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The Government Of Iowa Will Now Be Funding Sex Change Operations With Tax Dollars. America Is Now Becoming A Nation Of Sodom

By Theodore Shoebat The citizens of the republic of Sodom are at it again, this time getting government funding to bankroll “sex change” operations which is really just genital mutilation. One report from Christian News states: The Iowa Supreme Court has unanimously upheld a lower court ruling that determined the State must allow “sex change” […]

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It Looks Like The Blackout In Venezuela Is Part Of An American Cyber-attack To Get The Country To Revolt Against Maduro

By Theodore Shoebat Venezuela is going through a horrendous blackout. The US backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, has already said that he will be declaring a “state of national emergency” in a special session of parliament on Monday. Over the weekend parts of Venezuela were stuck without power and 70% went through an outage last week. […]

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Elliot Abrams

The Person Who Trump Has Chosen To Be In Charge Of Venezuela Is A Ruthless Mass Murderer

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration appointed Elliot Abrams to be in charge of US policy in Venezuela. Looking at Abrams’ history, it would not be adventuresome to say that Trump has appointed a war criminal and murderer. Elliot Abrams was chosen by the Reagan administration to be assistant secretary of state for human rights; […]

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Man And His Girlfriend Murder Three Women, Scrape Out Their Flesh, Put Their Flesh In Tamales And Eat Them. When The Judge Tells Them Of Their Crime, They Smile In Pride That They Ate Human Flesh

By Theodore Shoebat A man and his girlfriend in Mexico murdered three women, put their flesh in tamales and ate them. When the judge declared them guilty, the two demonic cannibals smiled. The murderer’s name is Juan Carlos Hernández, or as he is known in the media, “El monstruo”. He himself confessed that he has been a […]

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The Ukrainian Government Authorizes Nazi Party To Oversee Elections

By Theodore Shoebat Ukraine will be having its election on March 31st, 2019. If none of the candidates get an absolute majority, then a second vote (a run-off vote) will be held on April 21. But here is one thing that makes this election so bizarre (and truly this is a reflection of the inner […]

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Two Horrific Mass Graves Discovered In Iraq, Full Of Victims Slaughtered By Terrorists

By Theodore Shoebat Two horrific mass graves, from 2007 and 2015, were discovered in Iraq, full of the bodies of the victims murdered by terrorists. As we read in a report from Kurdistan 24: Iraqi authorities on Thursday uncovered two mass graves in the province of Salahuddin containing the remains of victims believed to have […]

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The Chinese Government Is Blocking Millions Of Its Own Citizens From Traveling

By Theodore Shoebat Millions of Chinese citizens have been blocked by their government from traveling, due to China’s despotic “social credit” system. Millions have been prevented from purchasing plane and train tickets on account of unpaid taxes or other violations, making for a sort of modern caste system. As we read in a report from […]

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The European Union Is Financing The Breakdown And Splitting Of Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The European Union is supporting the nationalist Catalan separatist movement. This is evinced by the fact that the EU finances a major pro-Catalan separatist think-tank called, and that it was Germany (the leading country of the European Union) who twisted Spain’s arm not to charge the leading figure of the Catalan separatist […]

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Kurdish Nationalists Are Killing Assyrians While The West Praises The Kurds As Our Allies

By Theodore Shoebat While Western political and media outlets want you to think of the Kurdish nationalists are our friends, what they never talk about is how Kurdish militants are murdering Christians. As we read in a report from Anadolu: Despite the continued killing of Assyrian Christians in Syria, journalists, writers and politicians continue to […]

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Intense Fighting In Syria As Syrian Forces Kill Scores Of Terrorists In Big Mission To Purge Syria Of Rebel Forces

By Theodore Shoebat Syrian military forces have reportedly eliminated scores of terrorists as part of a major mission to purge Syria of terrorism, as read from a report in Sana: Army units operating in Hama northern countryside inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the personnel and equipment in retaliation to their frequent breaches of the […]

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Israel Fires Shells Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Israel just recently fired shells into Syria, as we read in a recent report from the Jerusalem Post: IDF forces shelled the Druze town of Hader in the Syrian province of Quneitra, Syrian media reported on Sunday night. Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that the IDF had struck positions […]

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Major Syrian Politician Reveals: The United States Government Is Still Backing Terrorists To Continue Violence In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat A major Syrian politician, Bashar al-Jaafari, recently revealed that the United States is still backing terrorists in Syria to continue violence in the region. As we read in a report from Sana: Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, said that Western states, particularly the United States, are working to prolong […]

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