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Muslim Man Sexually Harasses Woman, A Bunch Of Men Defend The Woman And Stab The Muslim To Death

A Muslim man in Iraq who was working for ISIS sexually harassed a woman, and then a bunch of men came to her defense and stabbed the ISIS terrorist to death, as we read in one report: Local residents of Iraq’s northern city of Mosul killed a security man working for the Islamic State terror […]

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Muslims Take Canadian Man, Saw His Head Off And Throw His Head Into A Black Bag, They Then Throw The Bag In Front Of Children As They Play

Muslims beheaded a Canadian man in the Philippines, sawing off his head and tossing his head into a black bag, as we read in one report: Islamist terrorists on the island of Jolo in southern Philippines beheaded Canadian hostage John Ridsdel and threw his severed head in a plastic bag to be found by police. […]

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Muslims Work Very Hard To Smuggle In Terrorists Into America From Mexico And Conduct Major Massacres Of American Citizens

Muslims are working very hard to smuggle in terrorists from Mexico into the US, to conduct major massacres of American citizens. As we read in one recent report: Federal prosecutors say a 21-year-old Somali-American planned to open up routes to the U.S. through Mexico so ISIS terrorists based in Syria could penetrate the U.S. border […]

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muslims jerusalem attack

Muslims Take Forty Five People And Lock Them Inside A Giant Freezer Until They All Freeze To Death

  ISIS terrorists took 45 people and locked them inside of a freezer until they froze to death, as we read in one report: The Islamic State terror group has reportedly killed 45 of its soldiers by locking them in a freezer after they attempted to flee from a battle in Iraq. MailOnline reported on Iraqi […]

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Muslims Kidnap Five Christian Women And Force Them To Marry Muslim Men

Muslims in Pakistan kidnapped five Christian girls and forced them to marry Muslim men, as we read in one report: Fides News Agency reported Monday that the latest victim was 23-year-old Laveeza Bibi from the Kasur district in Punjab, who earlier this month was kidnapped by two Muslims who stormed her house armed with guns, kidnapping […]

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Muslim Men Go To Christian Woman And Say: “Christian women are all whores”, They Then Take Turns Raping Her And Tell Her: We Will Rape You Again If You Tell Anyone

A Muslim gang in Pakistan went to a Christian woman and told her “Christian women are all whores”, they then raped her and then threatened that they would rape her again if she tells anyone, as we read in one report: A Christian woman in Pakistan was brutally attacked and gang-raped by two young Muslim […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Two Christian Soldiers, They Open Fire On Them And Slaughter Both Of The Christians, They Also Attack A Bus And Murder Two More Christians

Muslim terrorist soldiers from Azerbaijan attacked and murdered two Armenian Christian soldiers, they also killed two more Christians in a bus attack, as we read in one report: The defense ministry of the breakaway region said in a statement that soldiers were killed by gunfire from Azerbaijan in the early hours of Tuesday. It also […]

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Police Officers Discover Two Tons Of Marijuana In Evangelical Church, Major Drug Cartel Activity Found Within The Church

By Theodore Shoebat Two tons of marijuana were discovered inside of an Evangelical church in Paraguay. The seizure of nearly 2 tons of pressed high – quality marijuana, was discovered alongside five luxurious vehicles. The church was located a few meters from the road leading to the colony Fortuna Guazú, and the drug trafficker involved was  Ruben Dario Gimenez, […]

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The Violence In Mexico Is Getting So Bad That Now Even FedEx Is Leaving Mexico To Escape The Cartels

By Theodore Shoebat The violence in Mexico is getting so bad that now even FedEx is leaving various regions of the country, in order to escape cartel violence. As we read in one report: The drug war is once again threatening to hamper the formal Mexican economy. Citing concerns over rising insecurity, FedEx Mexico has […]

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Muslim Men Kidnap Nine Year Old Girl, Each One Takes Turns Raping Her Until She Can No Longer Take The Torture And Dies

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim men in Iraq kidnapped a 9 year old girl and raped her to death, as we read in one report: A 16-year-old Yazidi girl has revealed in her testimony that Islamic State fighters raped every last girl older than age 8 in her community, including one 9-year-old girl who was raped […]

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Anti-Turkey rally

Over Sixty Thousand Christians In America Gather Together To Fight Against Islam And The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

  By Theodore Shoebat Over sixty thousand Christians in California and Idaho gathered together to fight against Turkey’s denial of the Armenian Genocide, as we read in one report: Tens of thousands of Armenian Christians gathered in California and Idaho Sunday, calling for justice, on the 101st anniversary of the Armenian genocide, which President Barack […]

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ISIL Takfiri terrorists prepare to execute two captives from a rival insurgent group

ISIS Agent In America Works To Smuggle Muslim Terrorists From Mexico Into The United States

By Theodore Shoebat  An ISIS agent in Minnesota was caught trying to smuggle in Muslim terrorists from Mexico into the United States, as we read in one report: One of the American men accused in Minnesota of trying to join the Islamic State group wanted to open up routes from Syria to the U.S. through […]

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Trevi Fountain dyed blood red by an artist protesting the cost of the Rome Film Festival in 2007. 

Read more at World Religion News: "Rome to Honor Christian Martyrs with Blood Red Trevi Fountain"

Christians In Rome Will Be Honoring All Christians Killed By Muslims By Filling A Fountain With Red Water

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Rome will be honoring all Christians killed by Muslims and other evil doers all throughout the world, by filling a famous fountain with red dye, as we reading one report: The Trevi Fountain, located in the city of Rome, is one of the most famous fountains in the world. It […]

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Hindus Enter Church And Pretend To be Christians, They Then Attack A Christian Man And His Pregnant Wife And Brutally Beat Them

Hindus in India attacked a Christian man and his pregnant wife, and severely beat them, as we read in one report: A Christian pastor and his wife were brutally beaten by suspected Hindu radicals posing as fellow believers at a church in Chhattisgarh, India. After beating the couple, the radicals then set a Bible and […]

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