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Bill Gates Declares: ‘Germany Is Taking In Too Many Refugees, It Needs To Cut Off The Flow Of Refugees Entering Europe.’

Theodore Shoebat Bill Gates has recently said that Germany has taken in too many refugees and needs to cut off the flow of refugees entering Europe. I did a video on this, commentating on how this is all part of the masterplan towards bringing the world to eugenics: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why […]

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The Government Of China Bans All Homosexual Propaganda In Order To Protect The Moral Health Of Its Society

By Theodore Shoebat The government of China has banned all homosexual propaganda in order to protect the moral health of its society. I did a whole video on this: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To Get Our New Book […]

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Macron, President Of France, Says: ‘African Women Are Having Too Many Children.’

By Theodore Shoebat President Macron of France revealed his eugenist and Nazi beliefs, saying that African women are having too many children. According to one report: French president Emmanuel Macron angered fans with his weekend speech at the G20 Summit that suggested Africa has “civilizational” problems which might be related to women having “7 or 8” kids. […]

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Danni McFadyen, little boy who now dresses as a girl in the UK. Absolute perversion

Children In Britain Are Being Sent To Clinics To Be Told That They Are Transgender

By Theodore Shoebat Children in Britain are being sent to clinics to be told that they are transgender, as we read in one report: The number of children being referred to gender identity clinics in the U.K. has quadrupled in the past five years, statistics show, with even the youngest of children being encouraged to […]

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Villagers look at bodies of victims in the village of Gathaithi, in Kenya's Kirinyaga region, on April 21, 2009 following an attack by residents who organised themselves in small groups armed with crude weapons and fought against the Mungiki, a violent mafia-like extortionist group famous for beheading and skinning its victims. Vigilantes in a central Kenyan town took up arms against a violent gang, sparking fierce battles in which at least 29 people were stoned and hacked to death, police and medicsAFP PHOTO/STRINGER (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

Muslim Terrorists Find Nine People, And Saw Off Their Heads “Like Chickens.”

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim terrorists found nine people and sawed off their heads “like chickens.” As we read in report: Al-Shabaab, the deadliest terrorist group in Africa according to experts, beheaded nine civilians in a village in Kenya while searching for non-Muslims. The Associated Press reported on Saturday that the attack occurred in the Jima village in Lamu […]

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People Are Saying That World War Three Will Never Happen, Well These People Are Utterly Wrong And Here’s Why

By Theodore Shoebat I have heard many a time that there will never be another world war again, well I am here to say that these people are dead wrong. Here’s why: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click Here To […]

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Muslim Man Kidnaps Three Year Old Christian Girl And Brutally Rapes Her

By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim man in Pakistan raped a three year old Christian girl, as we read in one report: The Christian mother of a 3-year-old girl in Pakistan, who was brutally raped seven months ago, says she’s emotionally and financially exhausted as she continues to fight for justice for her daughter, who will […]

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Muslim Men Take Christian Woman, And Force Her Five Children To Watch As They Take Turns Repeatedly Gang Raping Their Mother

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim men in Pakistan took a Christian woman and forced her five children to watch their mother getting repeatedly gang raped. As we read in one report: A Christian woman in Pakistan was beaten and gang-raped in front of her five children by a Muslim man seeking to avenge his family’s “honor,” […]

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Germany And Japan Are Planning On Creating The Biggest Free Trade Zone In The World, That Would Control One-Fourth Of The Global Economy. This Is All Happening As Germany And Japan Are Conducting Major Measures To Advance Their Militaries

By Theodore Shoebat Germany and Japan are right now planning on creating the biggest free-trade zone and, if it is established, it would control one-fourth of the global economy. This is all happening in the midst of Germany and Japan intensely increasing its military capacities and arms manufacturing. I did a whole video: We Are […]

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Euthanasia In The Netherlands Is Becoming So Popular It Is Terrifying, Tremendous Amounts Of People Are Demanding To Be Killed By The Government. Euthanasia Is Skyrocketing

By Theodore Shoebat Euthanasia in the Netherlands is becoming disturbingly popular, so much so it is terrifying. As a recent report reveals: An advertisement taken out in a major newspaper in the Netherlands by more than 200 Dutch doctors begins, “[Assisted suicide] for someone who cannot confirm he wants to die? No, we will not do that. […]

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Sudanese Christian Gives This Warning To The World Out About Sudan: “The Government In Sudan Wants To Islamize The Whole Population And They Want To Finish Off Christianity”

By Theodore Shoebat A Sudanese Christians gave a warning to the world about Sudan, saying: “The government in Sudan wants to Islamize the whole population and they want to finish off Christianity”, as we read in one report: Sometimes the greatest patriots don’t even live in their own countries. Take Pastor Strong, a Sudanese believer with […]

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Man Takes His Own Four Year Old Son And Enslaves Him, He Locks Him Into A Room, Chains Him Like An Animal, Burns Him With Cigarettes And Sadistically Tortures Him

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Mexico City took his own four year old son and enslaved him. He locked him a room, chained him like an animal, burnt him with cigarettes and sadistically tortured him.   I did a whole video on this and how it reflects the society that we are in: Christianity […]

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This undated frame grab from video, posted online by recently formed militant group Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen, shows hostage Elliot Kenneth Arthur of Australia in an unknown location, with a caption reading in Arabic 'I'm Elliot Kenneth Arthur, I'm 82 years old, born in Australia.' An al-Qaida-linked group in Mali has released, Saturday, July 1, 2017, a proof-of-life video showing six foreign hostages, a group that monitors jihadist communications says, shortly before the French president's arrival in the West African country for an anti-terror summit. (Militant Video via AP)

Muslims Kidnap Three Christian Missionaries

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims kidnapped three missionaries recently, and even made a video of them. Here is a photo from the video showing Australian missionary Elliot Kenneth Arthur:   According to one report: Three Christian missionaries have appeared in a video released by coalition of jihadist groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda urging their respective governments to […]

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Hundreds Of People Have been Butchered In The Central African Republic Where Muslims And Christians Are Slaughtering Each Other

By Theodore Shoebat Hundreds of people in the Central African Republic have been butchered, as Christians and Muslims kill each other in a horrific civil war that has lasted for years. As we read in one report: Armed groups in the Central African Republic have killed hundreds of civilians in an unfettered spree of bloodletting, […]

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Seventy Thousand Christians Gather Together To Fight Against The Religion Of The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat Seventy thousand people in Ireland gathered together to protest against the possible legalization of abortion.This is why I say, this is a fight against the Antichrist who wants to see the destruction of human life. According to one report: At least 70,000 people took part in the All Ireland Rally for Life […]

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Seven Planned Parenthood Stations Where Babies Were Systematically Slaughtered Get Shut Down

By Theodore Shoebat Seven Planned Parenthood buildings where children were systematically slaughtered, have been shut down. As we read in one report: Seven Planned Parenthood facilities, six of which conducted medication abortions, are set to permanently close today in three states. Planned Parenthood officials noted that the closures were primarily an attempt to remain solvent […]

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