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Muslims Force Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Into Actual Concentration Camps Where They Are Brutally Tortured, Raped, And Made To Endure Grueling Slavery. But Rescue Christians Is Now Doing Undercover Missions To Save Thousands Of Them (NOW IS YOUR TIME TO JOIN THE MISSION)

RESCUE CHRISTIANS EXCLUSIVE  Muslims are forcing tens of thousands of Christians into concentration camps in Pakistan. The labor camps that these Christians are in most definitely fit the description of concentration camps. For they are forced into hard labor, in an area where they are made to live in despotic and impoverished living conditions; they are forced to […]

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ISIS Captures 350 Christians, They Have Already Slaughtered 15 Of Them Because They Were Christian Militia Warriors. This Is All Part Of A Major Plan To Create Mass Killing Fields For Christians

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS recently captured 350 Christians from various villages. They have already slaughtered 15 of them because they were part of a Christian militia and were defending Christian territories. It is said that one of the Christian fighters was a woman, and it is said that she was beheaded but this has not […]

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Muslim Woman In Quebec Goes To Courtroom, And The Judge Tells Her: Take That Hijab Off

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim woman in Quebec, named Rania El-Alloul, entered a courtroom to get her car back after it was taken away because her son was driving with a suspended license. The judge, Eliana Marengo, told her to take the hijab off. According to the report: A Quebec court judge has told a […]

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Major Officer Of The NYPD Reveals A Disturbing Reality: The Presence Of ISIS In America Is Very Real

By Theodore Shoebat Three Muslims in New York were arrested and charged with conspiring to aid ISIS, and for also discussing how they wanted to murder the president, kill FBI agents and police officers, a Brooklyn federal court complaint revealed on Wednesday. Their names are Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev, 24, and Abror Habibov, 30, who are […]

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The Military Of Chad Takes 207 Muslim Jihadists, And Butchers All Of Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat The military of Chad recently overtook 207 Muslim jihadists and slaughtered all of them. According to the report: Soldiers from Chad killed 207 Boko Haram militants in fighting on Tuesday near a Nigerian town close to the border with Cameroon, Chad’s army announced in a statement. One Chadian soldier was killed and […]

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Wealthy British Bouncer Sells His Home, Leaves His Extravagant Life, Goes To Iraq And Joins Christian Militia, And Is Now Fighting ISIS

By Theodore Shoebat  A wealthy British bouncer named Tim Locks, sold his house and left a life of extravagance to join a Christian militia, and he now fighting ISIS. His action exemplifies pure selfless love. I did a whole video on this: He is 38 years old and was a bouncer for  Cheekies nightclub in Staines, […]

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We Are Entering Into The Great Tribulation That Jesus Warned Us About: There Is An Entire Movement In America That Wants To Legalize Cannibalism

By Theodore Shoebat For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. — Matthew 24:21 Today we have ISIS, beheading, burning people alive, and doing other unspeakable things. But what everybody is ignoring, is that when Jesus speaks […]

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Major College In Italy Completely Bans Women From Wearing Hijabs

By Theodore Shoebat  An Italian college in Italy, specifically in the area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, has completely banned from women from wearing the Islamic hijab on its campus. According to the college, the measure is being done in order to protect Muslim women from anti-Islamic violence, which is something that has taken place in the past […]

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The Swiss Guard, The Official Bodyguards Of The Pope, Says: The Pope Could Be Killed By The Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat The Swiss Guard, the official bodyguards for the Pope, just recently stated that the Muslims could just assassinate Pope Francis. For this reason they have intensified security measures and are ready to fight for the Pope if he is attacked by terrorists. I did a whole video on this: According to the […]

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ISIS Leader Admits: We Are Being Funded By The Obama Administration

By Theodore Shoebat An ISIS leader named Yousef al-Salafi in Pakistan has admitted that ISIS is being funded by the USA, and thus, the Obama administration. This came from a statement done by the Pakistani government which interrogated Yousef and received this information from him. There was a news report done on this: A source […]

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SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A group of westerners dabbled into witchcraft in Peru, and while they are not Christians, they got possessed, and the whole thing was captured on film. Demon possession is very real, and while the modern world mocks the idea of possession, a number of Westerners went to Peru to dabble […]

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Obama Says That “Islam Has Been Woven Into The Fabric Of Our Country Since Its Founding”. Yes, Its Called The Barbary Pirate Wars, The First War America Every Fought Against Jihad.

By Theodore Shoebat Obama just said that Islam part of America’s founding: Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding. Islam, is in fact, a part of America’s founding, but not in the sense that Obama wants to convey to us. Islam did a very good job […]

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Obama Makes This Declaration To The American People: “We are not at war with Islam”

By Theodore Shoebat Obama just made this declaration to the American people: We are not at war with Islam… We are at war with people who have perverted Islam. In the rest of the statement he said: They try to portray themselves as religious leaders, holy warriors in defense of Islam… he said. …We must […]

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LEAKED DOCUMENTS REVEAL: ISIS Is Planning On Taking Advantage Of Europe’s Weak Borders To Cross Into Europe, Conquer All Of The West And Make Rome Into A Muslim City (THE VATICAN BETTER GET TOUGHER ON ISLAM)

By Theodore Shoebat There is now leaked information from ISIS on their plans to conquer Europe via Libya. Libya is right near Southern Europe, and ISIS is planning to use its close proximity to the West as a means to enter with ferries Italy, and ultimately conquer Rome. From the anti-terrorism British think tank Quilliam, […]

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Nigerian Military Overtakes Three Hundred Muslim Terrorists And Slaughters Them All

By Theodore Shoebat The Nigerian military just recently overtook three hundred Muslim terrorists in battle and slaughtered them all, as part of a defense against Boko Haram. The victory was done as security forces were fighting to take back 11 towns from the jihadist gang. As the report tells us: Nigerian forces have killed more […]

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Pope Francis Holds Meeting With Major Homosexual Group, And Never Condemns Them (THE VATICAN HARLOTS ITSELF YET AGAIN)

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis just had a meeting with a major homosexual group and he never condemned them. In fact, they were brought in by a top Vatican official and also an American bishop. According to the report: A prominent American Catholic gay rights group was given VIP treatment for the first time at […]

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