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Once “Enemies,” Now Best Friends- President Erdogan Backs Merkel In Upcoming Elections

Germany and Turkey always were, always have been, and will always be friends. They have been friends since antiquity, they were friends after Byzantium was destroyed and became the Ottoman Empire, and are still friends. In the past, the united Turkish and Teutonic forces have come to destroy Europe, and if past behavior is consistent, […]

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Pakistani Sodomites Lure Man To Remote Location, Tie A Rope Around His Neck And Shove Sand In His Mouth While Sodomizing Him, Then Murder Him And Leave His Body To Be Eaten By Animals

Two Pakistani men were angry with another man over allegations he spread photos of one of his female relatives. In response, they lured the man to a remote location before murdering him in a horrible way. They tied a rope around his neck and shoved sand down his throat and then took turns raping him […]

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UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Tells The World That ‘All Countries Must Rewrite Their Laws To Accept Homosexuality’

Following the recent decision of India to amend their constitution to accept homosexuality, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has told the world that all countries must work to legalize and promote homosexuality according to a report: The UN’s top human rights official cited the “landmark” decision by India’s Supreme Court decriminalising […]

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Muslims Attack And Stone Three Random Christians To Death In Kenya In Act Of Vengeance For Dead Islamic Terrorists

After the bodies of three dead Islamic terrorists were found, a Muslim mob took out their anger by chasing, attacking, and stoning three random Christians to death according to a report: On September 22, 2018, a family in western Kenya laid one of their kin to rest after he and two other men were attacked […]

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Turkey Sponsors And Is Now Opening One Of The Largest Mosques In Europe

Islam contains a political system which flows forth from Islamic theology. Where the religion is, the political system follows as a natural growth. The modern nations of Turkey is synonymous with Islam. Once the Byzantine Empire, the descendants of the subjugated and later, converted to Islam Greek, Armenian, and Slavic peoples who mixed with the […]

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