U.S. Aids Turkey in Creating an Islamic Caliphate and an Antichrist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Obama is sending Defense Secretary Hagel to Turkey to ratchet its efforts to tame ISIS while knowingly is aware that Turkey is a supporter of ISIS! The efforts as they claim is to build what the administration termed Coalition of the Willing.

As has been predicted by Shoebat.com, The United States will plead to Turkey to end ISIS.

Now Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is being sent by Obama preparing to visit Turkey to intensify the push for an international campaign against ISIS.

In his remarks during a briefing on Friday, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said that Hagel will start his international trip to visit Wales, Georgia and Turkey.

“Turkey is a key NATO ally. Given its border with Syria and Iraq, [Turkey] shares our deep concerns with the regional threat posed by ISIL,” Kirby told reporters.

Hagel’s Turkey visit is seen as part of the US’ search of support from the countries in the region. Turkey will be last stop on Hagel’s six-day trip that starts on Wednesday.

This visit will mark Hagel’s first official trip to Turkey as Pentagon head.

“Hagel has longstanding relationships with Turkey’s leaders, including the newly inaugurated President (Sultan) Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the secretary views the upcoming visit as an important opportunity to advance the critical US-Turkey relationship,” Kirby said.

All this regardless that the Turkey-US ties became strained after the corruption probe when pro-government media accused the US ambassador of being behind the investigation and then-Prime Minister Erdoğan threatened to expel the envoy. Bilateral relations then hit a rough patch when freedom of expression and press freedom deteriorated and anti-American and anti-Semitic rhetoric was used by Erdoğan and other Turkish officials.

Avid readers of Shoebat.com understands the scoop as to how Turkey’s potential plans to rebuilt its lost Ottoman Empire is done by using clever and cunning devises to take control of the region. There is a reason as to why ISIS is not focused on Israel and is committing mayhem and genocide. This is by design for the following reasons:

1—Turkey by design intends to usher itself as a savior by creating, aiding and abetting ISIS to make havoc than intervene to end the crisis in order to bolster its image and the ideal Islamic state by Muslims and the West.

Notice how it all works, Sunnis killing Shiites has created major hatred by the Muslim masses globally which will escalate the hatred towards the Wahhabist (Saudi based) ideology of ISIS.

Also, ISIS is not harming Israel which has generated tremendous call to stop it and focus on Jerusalem which Turkey is calling for focusing on Gaza and liberating Jerusalem which will usher Erdogan as the avenger and Saladdin.

The U.S. of course wants to stabilize the region and Turkey is its prime candidate to tame ISIS since it knows that Turkey is calling the shots. Turkey is expecting the U.S. to ask for its help while Iran also offered but since Iran is a “terror state”, the U.S. refuses to deal with it.

2—Turkey by design is setting up the stage, that the next man will put his efforts on persuading Israel to implement Palestinian interests and stop the bloodshed. This will be the prime opportunity for the “man of sin” to enter the world stage as the “man of peace”.

3—The only way to introduce the grand Caliphate that will be acceptable and palatable by the Muslim world both secular and religious is to introduce the non-Wahhabi brand of Sufi Islam, which is considered peaceful by the West. But this will unite both Shiite Iran and Sunni Turkey since Sufis respect Shiite faith and their religious icons, Hassan and Hussein. This will create a grand scale Muslim coalition (Ezekiel 38) and will dismantle what Syches Picot accord did in fracturing the Ottoman Empire.

The stage is set for Turkey to recreate its long awaited Ottoman dream. But this will be unlike its past glory and will end up as a divided 10 region/states which has already been set by ISIS. The map includes:

1-Anatolia (Turkey)
3-Gogaz, (C.I.S, which includes Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan)
4-Khorasan (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and possibly Indonesia)
6-Sham (Syria, Lebanon)
7-Qinana (Egypt, Sudan and Somalia)
8-Maghreb (which includes Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania)
10-Hijaz (which includes the Gulf States)

You think the idea of a ten state solution is far fetched?

Currently, ISIS has already divided the Muslim world in its map to include 13 Muslim states. But there map includes the Balkans in Europe, Spain and Ethiopia to make them 13.

While these three Christian lands are to be included back into the Ottoman Empire after an invasion, taking them off the chart leaves us with a ten Muslim state confederacy which such a plan was already announced in Istanbul.

Now this plan will become the primary focus of Turkey, not ISIS, which is simply setting the stage by removing the secular governments in the region to set up these ten states during the next decade and is why we are not rushing into proclaiming the end. There is still more to come.

Turkey with the aid of Muslim Obama is conniving the naive American masses, has set the stage to launch Turkey to become the new savior.

Here are the maps in Arabic and English, add it up and see.



We translated what circulates the Muslim media:

“ISIS published the Map identifying its expansion plans in the next five years in its move towards the Caliphate. Sprawling three continents, from Asia which includes the states of Iraq, Syria and the Hijaz, Yemen, Khorasan and Anatolia and Kurdistan, then Andalusia in Europe, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. And then to the African continent, where the states of Abyssinia, and the land of Egypt. So this is The Caliphate State, thirteen states encompassing half of the world’s hemisphere.”

