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Egyptian Government Drops Case Of Muslim Mob Stripping A 70 Year Old Christian Woman Naked And Parading Her Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat The Egyptian government has dropped the case against an Islamic mob who stripped a 70 year old Christian woman naked and paraded her through the streets. According to one report: Egyptian prosecutors have thrown out a case brought by an elderly Christian woman against several members of a Muslim mob who stripped […]

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Christian Doctor Refuses To Leave His Village, And Stays To Help The Sick And The Injured, Muslim Terrorists Invade And Kidnap Him, The Doctor Refuses To Deny Christ And The Muslims Slaughter Him. Another Christian Declares The Words Of Christ: ‘If You Deny Me I Will Deny You.’ The Muslims Take Him And Butcher Him

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian doctor in Syria refused to leave his village, and stayed to help the sick and the injured. Muslim terrorists belonging to ISIS invaded, took the doctor, and after he refused to deny Christ, they slaughtered him. There was another Christian, by the name of Gergis who, in another attack, told […]

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The Serbian Government Sends A Train Right Into Kosovo That Reads With Giant Words: “Kosovo Is Serbia.” This Could Help Spark A Major War, As Austrian Troops Are Now On The Serbian-Hungarian Border

By Theodore Shoebat Serbian authorities sent a very provocative train right into Kosovo with giant words that read: “Kosovo is Serbia.” This could help spark a major conflict between Christians and Muslims. The train is Russian designed, so its possible that the Russian government is involved in this in order to spark fighting in the […]

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The Coming Beheading Of Christians Will Spread Globally As The Masses Of The World Follow The Antichrist And Desire For The Destruction Of Christianity

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, continuation of Part I, Part II) Reading Revelation 20:4 reveals that Antichrist will genocide Christians by beheading them. While many know this, so few examine how the world will get to this point. Will such massive beheading only occur on Muslim soil who are accustomed to beheading? While Islam prescribes beheading, […]

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Theodore Shoebat Schools Europe’s Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Leader, He Is So Embarrassed That Now He Is Threatening To Have The Video Censored

By Walid Shoebat (A Shoebat Special) Most apologists for the Alt-Right and neo-Nazi movements have a policy to shy away from serious dialogue with the opposite side, and only appear on the media of their allies. They are, after all, in the propaganda business and not truth. But to reveal the truth we initially thought to […]

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Deaf Muslim Goes To Church And Hears The Gospel In Sign Language, And Then Declares: “I have made up my mind to follow Jesus Christ, as taught today from God’s Word… I know God accepts me just as the father accepted the prodigal son when he came back home.”

By Theodore Shoebat A deaf Muslim named Ayo went to a church after being invited by a friend, and heard a sermon in sign language. After being convinced of the Gospel, he gave his life to Christ, saying: “I have made up my mind to follow Jesus Christ, as taught today from God’s Word… I know […]

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Muslim Terrorists Ambush Christian Man And His Wife, They Stab Them All Over Their Bodies And Then Cut Their Throats

By Theodore Shoebat  Muslim terrorists in Egypt ambushed a Christian man and his wife, stabbing them throughout their bodies and slitting their throats, according to one Egyptian report.  The correspondent of “Monte Carlo International” in Cairo reported thata Coptic Christian citizen and his wife were found with their throats slit in their apartment in the Tookh […]

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Photo of the Christian man, martyred in Egypt

Muslim Terrorist Attacks A Christian Man As He Is Sitting Down, Takes A Knife, Puts It On His Neck And Slits His Throat

  By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim terrorist attacked a Coptic Christian man from behind as he was sitting down, slitting his throat and murdering him, as we read from one Egyptian report.  The horrific crime took place in Alexandria before dawn on Tuesday.  The attacker, who is unknown at the moment, killed a Coptic merchant in […]

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Hitler’s Mein Kampf Is Now A Major Best Seller In Germany, Nazism Is On The Rise

By Theodore Shoebat Mein Kampf is now a major bestseller in Germany, Nazism is on the rise. I did a whole video on this:   According to one report: A massively annotated version of Adolf Hitler’s political manifesto Mein Kampf became a bestseller in Germany last year, Der Tagesspiegel, the publisher of the book said, […]

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Christian Woman In Austria Reads The Bible To Muslim People, One Muslim Man Gets So Enraged That He Stabs Her With A Knife

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian woman in Austria was reading a Bible to Muslim migrants, when one Muslim man got so enraged that he stabbed her with a knife, according to one Austrian report.  She arrived with her husband from the nearby principality of Timelkam to read to refugees from the Bible, the National Police […]

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Muslim Terrorists Butcher Eight Hundred And Eight People, Pillage Fifty Three Villages, And Destroy Sixteen Churches

By Theodore Shoebat  The Catholic Church in Nigeria has confirmed that Islamic terrorists in the Southern Kaduna region have butchered eight hundred and eight people, pillaged fifty three villages and destroyed sixteen churches. As we read in one report: The Catholic Archdiocese of Kafanchan alleged yesterday that the latest attacks in southern Kaduna State had […]

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Turkish Muslim Nationalists Put Gun On The Head Of A Man Dressed As Santa Claus To Declare Their War On Christmas

By Theodore Shoebat Turkish Muslim nationalists put a gun on the head of a man dressed as Santa to declare their war on Christmas. According to one report: A group of men from the youth group of the ultranationalist Alperen Hearts protested Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Turkey by holding a man dressed as […]

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Islamic Terrorists Enter Into The Home Of A Muslim Woman, Murder Her Father And Then Rape Her For Two Days, She Then Hears About Christ, Raises Her Hands In The Air And Cries Out: “Lord, I Accept You And Surrender Myself Totally To You; Please Pick Me Up From My Sufferings”

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists, belonging to ISIS, entered the home of a Muslim woman, murdered her father, a military officer, and then preceded to rape her for two days. When she heard about Christ, she lifted her hands in the air and cried out: ‘Lord, I accept you and surrender myself totally to you; […]

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Brave Team Of Christians Rescues Hundreds Of Persecuted Christians From Islamic Enslavement

  By Rescue Christians  Christians and Jews, when they see the vanished culture of the ancient Egyptian empire and their  pyramids immediately their minds are reminded of the story of the Holy Bible which tells us about the persecution and hard lives of the house of Jacob during their slavery. God brings Moses to set them […]

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Pope Frances Declares That Now There Is More Persecution Against Christians Than There Was In The Early Church

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Frances recently declared that now there is more persecution against Christians than there was in the days of the early Church. Take into account the persecutions being done by ISIS and other Islamic fundamentalists, North Korea and other communist regimes, and the number is in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps even […]

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Study Shows That Thirty Eight Percent Of American Evangelicals Support Assisted Suicide

By Theodore Shoebat A new study shows that thirty eight percent of American Evangelicals support assisted suicide. Its no wonder that Colorado recently legalized assisted suicide. Eric Metaxes just wrote an article on this very dark reality: If it’s right to oppose the killing of human beings at the beginning of life, why do so […]

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