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Republican-Dominated Congress Set To Appoint Trump-Approved And Obama-Backed Jewish Sodomite And LGBT Activist As Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner

But how could TRUMP support this? How could the Republicans do this? Let this be a reminder that not only the “Democrats” promote such people- the Republicans are no different in their essence than the Democrats: Lesbian activist and controversial Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner Chai Feldblum––a holdover from the Obama Administration––is poised to be approved […]

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Teen Goes Undercover, Busts Homosexual Priest Who Tried To Get Him To Take Drugs And Then Rape Him 

Years ago, Ted initiated “operation whip,” which was that if you have information about a priest involved or suspected of homosexual activity, to report it so it could be exposed. While this story is not tied to the operation, it is of a Michigan teenager who did a similar act by going undercover with the […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Three Innocent Students, Tortures Them And Then Dissolves Them In Acid Just Because They Could

The war against the infamous narcocarteles continues, with more innocent people murdered. In one horrible case, three students were kidnapped, tortured, and then dissolved in acid by a cartel for absolutely no reason: Last month, three Mexican university students were filming a school project when they disappeared. The last time they were seen alive, they […]

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American Tranny In Jail Sues Prison, Complains They Are Preventing Him From Doing Witchcraft

While the world stands on the edge of war amidst major technological, social, and moral upheavals, a tranny in jail is suing the North Carolina prison system, complaining the system is preventing him from doing witchcraft in his cell: A transgender inmate is suing a North Carolina prison, saying it’s blocking her from practicing witchcraft. […]

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Now That We Saw The Arab Spring, Make Way For The Europe Spring

We are currently beholding the rise of a Europe Spring. Just as a few years ago we saw the commencement of an Arab Spring, so now we are seeing the start of a precipitous European nationalism. Just this month, hundreds of thousands of people in Barcelona rallied together to push for the release of Carles […]

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