The West Is Turning Crusader, And Christians Will Soon Take Up Arms To Destroy The Armies Of The Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Last week news flashes globally gave some shock therapy to decades of prophecy hype as Europeans across the continent expressed through voting a desire to dismantle the European Union altogether.

So if the European Union will be no more and Europe is turning right, what will happen now to the decades worth of research by the Prophecy mania crowds who trumpeted that: “The Bible predicts that someday a world leader will emerge from a revived Roman Empire. The European Union is clearly the fulfillment of this prophetic event. At some point, ten leaders will come to rule the EU”?

So what will websites like Rapture Ready say to such prophecy hype that rarely exemplifies any scholarly attributes?

So what say all the prominent so-called Bible Prophecy self-proclaimed “scholars” with big names from Tim Lahaye, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey to other smalltime-recognition-seekers like Jimmy DeYoung, David Regan and Alan Franklin who touts himself (and without any credentials) to be a “recognized expert on the European Union”? For example, Franklin writes, “I believe he’s [Antichrist] already at large in the European Union at the moment.”

Franklin proclaims that he is here, in the European Union.

Such book-peddlers spent their lifetime sounding the false alarm insisting without possibility of error, as if they were inerrant saying that the Antichrist MUST emerge from the European Union specifically and as it turns out are all wrong.

So entrenched were they in this prophetic theology that it became the central feature of John Hagee’s movie “Vanished in the Twinkling of an Eye.” Millions of books were sold to unwary followers that the antichrist will have to come out of the ashes of the Roman Empire and specifically in Europe.

They strictly attributed “Roman” to mean “European Union” and all this regardless that when the Bible mentions “Rome” or “Roman” God speaks positively of it including dedicating an entire book “Romans” which destined Rome to be a city of saints:

“To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 1:7)”

Europe, they claimed was turning liberal or was destined to become Muslim due to increased immigration, to only now be shocked that victories sweeping across Europe in the latest election are anti-immigration and are very anti-Muslim.

On May 25, citizens across the European Union voted on who will lead the Bloc for the next five years. Results led to historical wins for far-right parties in Britain, France, Austria and Denmark. Now, Eurosceptics are poised to hold almost 30 percent of the 751 seats when the Parliament convenes in June.

The most surprising results were reported from France. In what has been dubbed an “earthquake”, the Front National won 25 percent of votes with an anti-European Union, anti-immigration and anti-globalisation platform.

France's right National Front candidate leader Marine Le Pen with Crusader poster in the background France’s right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen with a Crusader poster in the background

Where are all the conspiracy theorists now that push the idea of a New-World-Order and a One-World government stemming out of the European Union? Marine Le Pen and her party will receive 24 of France’s 74 seats in the European Parliament. This marks the first time that a right-wing political party has won a French national election. While early opinion polls indicated the impending victory, political pundits balked at the likelihood of such an outcome, and so did most of these prophecy buffs.

As one of the most powerful countries in the European Union, the results of the French elections have a strong influence on the decisions made in Brussels.

The success of the Front National provides a startling glimpse of the current political climate in France, which reveals how widespread anti-immigrant and anti-Islamist sentiments have actually become among the French.

And in Britain, the ruling Conservatives capitulated first: their leader and prime minister, David Cameron, last year promised a referendum on whether or not to stay in the EU if he’s re-elected with a majority in 2016.

“Europe last night became the stage for a political earthquake,” said Spain’s El Mundo, pointing to other triumphant showings by anti-EU parties in Italy, Denmark, Austria, Hungary and Greece.

The promoters of “European-Union is the Beast” and a One-World Government are all wrong as God would never allow it. Such false accusation stems from centuries old hatred of Rome and the growing anti-Catholic sentiment that prevails much in the American Church that believes they have a monopoly on faith which says “only Evangelicals are saved” while proclaiming Europe’s Catholics and Russia’s Orthodox as Gog, Harlot and Antichrist.

For decades they wrote utter stupidities like “The EU flag has a circle of 12 stars on a blue background. These stars were inspired by the halo of 12 stars appearing around the Madonna as depicted in Catholic pictures of her” adding that “The Marian (Mary worship) symbol of twelve stars is on every license plate of the European Union and every banknote in Europe. Vatican-issued Euro coins have the Pope’s image with twelve stars.” The Catholic understanding of Revelation 11-12 regarding the blessed Mary became the “Madonna” of something utterly pagan and Antichrist.


Will they ever admit their error that God works with Catholics and Evangelicals as He worked through Samaritans and Pharisees?

When European states were added to the union in 1973, 1981, and 1986, making up the 10 permanent member states of today’s European Union, the prophecy buffs sprinted proclaiming loudly that the ten-horned beast was upon us to later be disappointed that the number of nations joined climbed to 28. They then insisted to even resort to fabrications saying that however the ten nations of the Western European Alliance have a separate status as full members, while those nations who joined subsequent to the original 10 have only associate membership, or observer status. It was such who proclaimed to be men of God finagled the number to unwary sheep to suit the claim, this is an utter lie; the European Union full members are 28 and there are 9 “candidates” and “potential candidates” who remain waiting, one of these was Turkey.

Many said that Turkey will join, that the Beast is some sort of a combination burrito of Muslims and Catholics, yet Turkey didn’t join and Europe resisted and we were right for two decades. I have met personally with European Union ambassadors in Ireland in which I gave them hours worth of lecture as to why they should never accept Turkey and they were open-ears.

