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Japanese Man Stabs His Twelve Year Old Son To Death Because He Isn’t Studying Enough

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Japan stabbed his twelve year old son to death because he was not studying enough, as we read in one report: A 12-year-old boy has been stabbed to death by his father because he reportedly did not study for a school entrance exam in Japan’s Aichi prefecture. Kengo Satake, […]

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Aftermath of the earthquake in Italy

Major Earthquake Just Hit Italy, Half Of An Entire Town Is Destroyed, People Are Under Rubble

By Theodore Shoebat  A major earthquake just hit central Italy, half of an entire song is gone and people are under rubble. Here is one report on this travesty: Central Italy was hit by a powerful, 6.2-magnitude earthquake on Wednesday, triggering the collapse of dozens of buildings and a red alert for the possibility of […]

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Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Supports What The Scripture Says About The Death Penalty And Declares: ‘Anyone Who Pushes Drugs On Youths Need To Be Executed.’

By Theodore Shoebat Manny Pacquiao is supporting what the Scripture declares on the death penalty, and has said that drug pushers and dealers are worthy of death and need to be executed. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Christian boxing icon and Filipino politician Manny Pacquiao says the Bible gives […]

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Pastor Arrives To Preach The Gospel, After He Gives His Sermon A Muslim Mob Ambushes Him, Murders The Pastor And Two Other People

By Theodore Shoebat  A pastor in Nigeria arrived to a town to minister the Gospel, and after he was done he was ambushed by Muslims who then murdered him and two other people. According to one report: Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen on Sunday night reportedly killed three persons among them, one Pastor Luka […]

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Muslim Mob Tries To Murder Christian Man And His Wife, Another Muslim Rushes In And Rescues The Christians, The Mob Gets So Angry They Take Eight People And Burn Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat A mob of Muslims tried to murder a Christian man and his wife, when suddenly a Muslim good Samaritan rushed in and rescued the couple. The mob was so upset that they burned alive eight innocent people. Here is the report: The incident occurred on Monday after a Muslim mob in Zamfara torched the […]

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The Government Of Texas Declares: ‘Obama, Take Your Transgender Bathrooms And Go To Hell.’ Federal Judge Strikes Down The Satanic Push For Transgender Bathrooms

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Texas is telling Obama to take his transgender bathrooms and go to hell, with a federal judge striking down the satanic agenda. I did a whole vide on this: CHRISTIANITY HAS BEEN CORRUPTED AND PORTRAYED AS A WEAK RELIGION FOR FAR TOO LONG. ITS TIME THAT WE EDUCATE OURSELVES […]

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The Government Of Japan Plans To Create An Extremely Powerful Military, It Will Be Spending More Money On Its Military Than It Ever Has Since World War Two, Be Prepared For Major War In Asia

By Theodore Shoebat The Japanese government is planning on creating the largest defense budget for its military since World War Two. The budget will be 5.17 trillion yen ($51.7 billion) for the 2017 fiscal year. It will be done, not just to intimidate China, but also to show the world that Japan still has the capabilities to be […]

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Sodom And Gomorrah Is Coming Back, Be Ready To See Some Of The Most Horrific And Demonic Things You Will Ever Witness

By Theodore Shoebat Sodom and Gomorrah is coming back, be ready to see some of the most horrific and demonic things that you will ever witness. In my latest video, I talk about how Sodom and Gomorrah really looked like, the rise of the Ottoman Empire and Japan, the threat of Pan-Asianism, and the reality […]

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Muslim Imam Gives Classes To Ten Year Old Boy On How To Read The Koran, He Then Takes The Young Boy And Rapes Him Repeatedly And Tells Him: ‘If You Tell The Police, I will Kill You.’

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim imam in Nigeria was giving Quran classes to a ten year old boy, and he was also raping the young boy repeatedly, and in the midst of this horrific torment, he told the boy that if he ever goes to the police that he will kill him. As we read […]

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Vietnamese police officers drag an anti-China protester during a demonstration Sunday, July 17, 2011 in Hanoi, Vietnam. A small group of Vietnamese marched Sunday to denounce China's actions in the South China Sea after about two dozen other protesters were rounded up by police, shoved onto buses and driven away. (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT, NO LICENSING IN CHINA, FRANCE, HONG KONG, JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA

The Government Of Vietnam Puts One Hundred Christian Pastors In Prison And Plans To Execute Them All

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Vietnam has thrown one hundred Christian pastors into prison, and plans on executing all of them. Here is the full report: More than 100 Vietnamese Christian pastors have been locked up and are at risk of being poisoned for refusing to sign up to a central, official church, according […]

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What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Demon Possessed Man In Florida Who Murdered A Man And Cannibalized His Face

By Theodore Shoebat A few days ago a man in Florida murdered a woman and her husband, and then cannibalized the husband’s face. It took several officers and a police dog to remove him from the victim. He growled like an animal at the crime scene, and then when he was in the hospital he […]

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Muslim Armies Are Entering Christian Villages And Destroying The Entire Villages And Hacking Christians To Pieces With Machetes

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim armies in the Democratic Republic of Congo are going to Christian villages, entirely destroying the villages and hacking the Christians to pieces. As we read in one report: The persecution of Christians has escalated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), prompting fears that a jihadist group is gaining strength in […]

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The Democrats Are Absolutely Demonic, Hillary Clinton Will Be An Absolute Jezebel Of A President If She Wins

By Theodore Shoebat Hillary Clinton will be an absolute Jezebel of a president. Just look at what the Clintons did to the Christian Serbs in the 90s. The Christians were fighting the Muslim Albanians, who were kidnapping Christians, dissecting them and taking their organs to sell them into the black markets of Saudi Arabia and […]

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Man In Canada Smokes Marijuana, He Then Hears Voices Ordering Him To Murder A Christian Woman, He Finds An Elderly Christian Lady, And Beats Her To Death With A Rock

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Canada frequently smoked marijuana before hearing voices ordering to murder a Christian woman. When he found the Christian woman, Yvonne Brooks, he told her that he was thirsty. Yvone, an elderly woman always willing to be charitable to others, offered him a glass of water, when suddenly the demon […]

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Joshua Collins, subhuman demon who raped a young boy. The only solution to his kind is a tall tree and a rope

Homosexual In Ohio Terrorizes Five Year Old Boy, Forces Him Into Homosexuality And Repeatedly Rapes Him

By Theodore Shoebat A story was recently released and its very disturbing, and it shows just how diabolical these sodomites are. In Ohio, a sodomite forced a five year old boy into homosexuality, repeatedly raping him. Its absolutely horrific and dark, and should be one only to anger and righteous indignation against perverts. Here is […]

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Soldiers Slaughter Seven Hundred Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Iraqi forces recently slaughtered seven hundred Muslim terrorists, as we read in one report: Anbar Operations Command announced that 700 ISIS members have been killed since the beginning of the liberation operations of Khalidiya Island in eastern Ramadi. Commander of Anbar Operation Major General Ismail al-Mahalawi, in a statement, said, “Security forces […]

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