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When the Muslims invaded Spain, the highest amount of Muslims were in the south of Spain, and from this land came the Conquistadors who would civilize Mexico

By Theodore Shoebat There is a lot of talk online about “high IQ,” and there is one argument that I thought to make a video about: that when then the Muslims invaded Spain they somehow diminished the ‘genetic quality’ of the Iberian locals, and that thus in southern Spain — where there was the highest […]

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Father Edward Staniek

Catholic priest calls for the death of Pope Francis because of his views on Islam and immigration

By Theodore Shoebat A Catholic priest in Poland has called for the death of Pope Francis because of his views on Islam and immigration. As we read in a report from CNN: A Catholic priest from Poland is facing rebuke after calling Pope Francis a “foreign body” in the church and implying the Pope should […]

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Islamist terrorist slaughters twenty nine people in horrific massacre

By Theodore Shoebat Another horrific massacre in Iraq: a suicide bomber butchered twenty nine people. This massacre is yet another manifestation of the plan to destabilize the Middle East.   According to a report from the Chicago Tribune: A suicide bomber blew himself up in a soccer stadium south of the Iraqi capital on Friday, […]

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Couple in Ohio have sex in playground right in front of children

By Theodore Shoebat A couple in Ohio was caught having sex in a playground right in front of children. Such low class. As we read in a report: A frisky couple shocked young children at a school playground in Ohio when they reportedly got too playful themselves, officials said. Jacoby Schmidt, 23, and Ashley Carrelli, […]

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan (left) with Erdogan Demiroren (center), major industrialist who bought out numerous media outlets

Major media outlets, including CNN Turk, has just been bought out by extremely wealthy Turkish industrialist very close to Islamist Erdogan

By Walid Shoebat A major media group, the Doğan Media Group, including newspapers Hürriyet, Posta and Fanatik and TV channels Kanal D and CNN Türk, have been sold to Turkish industrialist Erdogan Demiroren, who is very close to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As we read in a report from Ahval: The Doğan Media Group, including newspapers Hürriyet, Posta and Fanatik […]

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Police catch Texas bomber who murdered two people in Austin with mailed bombs, and surround him while he is in his car. The bomber detonates a bomb and blows himself up

By Walid Shoebat Police finally found the bomber who murdered two people and injured several others with mailed bombs and a tripwire bomb. Officers surrounded the suspect, who is so far only now being identified as a 24 year old white male, while he was in his car. The suspect then detonated a bomb, blowing […]

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