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Obama Goes To Japan, Apologizes To The Japanese For America Nuking Them, And Says That It Was Wrong To Nuke Japan

By Theodore Shoebat Obama went to Japan and became apologetic for the Japanese, saying it was wrong to nuke Japan, as we see in one report: President Obama laid a wreath at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, telling an audience that included survivors of America’s atomic bombing in 1945 that technology as devastating as […]

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Anti-Trump Protestor Declares That The Mexican Drug Cartel Will Assassinate Donald Trump Within One Week

By Theodore Shoebat An anti-Trump protestor declared that Trump is going to be killed by the Mexico drug cartel within one week. Here is a photo of him holding up a sign with this threat: In one report on the story it says: Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a Donald Trump rally on Friday, chanting […]

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There Is Nothing Greater Than The Christian Warrior, The Christian Warrior Is Superior To All Warriors

By Theodore Shoebat A museum in Oiso, Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan, contains over thirty sword guards said to have been owned by Christian Samurai. According to the Sawada Miki Kinenkan museum, it is believed that those who owned the sword guards were Christians courageously practicing their Faith even in the midst of the pagan Buddhist […]

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Muslims Slaughter 120 People, They Kill So Many Victims That Pools Of Blood Begin To Form

ISIS terrorists in Iraq slaughtered 120 people, killing so many that small pools of blood began to form, as we read in one report: Up to 120 people have died in large-scale suicide bombings in two Syrian towns on the Mediterranean coast, human rights agencies have said, with the Islamic State terror group taking responsibility […]

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The Canadian Government Wants To Make New Law: If You Go Against Transgenderism, You Will Be Thrown In Prison For Two Years

By Theodore Shoebat   The Canadian government wants to make a new law, that will put people in prison for two years for going against transgenderism. According to one report: Canada’s Liberal Party government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced a bill that would ban transgender discrimination, including both gender identity and gender […]

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Three Hundred Muslims Attack Christian Woman, Strip Her Completely Naked, And Parade Her In The Streets For People To Mock And Humiliate Her

By Theodore Shoebat Three hundred Muslims in Egypt attacked a Christian woman, stripped her completely naked and then paraded her in the streets for people to humiliate and mock her. I did a whole video on this evil: As we read in the report: A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded […]

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Christian Woman Goes Into Her Hotel Room To Rest, As She Is Resting Two Muslims Break In And Gang Rape Her

A Christian woman in Bangladesh was raped in her hotel room as she was trying to rest, as we read in one report: Last Sunday, Bangladeshi Christians gathered together to call for the prosecution of school principal Shariful Islam and another suspect who raped a 26-year-old teacher of Mujibnagar Amrokanon High School. The victim, whose […]

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Two Thousands Christians Form Their Own Army And Are Now Fighting And Killing Muslim Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Two thousand Christians in Iraq have formed their own army and are now fighting against ISIS. As we read in one report: A spokesman and soldier with an Assyrian Christian defense force in Iraq has a message for the people and church of America in an interview with the Clarion Project: We […]

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Muslims Enter Christian Neighborhood, Open Fire And Murder Three Christians

Muslim terrorists in Syria entered a Christian neighborhood, opened fire and murdered three Christians. In one report on the massacre we read: Three Christians were killed and many more were injured in an attack on Saturday night in ‘Miami Street’ – in the center of Qamishli, Syria’s second largest city in the northeastern province of […]

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Republican Governor Of Oklahoma Strikes Down Bill That Would Have Outlawed Abortion. The Republicans Do Not Want To End Abortion, Because They Are Evil And Wicked

By Theodore Shoebat The Republican governor of Oklahoma just struck down a bill that would have outlawed abortion, showing that the Republican elites truly do not want to end abortion. I did a whole video on this reality:   According to one report: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday vetoed a bill that would criminalize […]

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Muslims Take Twenty Five People, Hang Them Up High, And Lower Them Into Giant Vats Of Acid, And Melt Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists in Iraq lowered twenty five people into vats of acid and melted them alive, as we read in a report: The Islamic State executed 25 prisoners by lowering them into a massive vat of highly corrosive nitric acid, according to Iraqi news reports. All 25 victims were executed on charges […]

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Muslims Take Innocent People, Cut Off Their Heads And Stick Their Heads Onto Pikes

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS terrorists killed several people, decapitating them and sticking their heads onto pikes. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: In an exclusive and unprecedented interview — which can be seen for the first time tonight on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, and at greater length Sunday […]

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The Governments Of France And Germany Are All Warning: Major Islamic Attacks Are About To Hit Europe

The governments of France and Germany are all warning of major Islamic attacks hitting Europe, as we read in one report: Of all European countries, France faces the “greatest threat” from Islamist attacks, its internal intelligence chief, Patrick Calvar, told French National Assembly deputies. The country is on high alert due to next month’s Euro […]

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Egypt Air Airline Disappears From The Radar, Reports Reveal That Smoke Was Coming Out Of The Cockpit While Sources CONFIRM The Jet CRASHED

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat Egypt Air airliner, flight MS 804, disappeared from the radar coming from Paris to Egypt. The flight carried 59 passengers and 10 crew members, and the flight went missing while it was 37,000 feet in the air. There are conflicting reports on the story behind the Egypt Air airline. […]

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