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Nazism Is Taking Over Germany, The Muslims And The Germans Are Working Together To Cause Mass Violence That Will Spark Major War And Usher In The Revived Nazi Empire That Will Slaughter Countless Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Years ago I had thought that the notion of a Fourth Reich was a far-fetched idea shelved in the hauls of ‘conspiracy theories’ since no one in the right mind would fall for Nazism again. Today, after you journey with me on what I have explored, you, as I did,  will be compelled to completely […]

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North Korean Authorities Take Christians, And Crucify Them Over Fire, They Also Take Other Christians And Crush Them To Death With Steamrollers

By Theodore Shoebat North Korean authorities are hanging Christians on crosses above fire, and are also crushing Christians to death with steamrollers, as we read in one report: Christians in North Korea face rape, torture, enslavement, and being killed for their faith, a damning new report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has warned. CSW, a […]

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Major Political Leader In France Makes This Declaration To The United States: ‘There Is Going To Be A Civil War In France, Between The French And The Muslims. America, Do Not Make The Same Mistake We Made.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major political leader in France, Francois-Xavier Peron, has declared that France is about to enter into a civil war, between French and Muslim. We spoke with Francois-Xavier about this, and also about the subject of a Christian France and how it is the Faith that is the only thing that can […]

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Major Priest In The Catholic Church In Chicago Looks At Naked Children And Gets Sadistic Pleasure From It. Absolutely Evil People Are Trying To Take Over The Vatican

By Theodore Shoebat A major priest in the Catholic Church in Chicago was looking at naked children and got sadistic pleasure from this evil. There are some very evil people who have taken over the Vatican. Here is the report: A Chicago priest who was removed as pastor of a church in the Brighton Park […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Christian Pastors, Ties Them Up With Ropes And Slaughters All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Mexican drug cartel commandos kidnapped to Catholic priests, tied them up and slaughtered both of them. Here is the report: Two priests kidnapped this morning from a church in Poza Rica, Veracruz, were executed following their abduction. Alejo Nabor Jiménez and José Alfredo Juárez de la Cruz were snatched by armed commandos […]

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Thousands Of Muslims In California Gather Together To Celebrate The Pagan Ritual Of Human Sacrifice, Christians Confront Them And Boldly Declare That Islam Is An Absolutely Demonic And Antichrist Religion

By Theodore Shoebat Thousands of Muslims in Anaheim, California, gathered together to celebrate the Eid al-Adha, a pagan, anti-Christian ritual in which animals — and at times humans — are sacrificed to Allah. Christians came in and confronted the Muslims, and declared to them that Islam is satanic and antichrist. The Muslims went into a […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Area, And Slaughter Twenty Six People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim ex-Seleka terrorists in the Central African Republic invaded a Christian area and slaughtered twenty-six people. As we read in one report: Muslim militants slaughtered 26 civilians in a predominantly Christian village in the Central African Republic on Friday (Sept. 16), the worst violence in the embattled country in months, sources said.Rebels […]

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Muslims Take Small Children And Cut Their Heads Off With Axes

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in Iraq hunted down Yezidis, shooting them as they ran, capturing their children and decapitating them with axes. As we read in one horrifying report: A Yazidi mother and her son have detailed their community’s horrific encounter with the brutal Islamic State terrorist group, and described how the jihadis conquered […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Area, Slaughter The Pastors And Butcher The Christians, They Then Tell Them: “We Will Kill The Christians, We Will Bomb Your Churches And Kill Every Christian In The City,” One Christian Escapes And Travels To England. Now The British Government Is Going To Deport Him

By Theodore Shoebat When ISIS Muslims invaded Mosul, they slaughtered and butchered the priests and the Christians, and it was an absolute horror. There was a 25 year old Christian, named Sarmad Ozan, who managed to escape. His brother had become a priest, and after his ordination his family received this threat: We will kill […]

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235,000 Muslims Are Right Now Heading Towards Italy To Invade Rome And To Help Create An Islamic Empire

By Theodore Shoebat 235,000 Muslims are heading towards Italy. This is no doubt going to be a part of the Islamic invasion of Rome, an aspiration that has been being pursued since the time of Muhammad. Martin Kobler, who is the head of a UN peacekeeping mission working to bring stability to Libya, said: “We […]

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Richard Keenan

Politician In Ohio Rapes Four Year Old Girl, And Then Says That It Was Her Fault

By Theodore Shoebat A politician in Ohio raped a four year old girl, and then said that was her fault. Absolute sickness of the soul has taken over the society. Here is the report: The Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office said in a legal filing Monday that Richard Keenan, a former Hubbard mayor, admitted on several […]

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Woman In Oklahoma Marries Her Own Daughter

By Theodore Shoebat A woman in Oklahoma married her own daughter. Another show that perversity has no end. The sodomites will eventually defend for these parasites to be “married.” Here is the story: An Oklahoma woman and her adult daughter are behind bars after authorities discovered that they were involved in an incestuous relationship in […]

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Three Muslim Women Enter Police Station, One Takes A Bomb From Underneath Her Burka And Throws It At The Officers, Another Takes Out A Knife And Stabs An Officer. The Police Officers Unleash Hell And Kill All Three Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Three Muslim women in Kenya entered a police station, one woman took a bomb from underneath her veil and threw it at authorities, while another took out a knife and stabbed an officer. The officers unleashed hell and killed all three of them. Here is the report: Three women dressed in burqas […]

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Muslims Declare That They Must Sacrifice Innocent Victims To Allah, They Kidnap A Large Amount Of People, Hang Them Up From Their Feet, Slice Their Throats Open, And Drain Out The Blood And Give It As An Offering To Allah

By Theodore Shoebat This is the most horrific video we have seen. Muslims in Iraq, all members of ISIS, declared that they needed to make human sacrifices to Allah as part of the Islamic festival, Eid Al-Adha, or “the Festival of Sacrifice.” So, they kidnap a large amount of people hung them up from chains, […]

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The Islamic Refugee Crises Is Going To Erupt In Mass Instability In Europe, The Europeans Will Bring In Fascism And Thus A New Wave Of Horrific Tyranny And Violence Will Arise

By Theodore Shoebat I believe that the Islamic refugee crises in Europe is being done deliberately to enable to revival of fascism and despotism in Europe. Watch the video and find out why:   I ENCOURAGE YOU TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE WAR BETWEEN CHRISTIANITY AND THE RELIGION OF THE ANTICHRIST. CLICK HERE TO GET OUR […]

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