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Russian Government Wipes Out Muslim Terrorists In Its Country In Powerful And Major Anti-Terrorist Campaign

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has been wiping out terrorists in its lands in a powerful and major anti-terrorist campaign. As we read in one Russian report: Security forces in the North Caucasus have greatly succeeded in the fight against the terrorist underground. According to 2015 statistics, they virtually destroyed the Caucasus Emirate (the […]

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A Massive Wave Of Violence Is Going To Flood Europe, Germany Will Rise And Oceans Of Blood Will Form

By Theodore Shoebat St. Augustine once said that “in order to discover the character of any people, we have only to observe what they love. Yet whatever it loves, if only it is an assemblage of reasonable beings and not of beasts, and is bound together by an agreement as to the object of love, […]

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Image of Islamic terrorist speaking about attacking Las Vegas and San Francisco

Major Islamic Terrorists Make This Declaration To All Americans: ‘We Will Enter San Francisco And Las Vegas And Butcher Americans.’

By Theodore Shoebat Major Islamic terrorists made a declaration in which they said that they will enter San Francisco and Las Vegas and slaughter Americans. According to one report: Iconic, Bay Area images took center stage in a new pro-ISIS video. That video is calling for attacks on San Francisco and Las Vegas. The video surfaced […]

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Pope Frances Declares: ‘Christians Must Apologize To Homosexuals.’

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis declared recently that Christians must apologize to homosexuals. Its just another sign of how much homosexuals have infiltrated the Catholic Church. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Yesterday, on a flight from Armenia back to Rome, the Pope fielded questions to a set of journalists, […]

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German troops

Germany Will Be An Ally To The Antichrist Nations, And Will Be Enemy Of Christendom. Be Prepared For Germany

  By Theodore Shoebat After Britain voted in favor of leaving the EU, I wrote an article with my predictions as to what conflicts will occur as a result. I predicted that Germany will be a threat in the future, with the referendum being a catalyst to a great conflict within Europe. The responses that […]

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Muslims Enter Christian Village And Slaughter Six People

Muslim terrorists attacked the Christian village of Al-Kaa in Lebanon, slaughtering six people and injuring 19 others. According to one report: Four suicide terrorists blew themselves up early this morning in a mostly Christian town on the Syrian-Lebanese border, killing at least six civilians. No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Hezbollah has accused […]

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Muslim Man Slaughters 148 Young Christians, Americans Find Him And Kill Him

A Muslim terrorist, Mohamed Kuno, slaughtered 148 Christians in Kenya, in what is known as the Garissa massacre in Garissa University. Mohamed singled out Christians in the university, killing them while sparing the Muslim students. The US Air Force just recently found him and killed him. As we read in one report: The al-Shabaab leader responsible […]

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Britain Just Left The EU, And This Will Eventually Lead To A Revived Nazi Germany That Will Go To War With Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat Britain just voted and agreed to leave the European Union, with the majority voting for separation from the confederacy, in favor for autonomy. What will this lead to? Here are some of my own thoughts and predictions as to what will happen with Europe. Germany is dominating Europe, to a great extent, […]

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Hindus Arrest Christians For Preaching The Gospel, And Then Tell The Christians To Admit That Speaking About Christ Is A Crime, All Of The Christians Refuse To Deny Christ

Hindus in Nepal arrested seven Christians for preaching about Christ and then tried to force them to admit that to preach Christ is a crime. All of the Christians refused, and now the Hindu authorities are making their lives a living hell. As we read in one report: Seven Christians have been arrested in Nepal […]

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Muslim Police Officer Walks Inside Of A Church And Tells The Pastor To Stop Speaking About Christ, The Pastor Tells Him To Be Quiet, The Muslim Officer Then Walks Up The Stage And Beats The Pastor Up

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim police officer in Pakistan walked inside of a church and told the pastor to stop talking about Christ. When the pastor told the officer to keep it quiet, he walked up to the stage and beat the pastor up. Here is the story: Police barged into the United Christian Church […]

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Muslims Declare To Christians: ‘We Will Take You And Burn You Alive, For The Cause Of Islam’

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Pakistan declared to a Christian family that they will burned to death for the cause of Islam, as we read in one report: A Christian family has been threatened with being burnt alive after a Muslim woman eloped with a Christian man in Pakistan, according to the Centre for Legal […]

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(LEFT TO RIGHT): Gavin McInnes, Steven Crowder and Milo Yiannopoulos

The Entire Conservative Movement Has Been Taken Over By Homosexuals And Agents For The Homosexual Agenda. A Wicked And Demonic Generation Has Risen Up, And Its On The Road Straight To Hell

By Theodore Shoebat The conservative movement has been taken over by sodomites, perverts and agents for the sodomite agenda. You have deviants who claim conservatism while promoting the most depraved of practices. In my latest video I expose the evils of very popular figures in the conservative movement, such Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos and Steven […]

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shooting copy

Gunman In Chicago Opens Fire with High-Powered Weapon In Front Of Church And Murders One Person

A gunman in Chicago opened fire in front of a church, killing one person, as we read in one report: As many as 40 shots were fired Sunday when a gunman using an assault weapon opened fire outside a church in Chicago, killing at least one person, police said. The shooting happened just before 2 […]

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Christians Gather Together To Remember The Christians Killed By Muslims, A Muslim Man Comes In Dressed Up As A Priest And Then Blows Himself Up And Slaughters Christians

Christians in Iraq gathered together to remember the Sayfo Massacre, in which the Ottoman Empire slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Christians from 1914 to 1918. A Muslim terrorist entered, disguised as a priest, and blew himself up, slaughtering three Christians. As we read in one report: A suicide bomber disguised as a priest killed three […]

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Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui

Muslim Terrorist In Ohio Takes Apartment Complex Hostage, And Then Opens Fire On American Police Officer

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim terrorist in Ohio, Mohammad Laghaoui, took hostages in an apartment complex and then opened fire with an AK-47 on an officer once she arrived on the scene. The hostages were Mohammad’s father and brother. Mohammad threatened to murder his father and brother. His brother dialed 911 and Mohammad punched his […]

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