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Pagans Slaughter An Entire Family, And Then Burn The Whole House Down

By Theodore Shoebat Just another day in Mexico. Pagan terrorist cartel members slaughtered an entire family, murdering three men and two men, and then burning their whole house down, and also burning another house. According to a Mexican report: Gunmen killed a family, including two women and three young men, and burned at least two […]

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Pagan Terrorists Take Eleven Young Men, Behead All Of Them And Burn Their Bodies

By Theodore Shoebat Pagan terrorists in Mexico, who are part of the cult cartel religion that is wreaking havoc throughout the country, took eleven young men and beheaded all of them in the state of Guerrero. After the victims were butchered they were dumped on the dirt road heading for the community of Ayahualulco, in […]

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WILTSHIRE, ENGLAND - JUNE 21:  Mad Al takes part in the summer solstice dawn celebrations after druids, pagans and revellers gathered for the Summer Solstice sunrise at Stonehenge on June 21, 2014 in Wiltshire, England. A sunny forecast brought thousands of revellers to the 5,000 year old stone circle in Wiltshire to see the sunrise on the Summer Solstice dawn. The solstice sunrise marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  (Photo by Tim Ireland/Getty Images)

Major Pagan Leaders Declare: We Will Slaughter All Christians, We Will Create A River Of Blood And A Giant Mountain Of Christian Corpses

By Theodore Shoebat Major neopagan leaders are declaring that they want to slaughter all Christians, to create a river of blood and a giant mountain of Christian corpses. I did a whole video on this evil: According to the report: The Metropolis of Piraeus of the Church of Greece made a special statement in connection […]

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Homosexual Catholic Priest Sodomizes Two Hundred Men, And Some Of The Victims Are Even Children

By Theodore Shoebat Homosexuality and pedophilia are running rampant in the churches, both Catholic and Protestant. In one of the latest indications of this reality, a Catholic priest sodomized 200 men, and some of the victims were even children. Here is a video I made with lots of commentary on this evil and how to […]

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Muslims Who Are Working With Obama Are Now Systematically Destroying Churches. They Have Already Destroyed Three Churches And Will Continue To Destroy More

By Theodore Shoebat The Islamic government of Omar al-Bashir, who Obama works with and defends, is systematically destroying churches in Sudan. The Muslim sharia state has already destroyed three churches, and they will continue to destroy more. Tut Kony, pastor of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church, said: We have been stoned and beaten. This […]

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Muslims Are Now Entering Refugee Camps, Pretending To Be Refugees, And Are Kidnapping Christian Girls In The Camps And Selling Them Into Sex Slavery

By Theodore Shoebat Christians are now avoiding the refugee camps because Muslim criminals are posing as refugees in order to steal Christian girls in the camps and selling them into sex slavery. According to the report: Immigration has been a hot debate topic in Washington DC, and even among 2016 presidential contenders. Many republicans have […]

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Muslim Rejects Islam And Declares That Christ Is His Savior, Muslims Ambush Him And Fill His Entire Body With Bullets

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Yemen rejected Islam and declared Christ to be his Savior. A group of Muslims ambushed him and filled his body with bullets. According to the report: Islamic extremists in Yemen have killed at least two Christian men in recent months because they abandoned Islam and embraced the Christian […]

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Make No Mistake About It, Thanksgiving Is Not About Turkey And The Puritans, But About Fighting Muslims In A Great Crusade For Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat  On November 25th, 1177, the Christian crusaders defeated a 26,000 man army in what is called the miracle at Montgisgard. Saladin, who became an idol for the Muslim pantheon, ravished Egypt in 1177 with twenty five thousand men, and as they brought destruction on lands before them and decapitated many, they made […]

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Muslim Woman Declares Christ To Be Her King, Her Husband Takes A Hammer And Beats Her With It

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim woman in a small village in Central Asia declared Christ to be her king and now her husband beats her everyday with a hammer. According to one recent report: Christian aid worker Gary Warrior* was sitting on the floor in a Central Asian village with a congregation of about 20 […]

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Satanists Open Fire On Christians In The Middle Of The Road, They Open Fire On A Bus And Murder Four People, They Then Slaughter A Man And Force His Wife And Child To Watch

By Theodore Shoebat The pagan onslaught against Christians in Mexico continues every day. In the state of Guerrero, devil worshipping  gunmen opened fire on a transportation van, slaughtering four people, Isaac Xochitempa Chantla, the driver of the unit, as well as three women identified as Angela Casarrubias Cortés; Ana Victoria Diaz Casarrubias and Barnabas. One of […]

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Explosives uncovered in Cairo parcels headed for US

New X-Ray baggage security scanners installed at Cairo International Airport as part of enhanced security measures after A-321 tragedy detected explosives in two parcels going to the US. Explosive materials were discovered during routine security procedures, and the owners of the parcels haven’t yet been identified. US has asked Egypt to stop sending parcels, cargo […]

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Satan Worshipper Steals Communion Bread From Church And Uses It For Satanic Ritual In Honor Of Pedophilia And Sodomizing Children

By Theodore Shoebat A man who honors Satan in Spain stole bread and used it for a satanic ritual in dedication to pedophilia and sodomizing children. I did a whole video on this evil: According to one report: Critics of Pamplona’s city council say it deliberately attacked Catholics and broke Spanish law by using city property […]

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Mirage 2000..French Air Force (2)

French Air Force Is Now Crushing ISIS Strongholds

By Theodore Shoebat The French Air Force is now crushing ISIS strongholds, according to one report: Military jets from France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier on Monday flew their first missions over Islamic State-controlled territories in Syria and Iraq and carried out their first airstrikes. The jets have hit two Islamic State targets in Iraq, […]

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Satan Worshippers Attack Christian Pastor, Beat Him Over The Head And Light His Whole Body On Fire. They Find His Body Completely Scorched To Be A Pastor Is Very Dangerous

By Theodore Shoebat  The most dangerous place in the Western world to be a pastor is Mexico. Violence towards priests has increased by 400% in Mexico, since Nieto became president, and the violence is only getting more and more severe, worse than Iraq even. Another priest was murdered just a few days ago. Fr. Erastus Pliego […]

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