I remember Chuck Missler for years said that Israel would strike Iran “soon”, then “sooner”, and then “very very soon”, that he had heard it from top Israeli intelligence and he was wrong as were the others and we were right. We say “not yet” until Turkey merges with Iran, Libya and the C.I.S. Muslim nations from the Caucasus, not the European Union.

Besides Missler, from Hal Lindsey to David Reagan, these lambasted us for disagreeing with their monopoly on Prophecy. We had to put up with reading so much junk like this:

“The European Union (EU) parliament, consisting of 785 members, is in Brussels, Belgium. Quite magnificent, is it not? Interestingly, the seat numbered 666 is never occupied. Perhaps they are leaving it open for someone special? … The Antichrist!”

The latest development will render millions of prophecy books, hype conspiracy theory websites that claimed a European Union being the beast of Revelation as worthless material that will end up in the trash bin of history.

But this is unlikely to happen, con-artists will always twist what they say since the formula will adjust to accommodate more book printing and hype like Blood Moons and Harbingers. Why do all these insist on their error? It’s because for centuries, they insisted that the Catholic Church is the Harlot of Babylon. Reasoning with such folks from the Bible and history is to no avail, showing that what we are dealing with here is not a search for truth, but the persistence on sheer prejudice and slander; everyone that proclaimed names of Antichrist, from Solano to the Pope was utterly wrong and slanderous. Many popes have come and gone and many political leaders were proclaimed as Antichrist and it all turned out utterly false.

For all who challenge us here I ask but to answer one simple question: name one in all of history who has ever named the Antichrist by name and was right?

Yet sheep still follow.

The explosion of prophecy media beginning in the 1970s provided unprecedented exposure to these Antichrist narratives with millions of copies of books sold. Across the country pastors and seminary professors wrongly challenged readers who assumed that the blockbuster Left Behind prophecy somehow represented standard Christian eschatology claiming that even Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 refers to Russia, yet there minds are not changed even when the later abandoned communism and turned back to Orthodox Christianity. To them the Orthodox was not a true church while only American style Evangelicalism was, regardless that God mentioned the Church in Rome and even Egypt, yet He never once mentioned the American Church.

Today it is becoming more obvious that everything was switched around; nations that seem to have finally stood up to Islamic tyranny are painted as Gog and Antichrist while Muslim nations that deny Father and Son slipped away unscathed or were rendered as a minor player by the pen of Prophecy buffs. Other nations like China (which in the past suffered tremendously from Japan and Islam by Ottomans and the Xinjiang Uighur Muslims) were portrayed to be the armies of the kings of the east in Revelation regardless that China has rarely expressed a warlike attitude. Prophecy buffs and self-proclaimed Bible scholars never even heard of the Uighur or the Ottoman became such so-called experts with rudimentary knowledge of biblical hermeneutics and history all of the sudden became “expert salesmen” when in reality they were slanderers. In the east we say, “one day the snow will melt and the garbage beneath will be revealed”.

Today the snow is melting and the world is forging some strange alliances. The whole earth is being paved for the coming of the Antichrist, and the New Crusade that will commence. For a while now we have been talking about this new or coming Crusade that is in the horizon, in which militant Christianity will arise against the bastions and powers of the evil and pagan. Now we see the foreshadowing of the great coming Crusade: Christian militias have arisen in the Middle East, in the Philippines, and in Africa, Russia is fighting Islamic expansion in Syria and the sodomites, Angola has banned Islam from their land, Europe is turning more crusader-like, and all of these things will intensify, both in number and in zealotry. The calls of “Deus Vult!” are echoing, from but a dream it will travel into reality, and in such an intense moment will the violence of the heretics sift the sheep from the goats, and between them a war shall commence.

History will repeat itself in a dramatic and cataclysmic way; it will not be China, which will threaten the world, but Japan reviving again militarily, that will ally with the resurging powers of the Muslim Ottomans as it did in days of old. Just recently who emerged in Japan is Shinzo Abe, who wants to revive the former glory of his nation’s imperialist days, utilizing his power to forge Japan to be the major influence in the Far East, and removing the pacifist policies America imposed on it after WWII. Today Japan is making deals with Turkey to provide it with nuclear capability while Obama promised to ship them F-35 jet fighters. With the rise of a Japanese power, we will begin to see a rise in fanaticism, Zen Buddhist fundamentalism in conjunction with imperial cultism, just as the world saw in WWII and the Russo-Japanese War of 1904.

The current ruling party of Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party, is jointly ruling with the New Komeito Party, a Buddhist political party that was founded by Nichiren Buddhists in the 1930s. The party consists of mainly Nicherin Buddhists who are members of a fanatic Buddhist cult called Soka Gakkai. And every president of the Komeito Party, past and current are members of Soka Gakkai.

Fundamentalist Hinduism has taken full power in India with the victory of Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party, under whose power Hindu persecution of Christians will be allowed, encouraged, and organized by the Indian government.

We are seeing the gradual rise of fundamentalism for Christianity in the West, Islam in the Muslim world, Hinduism in India, and Zen Buddhism in Japan. The presence of zeal will only lead to war, the next decade is crucial and with just one spark commencing the struggle of the Christian blade against the Muslim scimitar and the Samurai sword.


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