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Make No Mistake About It, All Those Who Don’t Care About The Persecution Of Christians, Are Enemies Of Christ. To Love The Persecuted, Is To Love Christ. To Not Care About The Persecuted, Is To Damn Yourself To Hell

By Theodore Shoebat  I remember one day, back in 2013, I approached a priest and told him about our organization, Rescue Christians, and how we were conducting rescue missions for Christians in Pakistan. I exhorted him that we needed to inform his congregation on this cause. He asked me if I could bring in some […]

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Hillary’s Sidekick And Muslim Brotherhood Aid Huma Abedin Investigated For “Fraud” Including “Theft Of Public Money” (Read Official Letters)

By Walid Shoebat The State Department concluded this year that Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s closest aides had committed violations of rules governing vacation and sick leave during her tenure as an official in the department. Abedin, as Shoebat has extensively documented her links and ties to Wahhabists including the Muslim Brotherhood. The […]

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Remember That Church That Was Burned Down In Israel? Well It Turns Out That It Was Really Jews Who Burned It Down (All Of Those Who Denied, Were Absolutely Wrong)

By Theodore Shoebat Remember the church that was burned down in Israel last month? I remember reporting on it when it took place, affirming that it was indeed fanatic Jews, who hate Christ, who perpetrated the crime. People were very upset at me, and received numerous messages from people that it must have been Muslims […]

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Homeland Security Chief Is A Holocaust Denier Who Refuses To Call Chattanooga ‘Islamic Terrorism’ Out Of Respect For Muslims

(with special thanks to The Right Scoop) Why won’t the Obama administration call Fort Hood Islamic Terrorism? Why aren’t they calling Chattanooga Islamic Terrorism? Because it’s ‘disrespect to Muslims’ and ‘Islam is about peace’. So says Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson: ARUTZ SHEVA – Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson announced the policy this past Friday at […]

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The Media Wants US To Focus On A Hunted Lion, But Ignore The Current Holocaust Of Millions Of Babies Killed In Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat The frantic frenzy the media is expressing to get our attention on a lion, is a distraction to keep out focus away from the current holocaust that is happening now against millions of babies through abortion. This demonic fixation is a result of the rejection of Christ, the Truth and the Life; […]

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US-Coalition Air Force Slaughters 15,000 ISIS Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat The US-Coalition air force has slaughtered 15,000 ISIS terrorists since 2014. According to the report: Over 15,000 Islamic State members have been killed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes since the campaign began nearly a year ago, as the militant Islamist group displays a dichotomy of weakened resilience. The U.S.-led coalition conducted more than […]

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Presbyterian pastors Yat Michael Ruot (left) and Peter Yein Reith face the death penalty in Sudan.

Two Christian Pastors Send A Letter To A Church To Encourage Them, They Get Accused Of Being Spies And Are Now Sentenced To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Two Christian pastors in South Sudan (a secular and traditionally Christian nation) sent a letter to a church in North Sudan (a Muslim nation) to encourage them. The pastors, due to tensions between the two nations, were accused of being spies and are now face a death sentence by South Sudan. Here […]

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Muslim Man Kidnaps Christian Woman Who Has Three Children And Forces Her To Be His Sex Slave And “Property”

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man named Muhammad Nazir kidnapped a Christian woman who is a mother of three, named Fouzia Sadiq, and she is now his sex slave and “property.” According to the report: A Christian mother of three has been kidnapped and forced into an Islamic marriage in Pakistan, campaigners say. Fouzia Sadiq […]

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While The State Is Taking Down The Ten Commandments, The City Of Detroit Just Erected A Giant Statue Of Satan. Christians Are Now Declaring That They Will Fight Back

By Theodore Shoebat While the Ten Commandments are being pulled down throughout the country, the city of Detroit just erected a giant statue of Satan. Christians in Detroit are fighting back. Catholic group, Church Militant, brought in a 6-foot statue of St. Michael, the angel who cast out Satan, while 50 Christians stood outside praying. […]

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Muslim Woman Gets Married, And Demands That For A Wedding Present A Non-Muslim Woman Is Beheaded. The Muslims Cut A Poor Woman’s Head Off And Offer It As A Gift

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim woman, named Roaa Um Khotaba al-Tunisi, got married and what she demanded for her wedding present was absolutely demonic: a “kuffar” woman to be beheaded. Al-Tunisi was the wife of an ISIS terrorist. When he was killed in battle she was asked to be remarried; she excepted with the condition […]

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Woman Gets A Job Working For Planned Parenthood, And They Show Her A Severed Human Head And Leg And Ask Her To Pick Up The Parts. She Is So Terrified That She Faints (Abortion Must Be Destroyed)

By Theodore Shoebat A woman who got a job working for Planned Parenthood did not know what sinister institution she was getting into, when she unexpectedly saw the severed head of a murdered baby and also a severed leg, and was asked to pick up the severed body parts with tweezers. She was so disturbed […]

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Obama Is Involving The U.S. With Turkey And NATO For The Upcoming Major Battle: An Islamic Armageddon

By Walid Shoebat Megiddo, critics say is nothing much but a farmland in northern Israel. They also say that Dabiq, in Syria,  is nothing much but farmland as well. But it is these two farmlands that are the spark for Armageddon: Dabiq for the Muslims and Megiddo for the Christians. And when it comes to Dabiq, things […]

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Hindus Take Christian Pastor And Tell Him To Renounce Christ. He Says No. They Bury Him In The Ground All The Way Up To Neck And Leave Him There For Two Days. When He Asks For A Little Water, They Urinate In His Mouth. They Tell Him To Renounce Christ Again, He Says No, The Hindus Then Beat His Head With Axes And Clubs Until He Dies

By Theodore Shoebat A Pentecostal pastor named Rajesh Digal was captured by Hindus who told him to convert to Hinduism. He said no, and they severely beat him. They urged him again to convert to Hinduism and like a true imitation of Christ, he refused. They buried him in the ground all the way up […]

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Man Declares Islam To Be A False Religion And Leaves Islam, Muslims Behead Him And Then Crucify His Corpse

By Theodore Shoebat  ISIS Muslims beheaded a man in Syria and then crucified his body, for leaving Islam. We suspect that he is a convert to Islam. I did a whole video on this with photos of the murder: On the statement posted on his corpse it says that he was committing “Ridda,” or defection […]

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Another American Muslim (actually the 57th) Caught Attempting To Detonate Weapon Of Mass Destruction On A Florida Beach And Then Attack With AK47s

By Walid Shoebat This time its a 23-year-old American Muslim convert who has been charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Harlem Suarez, also known as his Muslim name Almlak (The Angel) Benitez, of Key West, Florida, was charged over an alleged plot to detonate a backpack bomb on a beach. SUAREZ also discussed […]

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