While we know many do not understand the geography or the history behind all these regional names, I am sure they can understand simple math: 13 – 3 = 10

Any questions?

  • The game plan has emerged. Now, time to counter it.

    • But, Obama has “…no strategy yet.”
      What would be your plan, Rudy? How about instead of dropping bombs, shooting rockets and firing ammo, our troops load up with containers and paint balls filled with pigs blood and then….

      • Steve Merkel

        Obama has a strategy: To do nothing that would materially impede the expansion of a worldwide caliphate.

      • Why? Do you really think that ISIS/ISIL/IS would really stop? It shows that no one reads anything but what is hand-fed to them. Not good. The organization is made up mainly of psychopathic criminals, and far too many Western converts who wouldn’t care if they saw a pig in front of them. This isn’t a Dracula scenario where Muslims would run away from a bacon burger. These people will kill, so it is the responsibility of governments to do their job.

        • So, Rudy, you really don’t think that the indoctrination and ultimate goal of the “psychopathic criminals” is to be fighting for establishing the Caliphate but if they are martyred in the process they will be guaranteed immediate entry into the Islamic “paradise” as stated by Muhammad?

          “Our Prophet has informed us our Lord’s Message that whoever of us is martyred, will go to Paradise.” (Sahih Bukhari: Volume 9, Book 93, Number 621: Narrated Al-Mughira)

          In their belief, would not pigs blood or a bacon burger defile their soul and doom them to the hellfire instead? Perhaps Walid can explain whether this would or would not have an effect on the psyche of a holy warrior of Islam. Just curious.

          • Let me try this again: these people don’t read. You have a bunch of hirelings who have the vaguest idea of religious thought. They are there to kill and maim anything in their way because they are losers, not scholars. I will gladly defer to Walid on this, but the trash in ISIS/ISIL/IS won’t give a damn if you splatter them with bacon fat.

          • Yes, the mindset of ISIS/ISIL/IS has been quite obvious. However, the 9/11 terrorists were quite well educated. Major Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, was a psychiatrist and well educated, and the list goes on for those who engage in the “jihad” that they believe is incumbent upon them to carry out all all costs. It is the indoctrinated mindset that is instilled in the follower. Sure, there are varying sects that have a different approach but the end game is still the goal to rid this world of non-Muslims. The first rule of going to war with anyone is to “Know your enemy”. If we believe they are just thugs, losers and not scholars than we really don’t know the enemy at all. The fact is that, it is the Islamic scholars who believe that they must carry on with the “mission” that their prophet, Muhammad, began. As far as the foot-soldiers being “losers” that may be so but not in many cases where the jihadists are well educated. The fact is that they have been indoctrinated to believe that what they are doing is justified and they are in a win-win situation. Die a martyr, go to the Islamic paradise; win an engagement with non-Muslims, get the benefits of booty and revel in the victory.

            Sure, ISIS/ISIL/IS may be the biggest, baddest, jihadist group right now but we still have Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc. who are fighting for the exact same goal. Here is the mindset that has been indoctrinated into ALL of those who believe they are “religiously” doing what Muhammad ordered: ——————————————–

            Muslim cleric – Reuters 4/18/2004: “It’s inevitable. Because several (attacks) are being prepared by several groups,” Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad told Lisbon’s Publica magazine from London where he is based.

            He added: “We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents. Only between Muslims and unbelievers! And the life of an unbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity!.”


            “…I would like to fight in the way of Allah and be killed,
            then be brought to life again so I could be killed,
            and then be brought to life again so I could be killed.” Abu Hurayra said three times, “I testify to it by Allah!”
            (Malik’s Muwatta, Book 21, Number 21.14.27)
            My point is that taking up weapons to defeat people who have NO FEAR and even welcome the “honor” of dying in battle will not stop this type of enemy. They will continue to reproduce and just keep coming at us. However, something that would prevent them from their “promised eternal reward” may get them to think twice before being exposed to such deterrent.

          • You’re talking about leadership, and I agree with that. I’m talking about the foot soldiers, who are nothing like their masters.

          • I believe that even the most loyal “foot soldiers” who are indoctrinated by the Islamic ideology (and there are legions) are the ones who would fear any thing that prevents them from attaining the Islamic paradise. As far as the westerners who are “converting to Islam” and going to Syria to help establish the Islamic Caliphate, yeah, perhaps there are many of those who are uneducated, losers, criminally minded thugs who go there for the pleasure and indulgence of being able to carry out mass killings because it is justified by Muhammad’s teachings and that’s what they want to do. They know they can get away with being serial/mass murderers, rapists and looters by joining an Islamic army because they certainly can’t get away with it in their own western civilized country. So, in this case, the American, British, Australian, German, (etc.) jihadists most likely already have a criminal mindset to begin with and joining ISIS allows them to fulfill their evil desires.

