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The Head Of Social Media Marketing For The German Military Is A Fan Of The New Nazi Movement In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The head of social media marketing for the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) turns out to be a fan of the new Nazi movement, the Identitarians, who are really just modernly marketed Nazis. According to a report from Das Erste: Lieutenant Colonel Marcel B. is present on all of the Bundeswehr’s social media […]

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The Government Of Russia Is Now Building A New Version Of The Hagia Sophia In Syria As A Way To Defy Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat As an expression of defiance towards Turkey, Russia is building a new version of the Hagia Sophia right in Syria, as we read in a report from GCR: Russia has agreed to help the Syrian government build a replica of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia and use it as an Orthodox cathedral. The move […]

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Germany Approved Millions In Weapons To Be Sent To Turkey To Help The Turkish Government Invade Syria

  By Theodore Shoebat Remember when it was being reported of how there were all these tensions between Germany and Turkey over the Turkish invasion of northern Syria? Well it has now been revealed that Germany approved of millions in arms to be sent to the Turkish military, as we read in a report from […]

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Turkey Tells Facebook And Twitter: Give Us The Data For Your Followers Or We Will Punish You With $1.5 Million Fines

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Turkey wants to put severe restrictions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, such as providing the government with the data of Turkish citizens under the threat of $1.5 million fines. A we read in a report from CNN: Turkey’s parliament passed a bill on Wednesday that regulates […]

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New Report Reveals That Turkey Pressured Libyan Government To Allow Turkish Military To Invade Libya For Resources

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey was given rights over natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean on the Libyan coast, causing great concerns for Greece, Israel and Egypt  who fear Turkish encroachment. Now it turns out that Turkey pressured the Libyan government by being its only support against Khalifa Haftar (who is backed by Egypt, Russia and […]

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Why Trump Withdrawing Troops From Germany Is A Destructive Idea

By Theodore Shoebat Trump’s plan to withdraw 12,000 troops is a destructive plan. The reason why I say this is because it will give the Germans the justification to boost up their own military apparatus. They will argue that the US is weakening NATO and thus they need to act independently. Norbert Roettgen, an MP from […]

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The Fall Of The Global Order: The Breakdown Of Europe, The Rise Of Germany And The Dividing Of The World

And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.          — St. Paul   By The Shoebats What is occurring before our eyes is the breakdown of the global order that we have become so accustomed to. The world as we have known it, is disintegrating. We […]

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Planned Parenthood Removes Name “Margaret Sanger” For Her Racism And Eugenic Beliefs

By Theodore Shoebat We are seeing some consistency in the wave of Left-wing iconoclasm, as the New York chapter of Planned Parenthood has decided to remove the name of Margaret Sanger due to her racist and eugenist past. As we read in the Hill: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) announced Tuesday that it […]

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