One Does Not Just “Pull Down The Flag” At A Federal Building

Several days ago, there was a firestorm of controversy after a group of pro-immigration protesters pulled down the US flag at a Colorado ICE facility, put up the Mexican flag, then pulled that down and re-hoisted the American flag, but this time upside down:

A group of protesters upset with federal immigration roundups stormed the barriers near an Aurora, Colorado ICE facility Friday night, pulling down the American flag from its flagpole and replacing it with the Mexican flag. The protesters then defaced the American flag and raised it upside-down.

According to the Denver Post, the majority of protesters on the site were demonstrating peacefully, while “another group stormed the barriers near the building and pulled down an American flag off the flag pole in front of the facility and replaced it with a Mexican flag.”

“We want to close down the detention center, and we want them to release these immigrants to their families or sponsors,” protest organizer Patty Lampman told Westword.

Cities across the country have been preparing for anticipated federal raids aimed at detaining and deporting thousands of people who skipped out on their immigration hearings and are residing illegally within the United States.

Immigration reform advocates said that communities around Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco were being targeted by raids expected to start Sunday and last through at least Thursday.

“It’s almost like getting ready for a hurricane – it’s that state of alarm that people are feeling,” said Melissa Taveras of the Miami-based Florida Immigrant Coalition. “People are asking, ‘Is it OK for us to go work? Is it OK to take our kids to school?’”

Open-border advocates say the raids are meant to terrorize communities of illegal immigrants, where approximately 2,000 families are expected to be targeted. (source, source)

The obvious question here is not only “how did this happen,” but why the lack of response?

Pulling down the flag at a federal facility- of which ICE is one -is a federal crime. This is something that is not investigated by local or state police, but the FBI.

If one has not made the connection yet, I will clarify it for you.

This has all the signs of a false-flag incident.

Make no mistake, the protests and sentiments of the protesters were probably real. That cannot be denied. But the utter lack of response from the government suggests that the government wanted this to happen.

The federal government is not known for being lenient with any crime committed against her, no matter how small it is. She has a reputation for smashing down with brute force and mercilessly destroying other people’s lives without consideration to the circumstances most of the time. When she does give people abnormally light sentences, or does not even bother to care, it usually suggests that she is doing so because she has a vested interest in seeing such violations not get prosecuted in order to establish a new social code of conduct or send a particular message.

Nationalism is rising in the Western world, and the US is directly behind much of this. It is preparation for another major world war. Anti-immigration, anti-Islam, and the non-prosecution of crimes are being used to drive this, and nationalism will eventually be translated into militarism. From this perspective, it is in the interest of the governments to have groups of people engage in acts of civil anarchy that anger the “natives” of a society in order to rally them to support of their ideal of the government so that they will the consent to go to war to fight and kill for her, when the reality is that the government is the lead instigator of those who claim to be against her either by allowing for them to act without repercussions or in some cases directly funding them.

The entire “white nationalist” movement is essentially a government plot and has been so for decades. As I have written in one example, the infamous National Socialist who called for violence Hal Turner was outed as an FBI agent provocateur in court. He is one example of the many men and groups who were created as extension of “stay behind” operations under the umbrella of Gladio following the Second World War. The ultimate purpose of all this is to revive eugenics and the eugenic past of the 19th century and worse.

The FBI has a history of setting up false attacks and circumstances. Consider how, as I pointed out, Reason Magazine exposed in 2016 that almost half of all of the websites on the dark web pushing child sexual abuse material were directly traced to FBI servers. This is not to help people- but to entrap them and destroy them by creating a problem and then acting in such as way as to say “we have the solution” when the reality is that the problem would not exist if it were not for them.

The purpose of allowing such protesters to do what they did is to use their actions to stir up feeling of nationalism and anti-immigration, especially at “those illegal Mexican criminals”. This is the sentiment they want people to get, so that it will bring them to “support the US”, and in so doing to drive action against “the invaders”. To follow this path of “logic” (if it can be called that) is to be like Wild E. Coyote attempting to catch the Roadrunner, for just as Wild E. Coyote always falls into his own trap and the Roadrunnner escapes, the common people will think they are going to stop one evil when the reality is they will fail and invite destruction upon themselves.


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