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French Man Goes Into A Vegetative State For Eight Years. Doctors Then Stop Feeding Him. But His Christian Parents Plea With The Doctors To Keep Him Alive. The Doctors Feed Him And He Is Still Alive

By Theodore Shoebat The fact that the doctors can kill a living being really shows we are heading towards more and more of a eugenic society. As we read in a report from today: Just hours after doctors stopped artificially feeding and hydrating a 42-year-old Frenchman who has spent more than a decade in a […]

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Drug Traffickers Are Selling Their Souls To The Devil For Power And Are Committing Human Sacrifices For Demons

By Theodore Shoebat Drug traffickers have been selling their souls to the devil for power and committing human sacrifice, offering human blood to the demons for fortune in return. WSB-TV 2 has done an interesting investigative article on this: Atlanta DEA Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy is no stranger to shrines of “narco saints.” […]

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Drug Cartels Are Now Preying On Migrants And Kidnapping Them For Money

By Theodore Shoebat As if traveling all the way from Central America to try to make it to the United States was not tough enough, migrants have been dealing with cartels and drug traffickers who kidnap them for murder. Vice Magazine did a whole story on this moribund and dark reality and I’ll post up […]

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Numerous Republican Politicians Are Going Against The Alabama Abortion Bill

By Theodore Shoebat Numerous Republican politicians are now going against the Alabama abortion bill, saying that it has gone too far. As we read in a report from Reuters: Several Republicans in the U.S. Congress are criticizing a new Alabama law that will ban nearly all abortions in the state as too extreme, saying exceptions […]

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Over Six Thousand Abortions In One Year In Alabama. This Murder Must End

By Theodore Shoebat According to the latest data from the the Alabama Department of Public Health’s Center for Health Statistics, there were over six thousand abortions in the state of Alabama. According to WSFA 12: “For 2017, there were 6,768 total abortions for Alabama residents”. 2,316 (34 percent) were white unborn children, and 4,187 (62 percent) were […]

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The symbol on the right is that of the MEK, the Islamic-Marxist terrorist group, who the US is supporting.

The Policy Of The United States Towards Iran Has Nothing To Do With Fighting Terrorism And Is Being Done To Back Islamic Marxist Terrorists

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat While there has been much talk about Iran being a threat to the United States, a British military official, Major General Chris Ghika, has said that the threat level of Iran has not changed at all. He told reporters at the Pentagon: “No, there’s been no increased threat from Iranian-backed […]

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Former Prime Minister Of Italy Warns: ‘If The Nationalists Win, There Will Be War In Europe.’

By Theodore Shoebat The former Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, just recently gave a type of warning that you almost never here: that if the current status quo of European governance disintegrates, then the old hatred between European countries will resurface and another war will devastate Europe. What will happen if the current structures […]

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To Reject Universalism Is To Reject Christ

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat  Outside of the edifice where the children of Abraham were to spill the blood of lambs for propitiation, there stood a precinct hundreds of yards wide, a place divinely made to be one of prayer. But contemplation was not exhorted for, but rather exploitation. For in the premises of the […]

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