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Major Leader Of The Vatican Who Was Appointed By Pope Francis Declares: ‘There Are Homosexuals In Heaven, When We Go To Heaven We Will Be Greeted By Homosexuals.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major leader of the Vatican who was appointed by Pope Francis last month to the Vatican’s communications office, has declared that there are homosexuals in heaven and that when we go to heaven we will be greeted by these perverts. The name of these heretic is Fr. James Martin, an evil […]

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Bodies of victims of the South Sudanese conflict

How Muslim North Sudan And Militarist Germany Helped To Continue The Horrific Civil War In Christian South Sudan

By Theodore Shoebat Since 2013 there has been a civil war in South Sudan; over 50,000 people have been killed as a result of the conflict, 2.5 million displaced, and 4 million left in utter poverty.  When South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011, it took most of the oil fields, with both countries agreeing that […]

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Euroscepticism Is On The Rise In Europe, With Tens Of Millions Of Europeans Becoming More And More In Support For Fascism. Militarism Is Growing In Germany And This Will Only Lead To Another World War In Which Protestant Germany And Islamic Turkey Will Attack Against Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat With the rise of Euroscepticism, tens of millions of Europeans are also becoming more and more in support for fascism, and also with this, there is the increase in militarism on the part of Germany. Take this, in conjunction with Germany’s workings with Turkey, and in light of the histories of these […]

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Mob in Indonesia demanding the death of the Christian governor

Christian Governor Of The Capital City Of The Largest Muslim Country In The World, Indonesia, Gets Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Being A Christian

By Theodore Shoebat The only Christian governor in Indonesia,  Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the governor of Jakarta, has been sentenced for two years in prison for “blasphemy” against Islam. The surge of anger against him began when a video, falsely subtitled, started to be mass distributed on youtube, supposedly showing the governor stating that the Quran states […]

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The New President Of France, Emmanuel Macron: ‘Either The EU Has To Be Reformed, Or Frexit Will Happen.’

By Theodore Shoebat The new president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has warned that if reforms for the EU do not happen, then a Frexit will happen. I made a whole video on this: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here […]

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Obama Administration Official Praises The Slaughter Of Christians, And Declares That Christians Deserve To Be Murdered

By Theodore Shoebat A former Obama administration official has recently declared that Christians deserve to be slaughtered by Muslims, as we read in one report: A former Obama administration official at the Department of Homeland Security said Sunday that when it comes to the Islamic State slaughtering Egyptian Christians, “what goes around, comes around.” In […]

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An Egyptian relative of one of the Copts who were killed during clashes with the Egyptian army late Sunday, mourns over his coffin outside the morgue of the Copts hospital in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, Oct. 10, 2011. Egypt's Coptic church blasted authorities Monday for allowing repeated attacks on Christians with impunity as the death toll from a night of rioting rose to more than two dozen, most of them Christians who were trying to stage a peaceful protest in Cairo over an attack on a church. (AP Photo / Khalil Hamra)

Christian Man Enters Barber Shop, Muslim Terrorists Shoot Him To Death, A Major Jihadist Leader Declares: “Targeting The Churches Is Part Of Our War On Infidels”

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man in Egypt was murdered in a barber shop by Islamist terrorists by being shot to death. This killing took place not too longer after a major jihadist leader declared: “Targeting the churches is part of our war on infidels,” as we read in one report: Security officials say a Christian […]

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A handout photo released by the UNMISS on December 17, 2013 shows civilians seeking protection, arriving at the UNMISS compound adjacent to Juba International Airport following recent fightings in the capital. The government of South Sudan said on December 17, 2013 it has arrested 10 leading figures, many of them former ministers, as clashes raged for two days in the capital. The clashes, which have left scores of people dead, most of them soldiers, pitted troops loyal to President Salva Kiir against those allied to deposed vice-president Riek Machar.   AFP PHOTO / UNMISS / Rolla Hinedi 

16,000 Christians Are Now Hiding In Giant Catholic Cathedral To Escape Violence As Soldiers Slaughter Them

By Theodore Shoebat 16,000 Christians are said to be hiding in a Catholic Cathedral in Sudan, trying to take refuge from the horrific violence that has been rampant in the region on account of a devastating civil war. According to the report: As violence and civil war tear South Sudan apart, people search for refuge […]

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Serbian Military Confiscates Thousands Of Machine Guns, Rifles, Mortars And Grenades That Were Being Transported Into Macedonia To Cause Extremely Bloody Conflict

By Theodore Shoebat The Serbian military just recently confiscated thousands of machine guns, rifles, grenades and mortars that were being transported from Serbia to Macedonia. Why were they being sent? To spark violent conflict in the Balkans. I suspect that Germany could have been behind this, since they were behind the formation of the Kosovo […]

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military germ turk copy

The Turkish Government And The German Government Are Now Working Together In Major Operation To Build Up Their Militaries

By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish government and the German government are now working together in a major operation to increase their arms manufacturing and strengthen their militaries. I did a whole video on this situation: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To […]

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Franklin Graham Goes To Iraq, And Meets With Muslim Iranian Militias, And They Tell Him: “We Are Here To Kill ISIS, And After We Kill ISIS, We’re Going To Kill Americans”

By Theodore Shoebat Franklin Graham was in Iraq recently and recounted how he and his team met with Iranian militias who are fighting ISIS, and how they recounted to them: “We are here to kill ISIS, and after we kill ISIS, we’re going to kill Americans,” as we read in one report: Commenting on his […]

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Wave_Gotik_Treffen_Festival _16

Cult In Great Britain Takes Man, Knocks His Teeth Out With A Hammer, And Rips His Testicles Out And Forces Him To Eat Them

By Theodore Shoebat  A cult in Great Britain horrifically tortured a man to death. In this horrific event, they knocked his teeth out with a hammer, ripped his testicles out and forced him to eat them. The story is reflective of the demonic takeover of society. I did a whole video on this: According to […]

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Survivor Of ISIS Terror Reveals The Horror Of Living Under Islamic Tyranny: “My Mother Saw Them Killing My Brothers And Then They Took My Mother And Killed Her.”

By Theodore Shoebat A survivor of living under ISIS terror has revealed her horrific story in which her mother had to watch her own sons being killed before being murdered herself.”My mother saw them killing my brothers and then they took my mother and killed her” she said. As we read in one report: “What […]

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Tucker Carlson Is Now An Agent For The Antichrist Homosexual Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat Tucker Carlson is an agent for the homosexual agenda, as I explain in my commentary on his first episode as Bill O’Reilly’s replacement, in which he interviewed the demonic freak, Jenner: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click […]

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Police violence.  Slaughtering of slum dwellers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1993 known as "Massacre de Vigario Geral".

Horrific Massacre In Brazil: Farmers Are Tied Up, Tortured And Hacked To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A horrific massacre just recently took place in Brazil, in which nine farmers were tied up, tortured and hacked to death. Brazil has become a nation of anarchy and utter cruelty. Here is the report: In a country where 60,000 murders are committed every year, killings of poor peasants make little difference. […]

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