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Israel Is Expecting An Attack From Iran On Either Northern Or Southern Israel

The Israelis are expecting an attack from Iran either on northern or southern Israel, as we read on the Wall Street Journal: Israel is preparing for a direct attack from Iran on southern or northern Israel as soon as Friday or Saturday, according to a person familiar with the matter. A person briefed by the […]

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President Biden Makes This Warning: ‘Iran Will Attack Israel Sooner Than Later.’

After Israel struck Syria, killing numerous Iranian Revolutionary Guards, president Biden is now warning that Iran will attack Israel “sooner than later,” as we read in CNN: President Joe Biden told reporters at the White House Friday that he expects Iran will attack Israel “sooner than later.” “I don’t want to get into secure information […]

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Israel Kills Fellow Jews

The Israelis are screaming in Hebrew that they were Israeli hostages, and the IDF killed two of them before a commander (realizing that they were Israeli) ordered the soldiers not to kill the third, but then some troops broke orders and killed him anyway. I find it very hard to believe that Israelis cannot identify […]

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Anything Done In Excess Is Evil

  The reason why movements that are solely a reaction turn vacuous and evil, is because they have no balance. By balance I mean a harmony between justice and mercy. When everything is about one topic, lets say, Islam, and not about all of the evils of the world, then what happens is a situation […]

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There Is A Rift Within The Israeli Military

There is a rift within the Israeli military. This was written of in a recent article published by Haaretz entitled, Israel Created ‘Kill Zones’ in Gaza. Anyone Who Crosses Into Them Is Shot. In this article it talks about how in Gaza the IDF has been killing people, even civilians, who simply walk into the […]

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While Stalin Slept: How Russia Is Returning Back To The Hell Of World War 2

What horrors have preceded us, what infernos bellow up in the air, with the resounding cries of the past? The hell of bygone times seems so far distant, but life is an animate poem, with contours that ebb and flow like the waves; it has happiness and fulfillment, and then springs misery. But mankind prevails, […]

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Nazi Darwinism, Leningrad And The German Plan To Exterminate The Slavic Race

The Nazis wanted to “Germanize” Eastern Europe. Himmler wanted to come up with a plan to exterminate Slavs, enslave the survivors and Germanize their lands. He turned to the agronomist and SS leader, Konrad Meyer, to put together the plan, and he came up with “Generalplan Ost.” This plan manifested in the Siege of Leningrad […]

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Will America Go To War For Japan?

The rise of Japan is inevitable, because as the US walks back from its position as the world’s police force, the Japanese will take it upon themselves to go beyond its alliance with the US. There is a common belief that if a country attacked Japan that the US will enter a war to defend […]

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