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Man Busted By Police For Seeking ‘Person That He Could Cannibalize’, Soliciting Sex With Animals, Then Trying To Kidnap A Child To ‘Make Her Drink Her Own Urine’ As His Personal ‘Baby Maker And Sex Slave’

A man was arrested in an online prostitution sting after posting several highly disturbing requests. He said that he wanted a person he could cannibalize, then he wanted to have sex with animals, and in the last case he planned to kidnap a child that he could force her to drink her own urine while […]

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Christians Of All Denominations Unite Across Pakistan And Demand Justice For Christians Falsely Accused Of Blasphemy

Christians of all denominations united across Pakistan as part of a movement to demand justice for Christians accused of blasphemy: Catholic and Protestant churches in Pakistan have started a movement to demand justice for Christian cousins accused of blasphemy. “Justice for Sajid, Justice for Patras,” cried Pastor Riaz Malik as he pointed his finger at […]

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LGBT Attacks Christian Pastor Helping Teens With Same-Sex Attraction, They Say ‘If You Do Not Stop We Will Burn Your Church Down, Your House Down, Then We Will Kill You And Your Entire Family’ And State Government Politicians Side With The LGBT Against The Pastor

Pastor Jeremy Schossau offered a Bible study for “sexually confused” teenagers. In response the LGBT attacked and threatened to burn his church down, burn his house down, kill him and then kill his family. If that was not bad enough, State government politicians Rep. Adam Zemke and Darrin Camilleri responded not by condemning the LGBT’s […]

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Are Hindu Nationalists In The Indian Government Developing Killer Robots To Exterminate Christians In The Future?

Robotics is being proclaimed as the biggest impending trend that will shape the world, and in particular, the development of robots for military purpose. Nations around the world are joining in this new arms race, and India has announced that it is going to join in as well. Not just will it join in,but the […]

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Japanese Company Creates Giant Robot From Anime Series As A ‘Toy’ When The Only Thing It Is Promoting Is Japanese Nationalism

Sakakibara Kikai is a Japanese company that makes industrial machinery as well as some machinery for entertainment that has been featured in amusement parks and in museums around the world. Recently, they just premiered a 25-foot-tall reproduction of a robot from a highly popular anime series about a massive war involving robots: In his childhood, […]

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