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Mexico Is Now In A State Of Civil War, It Is Becoming So Violent That Narcos Are Kidnapping People For Their Organs And Selling Them In The Black Market

By Theodore Shoebat Mexico is now in a state of civil war. It is getting so bloody that narcos are even kidnapping people for their organs and selling them in the black market. To discuss this escalating civil war, I spoke with Mexican journalist, Brenda Perez Mendoza on the brutality of the violence in Mexico, […]

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Hundreds Of Christian Families Flee Their Homes From Islamic Persecution In Egypt, And Declare That The Egyptian Government Does Not Care About Them At All

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of Christian families of have fled their homes from Islamic persecution in Egypt, and are now declaring that the Egyptian government does not care about them at all. Here is the report: Egyptian Christians who recently fled their homes in the wake of a string of “targeted attacks” say they received an […]

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In Iceland, 100% Of All Children With Down Syndrome Are Murdered Before They Are Born. In The United States, 90% Of All Children With Down Syndrome Are Murdered In The Womb

By Theodore Shoebat In Iceland, 100% of all children with down syndrome are murdered before they are born. In the United States, the number is 90% of all children with down syndrome are murdered before they are born. As we read in one report: Conservative Christian brothers David and Jason Benham expressed their love and […]

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Multitudes Of Americans Are Going To See The Homosexual Film ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Made By Disney, The Film Has Made Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars Already. This Is A Sign That America Has Been Conquered By Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat Multitudes of Americans are going to see the homosexual film of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ made by Disney. The film has made over 400 million dollars in a matter of days. This only signifies that America has been conquered by sodomites. I did a whole video on this: WE ARE ABOUT TO […]

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A man seen at the bottom of a staircase near Parliament (Picture: Reuters)

“Asian Guy” Stabs Police Officer And Mows People Down With Vehicle Outside The UK Parliament. Police Officer Shoots Him Down

By Theodore Shoebat A terrorist, who is being described by a witness as an “Asian guy”, stabbed a police officer and mowed people down with his vehicle outside of the UK Parliament. The most recent reports say that around a dozen people have been injured. The terrorist has been shot down by a police officer. When […]

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The Spirit Of Antichrist Is Conquering Europe: Nazism Is Returning, Fascism Is Taking Over The Netherlands, Geert Wilders And Mark Rutte Are Both Fascists Who Believe In Eugenics

By Theodore Shoebat When we insist that neo-fascism will soon sweep throughout Europe and it will be ‘rightwing,’ many conservatives scorn at us. If you think that everything is hunky-dory perhaps its time to administer some serious shock-therapy of what is hiding beneath the hidden suits and smiles; plans for some serious killing fields, the slaughter of […]

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The State Of Ohio Bans Abortion For Unborn Babies In The Womb For Twenty Weeks

By Theodore Shoebat The State of Ohio’s twenty week abortion ban took effect today, prohibiting abortion for unborn babies that are 20-weeks post conception. Hopefully they will just outright the diabolical practice completely. But I am not that optimistic As we read in one report: Ohio’s 20-week abortion ban took effect today with no signs […]

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The Government Of Alabama Wants To Ban Brutal Abortion Process In Which Unborn Babies Are Cut To Pieces And Dismembered

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Alabama wants to ban a brutal form of abortion in which the unborn child is cut to pieces and dismembered. Hopefully they can actually get this ban going as opposed to getting impeded by some pro-infanticide force. As we read in one report: Alabama, with support from other conservative […]

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Muslims Attack Christians And Destroy Their Church, The Christians Declare: “We Don’t Worship A God Of Buildings. Our God Is In Here” And Point To Their Hearts

By Theodore Shoebat A very inspiring story has been released on how after ISIS agents destroyed a Christian church, the Christians declared: “We don’t worship a God of buildings. Our God is in here” and pointed to their hearts. As we read in one report: The Islamic State has pushed it’s way across Iraq and […]

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Christian Leaders Declare To Donald Trump: ‘Why Haven’t You Done Anything To Protect Christians From Islamic Violence?’

By Theodore Shoebat Various Christian leaders are now questioning Trump, asking him as to why he has not anything to protect Christians from Islamic violence. As we read in one report: Donald Trump is being urged to step up his support for persecuted Christians and other religious minorities as a year passed since the US’ […]

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MASS EXODUS OF CHRISTIANS: One Hundred Thousand Christians Flee The Buddhist Nation Of Myanmar To Flee Major Buddhist Reign Of Terror

By Theodore Shoebat One hundred thousand Christians have fled the Buddhist nation of Myanmar to flee major Buddhist persecution, which includes rape, explosions, indiscriminate killings and forced displacement. The 100,000 Christians have actually fled to Malaysia. You will not see Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer or the rest of the Counterjihad loons, because in the Counterjihad […]

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Tomi Lahren Declares That She Supports Infanticide And Believes That Women Have The Right To Murder Their Own Children

By Theodore Shoebat Tomi Lahren recently declared that she supports abortion, which is just another way of saying she is for infanticide and for a woman’s right to murder to her own child. This is just another evidence as to the dark reality of the right-wing: many elites and popular figures within the right-wing are […]

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Man In Britain Murders Woman In Hotel With A Screwdriver, And Then Begins Eating Her Flesh Raw Like An Animal

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Britain murdered a woman in a hotel with a screwdriver, and then began eating her flesh raw like an animal. This crime was not committed by a Muslim, so don’t expect the counterjihad loons to talk about this one. According to the report police killed this demon possessed man […]

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Oliver Mauricio Funes Machado, beheaded his mother

Teenager In North Carolina Beheads His Own Mother, Mutilates Her Body And Face

By Theodore Shoebat An 18 year old male beheaded his own mother in North Carolina, as we read in one report: The Franklin County teen deputies say beheaded his mom Monday afternoon was released from a mental health facility less a week before the killing, a family friend said. Miriam Banegas, a longtime friend of the […]

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ARCHIV - Anh‰nger jubeln am 20.04.2011 in der Innenstadt von Frankfurt am Main dem umstrittenen Prediger Vogel zu. Der vielfach als islamistisch eingestufte salafistische Prediger Pierre Vogel hatte zu einer Demonstration unter dem Titel ´Islam - die missverstandene Religion !ª aufgerufen. Der Vorsitzende der Innenministerkonferenz, Rhein (CDU), fordert ein h‰rteres Vorgehen gegen islamistische Salafisten. ´Die salafistische Ideologie ist ein Dreh- und Angelpunkt f¸r diejenigen, die sich am sogenannten Heiligen Krieg beteiligen wollenª, sagte der hessische Innenminister der Tageszeitung ´Die Weltª (Dienstag). Was Salafisten predigten, sei in hˆchstem Mafle verfassungswidrig. Foto: Boris Roessler dpa/lhe +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Muslims In Australia Tell Students In Public School: ‘Read The Koran Or Else We Will Behead You.’

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim students in a public school in Australia have been threatening both students and teachers that they must read the Koran or else they will be beheaded. They pushed one teacher into a corner and screamed Koranic verses. Three teachers have already gone on leave out of stress and fear. Here is […]

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ISIS Is Getting Annihilated As Iraqi Troops Surround Them, And The United States Government Just Declared That It Plans On Sending 1000 More Ground Troops Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat “They’re lacking purpose motivation and direction,” Army Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin said in a phone interview from Baghdad. “I’ve never seen them so disorganized.”  “You’re watching ISIS be annihilated,” Martin said of the terrorist group. ISIS is getting annihilated as Iraqi troops are surrounding them in Mosul. The terrorists are in disarray as they […]

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