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Turkey Wants To Continue To Expand Into Africa In The Midst Of Sudan’s Volatile Situation

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat After the military overthrew the regime of Omar al-Bashir, now the people want a transition of government power given to the people. Now there are protests and today the military opened fire, killing 13. According to a report from RT: Sudan’s military has used live ammunition to disperse protesters in […]

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The War On Drugs Is Not About Stopping Drug Consumption, But About Expanding American Power

By Theodore Shoebat In this video, I give a book review on the book, A Narco History by Carmen Boullosa and Mike Wallace. The book is a history on the Narco world and demonstrates how the drug war was not about stopping drug consumption but about expanding American power:

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werewolf cult cover page

Neopagan Paramilitaries In Europe And The United States Are Training And Planning For A War Against Christianity

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat As the spirit of Antichrist increases in the souls of the nations, it is not surprising that violent organizations and cults are gaining popularity. These groups are violently nationalistic, tribalist, pagan and revere images of skulls, wolves, rune symbols and the Swastika. They boast with excessive pride their love of […]

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The Government Of Italy Takes Away Steve Bannon’s Rights To Use Monastery To Plan Nationalist Uprising In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Italy just revoked Steve Bannon’s right to use an ancient monastery as a headquarters to conspire a nationalist uprising in Europe. According to a report from Vox: Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s plans for a far-right nationalist school have been halted by Italian authorities. Bannon hoped to […]

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abortion for aids research

How AIDS Research Is Being Used To Justify Experiments On Aborted Human Fetuses

By Theodore Shoebat AIDS research is being used to justify experiments on aborted (murdered) human human fetuses. And the US government actually wants this evil to continue on. The US government’s most high ranking research agency, the National Institute of Health (NIH), is working to extend and resume this diabolical research on a disease that […]

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john bel edwards abortion

Democrat Governor Of Louisiana Just Effectively Banned Abortion And Calls On All Democrat Governors To Do The Same

By Theodore Shoebat Democrat governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has joined other states in making it very difficult to have abortions and has signed into law a heart beat bill. Unborn children can have a heartbeat at six weeks, a time when many women don’t even know that they are pregnant. Edwards exhorted all […]

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Baptist Church In Texas Says That God Wants Them To Have Homosexual Weddings

By Theodore Shoebat  The University Baptist Church In Waco, Texas, has recently said that God wants them to have sodomite weddings. On the official website of the church it says that the congregation wanted homosexual weddings, and that they then prayed to God and then got (somehow) confirmation from God to do this perversity: Four […]

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Rep. Maurice West compares anti-abortion law to slavery

Democrat Politician And Pastor In Illinois Declares: Laws That Prohibit Abortion Is No Different Than Slavery

By Theodore Shoebat Democrat politician and pastor in Illinois, Maurice West, recently declared that any laws prohibiting abortion is no different from slavery, as we read in a report from WGN9:  The Illinois House has endorsed expanded abortion protections as a half-dozen other states strive to restrict the procedure. Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s Reproductive Health […]

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The Mexican Drugs Cartels Are An Extension Of American Foreign Policy

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat When we think of drug cartels, we automatically think of organized crime. But when we observe the realities that the US government worked directly with Mexican drug narcos to arm the Contras during the Cold War; that many Mexican narcos were trained by the US military; that US oil companies […]

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French Man Goes Into A Vegetative State For Eight Years. Doctors Then Stop Feeding Him. But His Christian Parents Plea With The Doctors To Keep Him Alive. The Doctors Feed Him And He Is Still Alive

By Theodore Shoebat The fact that the doctors can kill a living being really shows we are heading towards more and more of a eugenic society. As we read in a report from today: Just hours after doctors stopped artificially feeding and hydrating a 42-year-old Frenchman who has spent more than a decade in a […]

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