too naive or clueless about the depth
    of complicity his fellow Rs are. I don’t understand that but know it happens.
    I really don’t think the powers that be would allow this to take place unless
    they had a good, confident plan to control it to where it won’t cause serious
    harm to their NWO agenda.

    But then again, if he is clueless & finds out the truth, maybe he’ll do the right thing anyways. And how “loyal” is he to the Repub. party? But I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting any real
    justice/exposures to be done. Having said that, as I always say – God is in
    control and has His own plans that will trump theirs and who knows – maybe He’ll
    orchestrate set-ups and unexpected events where somehow something good will come
    of this in the end.

  • richinnameonly

    Will their “hard questions” be the right questions? So many in Congress have seemingly ignored vital information sent to them.

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  • pegiety

    I think that there will be no justice done from what I just read, Gowdy’s hands are tied and the gov. doesn’t want the real story to come out I ‘m begging to believe this is all just a show . there is to much involved with his own party after him there can nothing good come out the the whole thing Benghazi will be forever swept under the rug and this whole investigation will have been pointless (I can only hope that I’m wrong)

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