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A Tale Of Difficult Hardwood Floors And Would Be Muslim Converts (Shoebat Sunday Special)

  When my wife and I bought our house, we knew that we were getting a fixer-upper. What we did not know was that prior to our moving in, the previous owner had generously “fixed up” the house with the help of “Crackhead & Sons” (or perhaps more accurately where I live, “Methhead & Sons”) […]

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Just Like Rotten Fish, Muslims Are Now Demanding More Welfare And REFUSING To Work Because They Say They Are Guests And Europeans Should Pay Them For Their Presence

The American Statesman Benjamin Franklin once said “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” If these Muslim invaders are “guests” (even though they are actually uninvited occupants by traitor political, business, and financial interests) then the fact they have stayed for months upon months now means they not only stink terribly, but they […]

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Here We Go Again: Now “Unaccompanied Minors” (A.K.A. Marauding Teenage Muslim Gangs) Are Attacking French Neighborhoods, Throwing Chairs, Rioting- Frenchmen, You Know What To Do

Earlier this year, we profiled this same phenomenon in Europe, where teenage Muslim gangs were occupying Swedish train stations and engaging in all kinds of harassment, robbery, sexual assault, and debauchery. As we documented, nothing stopped the problem until the locals rose up and physically beat the occupiers up until they left, as was in […]

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Chainsaw And Machete Wielding Muslims Attack Random Englishman In His Car Minding His Own Business While Driving Through Calais- This Is War And Europe Must Choose To Fight Or Die

Gangs of hordes wielding chainsaws, machetes, and petrol bombs sounds like a scifi or zombie apocalypse horror film, but it is not a film- it is Western Europe 2016 under Muslim siege. This is the “new normal” that we are being told is the future, but if this is actually the future, it is just […]

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Muslims In UK Try To Force Romanians To Comply With Shariah Law Prohibition Against Alcohol, The Romanians Say “NO” And Then Beat The Muslims With Baseball Bats And Destroy Their Business And Their Cars

Europeans and Americans, take clear and detailed notes, because this is how to deal with Islam in a way that is effective and the Muslims can understand: A gang of Romanians stormed a barber shop with baseball bats and brutally attacked staff after the owner asked them to stop drinking outside following more than a […]

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Major European Politician Openly Gives The Middle Finger To Anti-Islam Protestors- This Is What The So-Called “Leaders” Of The West Really Think Of You

It is usually very hard to get an honest answer from a politician. After all, many of them spend their entire careers lying just so they can earn large amounts of money by doing nothing at the taxpayer’s expense. However, once in a while, the truth shines out from beneath all those lies like a […]

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a kiss is just a kiss

22 Year Old Muslim Pervert Says He Is Taking Four-Year-Old Boy To The Bathroom, When They Get Inside The Stall He Pulls His Pants Down And Forces The Boy To Perform Oral Sex On Him While Threatening Him With A Knife

Not only did the Muslim lie to the boy’s parents, but the child was a fellow Muslim. If this is how these people treat their own kind, what is going to happen to everybody else who is not Muslim if they take over? Remember, this has already happened in Idaho this year. If it is […]

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French Government Has Destroyed 33 Churches In The Last Two Decades While At The Same Time Built 1000 Mosques- European People, Stop Cutting Your Own Wrists And Start Fighting

We have been reporting here about the destruction of Churches in France, but these new numbers first reported from Poland are shocking, that ancient churches are being systematically destroyed while mosques are being put in their place: Since 2000 France pulled down 33 Christian churches. Instead, like mushrooms after the rain, mosques are appearing. This […]

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Muslim Imam And His Daughter Put Poisoned Needles In Food And Then Give It Out To Try And Kill Hungry Beggars

In a sick and new form of cruelty disguised as charity, a Muslim Imam and his daughter were arrested after giving out food to the homeless, only they spiked the food with poisoned needles to try and kill the people they were giving the food to: A 50-year-old Muslim cleric, Mohammed Yusuf, and daughter, Salamat, […]

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The Catholic Church Has Always Been Against Islam And Will Always Be Against Islam And Nobody Can Ever Change That

King Sobieski of Poland sending the Pope a message about the Christian victory over the Muslims at Vienna Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch recently wrote an interesting piece about the status of the Catholic Church today and Islam. In his article, he alludes to his frustration with Church leadership about Islam and their even complicit actions […]

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“Allahu Akbar, Europe Is Ours!” Chilling Cell Phone Video On Facebook Exposes The Reality Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe

A few hours ago, received another harassment notice from Facebook about Ted’s article on Donald Trump’s comments about Hillary and ISIS. We were told it was “offensive content.” However, it didn’t take me too long to find something that was real. Which is the video you are about to see. This was recently taken from […]

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Rampaging Muslim Marauders Swarm Christian Village And Hack 51 Christians To Pieces With Machetes In Bloody Massacre

This is not the first time this has happened in this area. Earlier this year Muslims did the same thing in a nearby area, but this marks the worst massacre yet as these Muslims rebels fight against the government trying to establish their own state: “Our team on the ground has counted 51 bodies slain […]

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ISIS Takes Six Men And Heinously Tortures Them To Death By Slowly Boiling Them In Tar

  The evil ISIS government has set the bar again for barbarity, this time taking six men accused of being spied and slowly boiling them to death in tar: Six people have been put to death by Isis – by being immersed in boiling vats of tar, it’s been reported. The gruesome act was carried […]

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I Don’t Know How American Christians Would Handle After School Satanist Clubs, But I Can Tell You Something About How Slavic Christians Would

In another disgusting act of blasphemy, satanist groups are now targeting children with after-school devil worshipping clubs: Taking advantage of a United States Supreme Court ruling from 2001 holding that schools that have a “limited public forum” open to after school Christian clubs can not discriminate against other groups looking to use that forum to […]

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How’s That “Integration” Coming? New Vest-Clad And Burka-Wearing Shariah Patrols Spotted Walking, Driving Around With Islamic Flags Patrolling The Streets Of More European Cities

  One of the Shariah patrols, coming to a city near you So, how goes those new Muslims arrivals? My only questions at this point is- are they being taxpayer funded? As we pointed out in a recent video, the European governments are set on promoting Islam to the suicidal destruction of their own people. […]

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Remember That Program Where The Swedish Government Paid Swedish Children To Spend Time With Muslims- Did The Swedish Government Just Cover Up A Gang Rape Directly Caused By That Program?

Muslims in Malmo, Sweden, one of Sweden’s most heavily Muslim areas Earlier this month we wrote about a new program from the Swedish government to promote “multiculturalism.” Basically, the Swedish government started paying Swedish children and teens to spend time with Muslims with the goal of helping them learn about Swedish culture and integrate into […]

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