          • If this were Al-Qaeda, where there is a level of discipline, or the Taliban, whose leaders have been battle-hardened since the Soviet days, this would not be a discussion. You are trying to extrapolate that ISIL have attracted people of the same cloth. Their leadership are a mix of fanatic Muslims and a couple of old Saddam holdouts like Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri. They have scraps to pick from, so criminals and disaffected Western idiots are being picked up as their cannon fodder. They are given vague promises of virgins and other such rubbish, but I can assure you that most of these people have probably never bothered to pick up the Koran on their own, and are spoon-fed garbage in a way far too familiar in the Christian world. There is little comparison to the foot soldier of established terrorist groups and ISIL.

          • ISIL is attracting thousands of Muslims from all sects who now believe that the Islamic Caliphate has the chance to be revived and they want in on it. Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, for example, has written to al Baghdadi asking to join ISIS. As far as the atrocities of ISIS being worse than Taliban and al Qaeda, hmmm…. beheadings, burning, dragging dead through the streets, stoning for adultery, No, they can’t be any worse; they are just more in abundance because of the greater scale of offense that ISIS has been able to carry out against villages and cities that stand in their way.

          • Truly in abundance. But keep something else in mind – at the beginning of any insurgency, you find ideologues, and you have the time to train people to be the best at being criminals. The West and those Middle Eastern countries tiring of this rabble have killed off many terrorists. As the days pass and the pressure rises, they are forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel for recruits. They will be more violent, more ‘radical’, but less disciplined – therefore, they will, in the end, be easier to crush. You’re seeing it in Iraq, though American news sources report little about it.

      • shoebat

        How about staying the course and help aiding our suffering brothers.

    • Joseph James

      how? were in end times hoss, the counter is repent for your life, accept salvation and after await the return…or death ( cause in a blink of an eye )..whichever comes first.. THATS the ONLY counter…anything else is time waste and catching the wind

      • You live life as if every moment is your last moment, something that comes natural in the East, who are used to real Apocalypses. If we’re in the End Times, God will let us know. Until then, we live righteously, not crapping our pants about half-cocked theories.

      • shoebat

        Joseph, you sound very typical, “pray and wait for rapture” crowd. Beware of this attitude for Christ might see you as a lazy servant. Just a brotherly advise. Keep the oil in your lamp lest the master find you slumbering.

  • Walid, the list you provided that will comprise the Empire set up by Turkey is a “who’s who” from among the present 57 member states of the OIC:

    List of OIC Member States: http://www.oic-oci.org/oicv2/states/

    Hmmm… Must have been the states Obama was thinking about back in 2008:

    Obama on visiting 57 states: (Freudian slip???)

  • AnthonyM

    Excellent article. Save those we can along the way. The world seems to be on a clearly defined path to the end. Like the Olympic luge riders; hang on for a wild ride.

  • shoebat

    The U.S Government wants to combat Wahhabist ideology, but thinks it has no other choice but to advance a more secular Islam. This is why Turkey with its Sufist ideology, the US sees as the best choice.

  • Jennifer

    Will Balkans, Europe and Ethiopia become part of the confederacy? or will they wake up and side with the Lord? What happens to them?

    • shoebat

      They will fight. What we do know is that Antichrist enters Egypt, Cush (Sudan) and Libya (North Africa)

  • Robert Paton

    In support; The Lion, Bear, Leopard and horrible beast all come from the great sea and rose up At the Same Time. So these beasts in Daniel 7 cannot be the Old Empires of Babylon, Medes and Persia, Greece and the (revived) Roman Empire. (if this is old news then I missed that article). A Part 2 of End Times Today would be a great tool showing the ‘up to date’ events for the Middle East. Or put it free on YouTube, so we can buy the disks anyway.

  • susan

    Thank you for the maps! This is an incredibly large area.

  • shoebat

    I know a nutcase when I read comments like “There are 115 prophecies concerning the NATION of Babylon in end times, that is 115x114x113x112x111x…etc 3x2x1 to one odds… do the math…..America is the only nation that fits them ALL…..”.

    You are a nutcase regardless of when you think the Rapture is, beginning, mid or end. America is not Babylon. Your idea of the virgin that keeps her oil is to hunker down as a survivalist because you think that America is Babylon and its time to stock on supplies and hide in some hole.And now your ticked off just because I advised you that you need to do some works and to be careful not to fall into the lazy servant camp. Do me a favor and go visits Alex Jones or simply just get lost.

  • shoebat

    No, but that is their plan.

  • shoebat

    Balkans is in Europe, Spain and Ethiopia.

  • shoebat

    You got a hemorrhoid for simply warning you about laziness to only get “how dare you assume what my faith is”.

    Yet you stated in two of your posts: “how dare call yourself a brother ” and then “I REALLY see the Messiah working through you!!!”

    Who is truly accusing the other of not being Christian? I or you?

    You see, this is just the way it is when people go fanatic, and sir, you are a fanatic. I can help to get you out of your fanaticism, but wisdom says: You can tell a bigot, but you can’t tell him much.

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