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Nigerian Pastor: “a whole family was wiped out in an attack during a church service”

From The Nigerian Tribune: The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Plateau State chapter, has called on the Federal Government to stop the incessant killing of Christians by Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country. Reverend Julius Oyebola, dropped this hint at the annual memorial lecture in memory of Pastor Bature Adams, in Jos, […]

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“Christians have been driven from their homes and killed en masse”

From The Way: Peaceful co-existence among Syria’s religious communities has disappeared since the beginning of the war, states Congressman Chris Smith. He also warned that religious minorities were being killed and persecuted at an alarming rate. Christians are being threatened into supporting the opposition and churches are being desecrated in civil war-ravaged Syria. “Before the […]

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Egypt Coptic Christians subjected to increased persecution after Morsi’s ouster

From JNS: According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Muslim Brotherhood has blamed the Coptic Christian community and Coptic Christian Pope Tawadros II for Morsi’s ouster, which they believe “openly and secretly led the process of opposition to the Islamic stream and this stream’s rise to power,” an article on the Muslim […]

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Was Wrong

By Theodore Shoebat When Jefferson and Adams were striving to solve the terrorism coming from the Barbary pirates, they apparently did not understand the religion of their enemies. In their meeting with the Muslim ambassador of Tripoli, the two Founding Fathers were so oblivious to the religious aspirations of the pirates, that they actually felt […]

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‘Muslim fundamentalists are killing our priests, kidnapping our women and burning our churches.

From Angella Johnson of Mail Online: The mob converging on a church on the outskirts of Cairo were armed only with sticks and stones. But their frenzied attack on a lone, elderly Coptic priest was merciless. Father Matthew Awad had refused to reveal the whereabouts of a Muslim woman who had converted to Christianity. For […]

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Indubitably True That Obama Is Enabling Christian Persecution

From FrontPage Magazine: LOPEZ: What do the Copts need? IBRAHIM: All that the Copts want is equality — to be seen and treated as full Egyptian citizens, irrespective of their Christian faith. Under the era of Westernization and modernization, they were indeed largely seen as “regular” Egyptians. But, as Muslims went from emulating the West, […]

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A Mob Torched Houses of Christians

From the Times of India: CAIRO: A health ministry official says 10 people have been killed and 210 wounded in clashes around the country involving opponents and backers of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, as well as security forces. Khaled el-Khatib, a health ministry official, says four people were killed near the Republican Guard building in […]

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Churches Implore EU For Help Against Blasphemy Law

From Ecumenical News: ….A Christian neighbourhood was torched in Lahore recently in connection with the country’s controversial anti-blasphemy law, leading to a series of protests by Pakistani Christians across the country demanding better protection. Rights campaigners say the anti-blasphemy law in Pakistan is widely used against religious minorities, including Christians, Ahmadis and Shi’ite Muslims, usually […]

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