Pope Francis Warns: ‘We Are Just One Accident Away From Entering Into A Worldwide Nuclear War.’

By Theodore Shoebat

Pope Francis is warning that we are just one accident away from entering a nuclear. As we read in one report from RT:

Pope Francis has warned that the world is just “one accident” away from a nuclear holocaust the likes of which we have never seen, drawing on imagery from the Second World War to illustrate his point.

Following Hawaii’s ballistic missile attack false alarm last week, which raised fears of a possible nuclear exchange with North Korea, the Pope was asked whether he felt there was any real danger of nuclear war.

“I think we are at the very limit. I am really afraid of this. One accident is enough to precipitate things,” he replied.

He did not explicitly mention the Hawaii incident, nor the bombastic rhetorical exchanges between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, however.

While en route to South America for his six-day visit, the Pope’s staff handed out a photograph taken in the aftermath of the US nuclear strike on the Japanese city of Nagasaki in 1945, in which a young boy carries his dead brother on his shoulders.

Pope Francis holds a picture depicting a victim of the 1945 atomic bombing in Nagasaki as he speaks to reporters onboard the plane for his trip to Chile and Peru January 15, 2018. © Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters“I was moved when I saw this. The only thing I could think of adding were the words ‘the fruit of war,’” Francis said, referring to a caption he had written on the back of the image. “I wanted to have it reprinted and distributed because an image like this can be more moving than a thousand words. That is why I wanted to share it with you.”

In November, the 81-year-old Argentine decried the stockpiling of nuclear weapons, even as a deterrent.

Pope Francis is indeed correct to give out this warning. The whole world in entering the point where we are going to be on the verge of a nuclear holocaust.

While the world’s focus has been on North Korea and a bunch of stories that will be forgotten very soon, the US government is helping Japan go nuclear. And not just that, the America is working with Japan to create military robots, however they may look like.

Just in July of this year, Senator John McCain introduced to Congress a bill that would, if passed, would have the United States work with Japan to only help the nation that the US went to war with just decades ago become more dangerous. The bill, called “S. 1519“, there is part entitled “SEC. 1269. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON EXTENDED DETERRENCE FOR THE KOREAN PENINSULA AND JAPAN”, which states:

It is the sense of Congress that—

(1) the nuclear and missile program of North Korea is one of the most dangerous national security threats facing the United States today; and

(2) given the threat posed by North Korea to our allies, the Republic of Korea and Japan, the Nuclear Posture Review that will occur this year should fully consider the perspectives of key allies and partners of the United States in East Asia, including the Republic of Korea and Japan.

The Nuclear Posture Review is the official American process by which “to determine what the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. security strategy should be.” The bill uses very slimy and tricky terms to masquerade what its really trying to say. Japan is not, supposedly, not allowed to possess nuclear weapons. So why does the Nuclear Posture Review need to consider the perspective on Japan regarding nuclear weapons. Its because the Japanese want nukes, and the US is going to enable them to have these brooms of destruction. Remember what Trump said before his election:

Would I rather have North Korea have [nuclear weapons] with Japan sitting there having them also? You may very well be better off if that’s the case.

Since the 1950s, the US has been working to allow Japan to posses nuclear weapons.  In a telegraph from June 20th, 1958, MacArthur informed the U.S. Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, that the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister, Hisanari Yamada, that Foreign Ministry officials discussed whether or not Japan should examine and agree on a decision on obtaining nuclear weapons.

Takashi Shinobu, a professor at Nihon University, unearthed documents at the U.S. National Archives in Washington, The documents reveal that on September 9th, 1958, Douglas MacArthur II told state and defense department officials that Nobusuke Kishe “believed it was essential that Japan have (a) nuclear” arsenal, and that the Japanese constitution “did not prohibit Japan from having any kind of weapons,” revealing a sinister desire by the Japanese to obtain nuclear weapons.

In 1958, Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishe, the grandfather of Shinzo Abe, pushed to remove Article 9 — which enforces that Japan must not be involved in war — from the Japanese constitution. Shinzo Abe, his grandson, is getting very close to removing this article. This signifies that Japan’s efforts to return back to militarism has been an ongoing effort, being advanced gradually to completion. Shinzo Abe, his administration, and all of the occultic elites who are pushing for the pagan and nationalist agenda of bringing Japan back to its genocidal and imperialist days, are apexing closer to this goal. Takashi Ito, a Tokyo University emeritus history professor and a prominent expert on Nabosuke Kishi, said in regards to the similarities between Abe and Kishe:

“A lot of what they say is the same. They both want constitutional revision and they both want rearmament of Japan”

On September 18th of this year, Congress passed Bill H.R.2810, which states:

 Sense of Congress on extended deterrence for the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

The Germans also want to go nuclear.  The Max Planck Institute has designed a nuclear fusion reactor called the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator (W7-X) that is stationed in Greifswald, Germany. In the words of the Max Planck Institute, the Wendelstein is “the world’s largest fusion device of the stellarator type.”  According to one report on the Wendelstein 7-X:

“Construction of the W7-X cost €1bn. It is a ring-shaped chamber, 16 metres in diameter. Inside, electrically charged gas known as plasma will circulate at temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius. The plasma is held in place by magnetic fields and the pressure is such that the atomic nuclei it contains fuse together, releasing energy in the same manner as the atoms in the sun.”

Wendelstein 7-X

A 2016 German report states that:  “‘Wendelstein 7-X’ will not generate any energy itself, but the plant will be used to investigate the power station design by the Stellarator. Among other things, it will be tested whether these types of plants have the ability to operate continuously.” The Wendelstein 7-X is a reactor in an experimental stellarator, used to test this technology. Another publication on the Wendelstein 7-X says that the true purpose of the reactor is “studying nuclear fusion with hydrogen gas.” The same publication goes on to say that, “Fission and fusion are alike in two respects. Both exploit the conversion of atoms of one element to atoms of another element, and both were first used as weapons. … The fusion bomb was known as an H-bomb for a reason: The unprecedented release of energy came from the fusion of hydrogen atoms.”

What makes this situation very interesting is how government is all behind it. On February, 3, 2016, Angela Merkel pressed the button that switched on the Wendelstein 7-X. Just this year,  Roderich Kiesewetter, a major member of Merkel’s party, the Christian Democrats, said that Germany needs nuclear weapons, writing that now is the time to contemplate “the altogether unthinkable for a German brain, the question of a nuclear deterrence capability, which could make up for doubts about American guarantees”.

And if Trump’s push that Germany must spend more on its military helped to encourage the production of German nuclear technology, then Reagan’s push for the reunification of Germany also helped this coming disaster.

Germany building this extremely advanced nuclear technology goes all the way back to the politics of German reunification in the 1990s. Upon reunification, West Germany agreed to flood the economically poorer East Germany with money. Paul Krüger, who was the minister of research and technology for Helmut Kohl’s government, was commissioned to do a grand project that would unite both East and West Germany: he agreed to commence the Wendelstein nuclear project, under the condition that it would be done in the East.  The enterprise began just outside of Greifswald, in the Lubmin Nuclear Power Station, which had been shut down shortly before the reunification of Germany.

With a budget of 550 million euros, a staff of 400 people, the work was suppose to be completed in 2007, but it took longer than that; it was not until 2016 that the project showed its serious sign of success. Last year, the Max Planck Institute injected a small amount of hydrogen into the Wendelstein, heated it up to tens of millions of degrees in celsius, and it became plasma, efficiently replicating the conditions of the sun. Why would Germany, supposedly a nation of peace, want this sort of technology? Why would Japan want nuclear technology? Nuclear war. Nuclear holocaust.



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