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Italian Government Tells Turkey Off, Defends Pope Francis Against Turkey, And Tells Turkey To Respect Italian Values

By Theodore Shoebat The Italian government defended Pope Francis against Turkey in the wake of Turkey getting aggressive on account of the Pope’s exposing of the Armenian Genocide. Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, told Turkey to respect the values of Italy, as we read in one report: Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has criticized […]

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Muslim Pirates Attack Sicilian Fishermen And Steal Their Boat, The Sicilians Get So Enraged That They Overpower The Muslims And Retake Their Ship

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim pirates from Libya attacked and stole a boat from the Sicilian fishermen. After they took control of the boat, the pirates left and kept one gunman posted to control the Sicilians. Luckily the Sicilians got so enraged that they counterattacked the pirates, overpowered the guard and courageously retook the boat. The […]

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By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Pakistani city of Lahore entered a Christian school and opened fire on the Christian students, injuring one student and wounding two security guards who put their lives on the line to save the students and subdue the attackers. All of this violence taking place in Pakistan is only an […]

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Egyptian Government Arrests Muslim Who Worked For The Obama Administration And Sentences Him To Life In Prison

The Egyptian government arrested a Muslim who worked in the Obama administration as Hillary Clinton’s advisor, named Gehad El-Haddad, and sentenced him to life imprisonment. El-Haddad worked for Muhammad Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood dictator who ruled Egypt with sharia tyranny before General al-Sisi took power. Prior to working for the Mursi regime, El-Haddad worked for […]

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American Mechanic Gets So Tired Of People Hating Christianity, That He Declares: Homosexuality And Immoral Behavior Will Not Be Allowed In My Shop

By Theodore Shoebat An American mechanic in Michigan is getting so tired of all of the anti-Christian sentiments that we are seeing, that he has emphatically declared that all immoral behavior will not be allowed in his shop, and that all gun owners will be given a discount if they come to the shop with […]

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Muslims Take Twelve Christians And Throw Them Off A Ship And Have Them Drowned. The Italians Come Over, Rescue The Christians And Punish The Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat Fifteen Muslims took twelve Christians and threw them off a ship and had them drowned. The ship was filled with migrants coming from Africa to Italy, and both Christians and Muslims were on board. The Muslims decided to kill the Christians and began to drown them, and thats when they killed the […]

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Wicked And Demonic People In America, Who Hate God, Desecrate Christian Crosses (THE LEFTISTS ARE JUST AS EVIL AS ISIS)

By Theodore Shoebat Wicked and demonic people in Clarion, Pennsylvania, desecrated crosses that were placed by Christians at Clarion University, in honor of all of the babies murdered by abortion. The crosses were ripped up and thrown into a trash can: Todd Garrett, Vice President of Clarion Students for Life, said: This was a reprehensible […]

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Pro-Homosexual Adults Have Young Girls Watch Naked Homosexual Men In Public

By Theodore Shoebat (Thanks to Giovanni Pasquali for sending the story) At a pro-homosexual rally in Toronto, Canada, adults had young girls watch naked homosexual men flaunt their depravity in public. This is just another proof that what the Bible says about homosexuals is correct, and it further evinces why Mosaic law in regards to […]

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Five Muslims Ambush 17 Year Old Christian Girl And Take Turns Raping Her, As Punishment For Having A Bible Study

By Theodore Shoebat In Uganda, five Muslims ambushed a 17 year old Christian girl and took turns raping her, as a form of punishment because she and her father were having a Bible study and prayer meeting. I did a whole video on this horrific tragedy and the demonic scheme behind it: According to the […]

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Ahmet Davutoglu, PM of Turkey who called the Pope evil.

The Prime Minister Of Turkey Releases This Statement: Pope Francis Is Evil

By Theodore Shoebat The Prime Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu, called Pope Francis evil, saying that he was a part of the “evil front” for his exposing of the Armenian Genocide. As we read in one report: Turkey’s prime minister has accused the Pope of being part of an “evil front” plotting against his country. […]

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Homosexual TSA Agent In Denver Manipulates The Security System So That He Can Sexually Molest Male Passengers

By Theodore Shoebat Another example of homosexual tyranny: a TSA officer in Denver International Airport was manipulating the security system so as to enable him to molest male passengers. This is just another reason as to why homosexuality must be outlawed, through the state and with the application of God’s Law. I did a whole […]

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Christian Militia Bears Up Their Weapons And Declares To The Muslims: ‘We’re Ready For You!’

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian militia in the Assyrian Christian village of Helmon has set up a garrison to protect their area from Islamic terrorists, and they have one message for ISIS: ‘We’re ready for you!’ I did a whole video on these men with actual footage of the warriors: THERE ARE CHRISTIANS FIGHTING BACK […]

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Muslims Launch Vicious Attack On Christian Neighborhood, Slaughter Forty Innocent People And Make A Pool Of Christian Blood

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria launched an attack on Syria’a Sulaimaniyah district, which is an Assyrian Christian area. They fired missiles and shells into the area, slaughter twenty people. They then bombarded a popular market in the al-Maadi district in Aleppo, slaughtering another twenty people, one of whom was 53-year-old Michel Abaji, supervisor of […]

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The Vatican States That We Are Now In The End Times, And That The Beast Of Revelation “Is Working Furiously.”

By Theodore Shoebat The top exorcist for the Vatican, Father Gabriele Amorth, said that we are now living in the End Times, and that the Beast of Revelation “is working ferociously.” According to the report: In a recent Facebook post, well-known Roman exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth said the Islamic State (ISIS) “is Satan,” also questioning […]

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