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America is a nation that is filled with heresy, heretics and false prophets who make money off deceiving people with false prophecies

By Theodore Shoebat America is a nation filled with false prophets, who make money from inventing false prophecies. This is the subject of today’s video: CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL SAVE THE LIVES OF CHRISTIANS FROM PERSECUTION

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A.I. Face Swapping Technology Migrates From Pornography To The Mainstream- We Warned This Would Happen

In January 2018 I wrote an article about pornography and A.I. “face swapping” technology. I said that the fact that pornography is now being made, albeit in the infancy stages using this new tool, which allows for a person to “swap” another person’s face onto another person’s- in this case to give the illusion of […]

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LGBT Threatens To ‘Burn Down Bridal Shop’ And ‘Shoot The Owners In The Head’ For Refusing To Support Homosexual “Marriage”, The City Council Responds ‘We Will Pass A Law Forcing You To Serve The LGBT Even If Goes Against Your Religious Beliefs’

A Christian bridal shop in Pennsylvania has stood up twice to the LGBT for refusing to sell wedding garments to homosexuals. Both times the owners have faced continual harassment, death threat, and threats to their business. The owners are not shutting down the store in light of a new law that the LGBT is going […]

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Pagan Mob Attacks Indian Christians Trying To Bury Dead Toddler In Village, Beat Them With Sticks And Threaten To Burn Them Alive With Gasoline And Say ‘We Kill You If You Try To Return To Your Homes’

Five Christians were severely injured after a pagan mob attacked them for trying to bury a Christian toddler who died of natural causes. They mob beat the Christians with sticks, then threatened to burn them alive with gasoline and said ‘if you return to your homes, we will kill you’: Tribal animists upset that Christians […]

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US Government Denies Refugee Status To 100 Christians Fleeing Iran From Persecution

There has been much talk with the current administration of helping persecuted Christians, but the reality is the opposite. This was shown beginning last year with the systematic deportation of Christians, such as to Indonesia or Iraq and without any regard for the safety of the people. Thankfully the Justice Department ordered some of the […]

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History’s Genocidal Plagues Will Soon Come Upon Us

By Walid Shoebat  Will the genocidal plagues of history ever reawaken? With ethno-nationalism becoming more and more intense, it is not far fetched to say that this is a very possible reality. Take a look at something that is rarely being talked about: The Turkish government just recently established an online genealogy database to check […]

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