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More And More Women Are Now Using Pills To Murder Their Unborn Children

By Theodore Shoebat Another article proving that so many women in society are becoming trashier and murderous. Here is a report on how more and more women are using pills to murder their unborn children, from Life Site News:  Since the dawn of the abortion movement, activists insisted that abortion should be solely the concern […]

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Israeli Pilots Refuse To Fly African Migrants Back To Africa If The Israeli Government Orders Them To Be Deported

By Theodore Shoebat Israeli pilots, working for El Al airlines, have declared that they refuse to fly African migrants back to Africa if the Israeli government orders them to be deported. They say that 7,500 Israelis have appealed to Israeli pilots to refuse to fly African migrants. What is amazing is that when Africans suffer, […]

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The Trump Administration Cancels Obama’s Warning That States Have To Fund Planned Parenthood

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump Administration has cancelled Obama’s warning that states must provide funds for Planned Parenthood. As we read in one report from Life Site News: The Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today that it is rescinding a warning issued by the Obama administration to state governments stating […]

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Donald Trump Declares To All Christians In America: “Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life”

By Theodore Shoebat In Donald Trump’s speech for the March for Life rally, he declared to all Christians in America: “Under my administration, we will always defend the very first right in the Declaration of Independence, and that is the right to life” If Trump can ban abortion, then he will be a hero. But […]

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Polish Immigrant Living In America For Forty Years And Working As A Model Doctor, Gets Arrested From His Home By Immigration Officers And Is Now In Jail And May Be Deported

By Theodore Shoebat A Polish immigrant who has been living in America for forty years, and has been working as a doctor, has been arrested by immigration from his home, and his now sitting in jail and may be deported. According to one report from WoodTV: Even as the issue of immigration has been central […]

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100,000 Greeks Gather Together To Declare To Macedonia To Stop Calling Itself Macedonia

By Theodore Shoebat More nationalist fervor is heating up in Europe. 100,000 Greeks gathered together today to declare to Macedonia to stop calling itself Macedonia. As we read in one report from the Daily Sabah: Over 100,000 Greeks have gathered Sunday in the northern city of Thessaloniki to demand that neighboring country Macedonia change its […]

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American Homeschooling Couple Imprisons Their Thirteen Children, Severely Tortures Them, Starves Them, Keeps Them In Chains And Allows Them To Shower Only Once A Year

By Theodore Shoebat Here’s another American horror story. A homeschooling couple imprisoned their thirteen children, severely tortured them, starved, kept them in chains and allowed them to shower only once a year. Sick and demonic stuff is not just happening in the Muslim world. We tend to ignore the evils that happen right in our […]

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The Death Of Christendom: The Slow And Painful Destruction Of Christian Civilization

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat The life of Israel is the life of Christendom. As Israel once broke apart — with Judah and Israel splitting — so Christendom broke apart, with the Avignon controversy — in which Europe was split between those who believed that the Church was to be stationed in France, and […]

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The Anti-Illegal Immigration Movement Is Part Of The Same Nazi Network As Planned Parenthood

By Theodore Shoebat The anti-illegal immigration movement is part of the same network as Planned Parenthood. Both are eugenist, evil, Nazi, and enemies of the human race. This is the subject I discuss deeply in my latest video: Further information:  The anti-illegal movement is truly a movement that consists of eugenists. Lets look at Peter […]

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The Israeli Government Declares That It Will Be Deporting Tens Of Thousands Of African Migrants. Mass Expulsions And Deportations Will Be Taking Place

By Theodore Shoebat The Israeli government declares that it will be deporting tens of thousands of African migrants. Mass expulsions and deportations are to take place. If people have fled to Israel to flee persecution, it is very sad that Israel will be deporting them back to Africa. Were not the Jews deported by the […]

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The Prime Minister Of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Declares That Any Groups Who Oppose Abortion Are “Not In Line With Where We Are As A Government And, Quite Frankly, Where We Are At As A Society.”

By Theodore Shoebat The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has stated that groups who oppose abortion are “not in line with where we are as a government and, quite frankly, where we are at as a society.” As we read in one report from the Catholic News Agency: A litmus test on abortion and […]

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The Trump Administration Pledges $55 Million To Help Persecuted Christians And Other Minorities In Iraq

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration has pledged $55 million to help persecuted Christians through the United Nations. As we read in one report from the Christian Post: The federal government has pledged $55 million in aid for religious and ethnic groups that have faced ISIS persecution in Iraq’s Ninewa Province, drawing praise from the […]

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In 2017, Around Three Hundred And Twenty Two Christians Were Slaughtered Every Month For Their Faith

By Theodore Shoebat A recently published report shows that in the year 2017, around 322 Christians were butchered for their faith each month.  As we read in one article from Rome Report: Although it seems to be a thing of the past, people are still killed for believing in God and, unfortunately, many of them. […]

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The German And Turkish Governments Will Be Cooperating Together To ‘Fight Against Terrorism.’

By Theodore Shoebat The German and Turkish governments will be cooperating together to ‘fight against terrorism.’ As we read in one report from the Daily Sabah: The German government wants to better forge communication channels with Ankara on security issues by organizing consultation meetings amid signs of normalization in bilateral ties in recent months, a […]

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