Senegalese Imam Puts Together A List Of All The “Major Homosexuals” In Senegal, Threatens To Publicly Expose Them

The Bible states that sin of Sodom is so serious that it “cries out to Heaven for vengeance.” However, many people are not afraid of this evil. Instead, they fear offending the sodomites that they might be socially ostracised, economically disenfranchised, and persecuted.

The Western world is filled with this problem, as many “Christians” will not only refuse to speak out, but will willingly bend over for the sodomite agenda. Those who do speak out are often condemned, harassed, and can even lose their jobs or be physically assaulted. This is increasingly becoming a problem around the world.

But there are people who resist it in some countries. Africa has been the strongest bastion, where Muslims and Christians alike have often opposed the march of Gomorrah. In a recent story, a major imam from Senegal says that he has compiled a list of the “major homosexuals” in Senegal and is threatening to release it according to a report:

During this Friday’s prayer, Imam Massamba Diop has brandished the list of the great homosexuals of Senegal held by his NGO. The executive chairman of Jamra threatens to unveil the big names on this list, not without putting the state in front of his responsibilities. He swears to execute his words if the Kantian imam is arrested.

The Minister of the Interior has authorized a dozen homosexual associations in Senegal. While Senegalese law prohibits any act against nature. A contradiction, according to the president of the NGO Jamra.

“There are at least 9 to 12 homosexual associations here in Senegal, with a receipt in support. One can not want one thing and its opposite How can one with Article 319 of the Penal Code, prohibit acts against nature and next give receipts to people to tell them that you are homosexuals. This is unacceptable, the State of Senegal has only to assume its share of responsibility in the thing.

The president of Jamra, dismantles the explanations of Waly Seck following the controversy on his t-shirt with gay colors and defends Imam Kanté.

“At the time he was putting on this shirt, it coincided with the gay week. So, wearing this rainbow tee is a way to support homosexuals. So it’s on purpose, he did not do it for free, ” he said indignantly.

“We have the list of great homosexuals. And it was October 13, 2014, the homosexuals were seizing their brother of the world. Arrived in Senegal, they were mistaken in sending it in the email of Jamra. Mame Mactar saw it, he gave it to me. We sent it to a great religious leader in this country. If now, they want to create problems for Imam Kanté, I risk getting out the list, “continued Imam Massamba Diop, inviting Muslims in Senegal to stand up against gay lobbies. (source, source)

This man is a Muslim, but where is the problem with him exposing evil?

The law of God is written on the hearts of all men, and while the only way to salvation is in Christ, there are many people who can do good, and those who do good are taking a step toward the one way of salvation that is the true religion.

Men such as he are the reason why Christians must pray for the conversion and salvation of all men, for as the Blessed Virgin so clearly stated, the mercy of God is on those who fear Him in every generation, and it was for such a reason that God came to save a fallen humanity.

If Christians will not stand up, then God will use other people who will in order that justice may be served.

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