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Governor Of Texas Announces That The El Paso Shooter Will Be Prosecuted For Hate Crime

By Theodore Shoebat Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, has announced that the El Paso shooter who murdered 20 people and injured dozens of others, will be prosecuted for hate crime, as we read in a report from BBC: Officials have not offered a precise motive for the attack, which also left 26 injured, but El […]

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The Shooter Who Butchered As Many As 20 People In El Paso Was A Trump Supporter Who Hated Immigrants And “Race Mixing”

By Theodore Shoebat The shooter who murdered over a dozen people in a Walmart in El Past was a Trump supporter who hated immigrants and “race mixing.” The shooter wrote a manifesto in which he expressed his support for the Christchurch shooter, Brenton Tarrant. You can see this sentiment clearly in his manifesto: He was […]

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The United States Government Wants Japan To Have Nuclear Weapons

By Theodore Shoebat Just recently, the Joint Force Quarterly, a military newspaper that is published by the National Defense University, a national security university funded by the Department of Defense, released an article pushing the United States government to give Japan American nukes. In the article, entitled: Twenty-first Century Nuclear Deterrence, it reads, “Furthermore, the United States should strongly […]

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The Trump Administration Is Returning To Obama’s Iran Deal

By Theodore Shoebat After pulling out of the Iran Deal, aggravating the situation with Iran and giving the Iranians the green light to intensify its uranium production, the United States has decided that it will be reissuing waivers from the extremely mocked Iran Deal. The waivers will allow Iran to produce nuclear material for civil […]

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Tells John Bolton: ‘Saudi Arabia Murdered 3,000 Americans On 9/11, Not Iran.’

By Theodore Shoebat Iran’s foreign minister, Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, went onto Twitter to tell John Bolton that it was Saudi Arabia, and not Iran, that murdered 3,000 Americans on 9/11, as we read today on Newsweek: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted a clip Wednesday of White House national security adviser John Bolton at […]

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Turkish Government Warns The US That It Will Invade Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey has threatened a further invasion of Syria if the US does not lift its sanctions. As we read from Al-Monitor: Tensions between NATO allies Turkey and the United States continue to simmer this week as Ankara uses the threat of an incursion into Syria and Washington weighs economic sanctions to pressure […]

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The Migrant Crises, Jean-Claude Juncker And The Project To Revive Militarist Nationalism In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Jean-Claude Juncker, the soon to be former head of the European Union, was also once the Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013. His long position in office ended after a conversation leaked out that linked him to a series of twenty bombings in Luxembourg that were done by members of […]

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Pope Francis Declares That Nations Must Ensure Care And Dignity Of Migrants

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis recently said that countries must ensure care and dignity of migrants, as we read in a recent report from the Catholic Herald: As up to 150 migrants are feared to have drowned in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya, Pope Francis made an appeal to the international community Sunday […]

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Is The United States Pushing For A Militarist Iran?

By Theodore Shoebat The United States pulling out of the Iran Deal and expressing aggression towards Iran, has left many people with the impression that the US planning a war with Iran. But, is it possible that what we are actually seeing is the US pushing for a more militarist and nationalistic Iran? As the […]

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The Governments Of Greece And Cyprus Declare: Turkish Troops Must Leave Cyprus. Turkey Is Pursuing Empire In Africa And The Whole Of The Mediterranean

By Theodore Shoebat The Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, met with the President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, to discuss the problem of Turkish occupation in Cyprus and the situation of tensions and provocation. Anastasiadis, recounting the meeting, said: “I informed my friend Prime Minister of the latest developments in the Cyprus problem … We exchanged views […]

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What No One Ever Tells You About: How Islamic Terrorism Is Being Used To Spark Nationalism, Racism And Fascism

By Theodore Shoebat In the Cold War a policy that was intensely utilized by NATO was the use of neo-Nazis and nationalists as stay-behind militia groups to fight the Soviet Union if the latter decided to invade western Europe. This was known as (amongst numerous titles) Operation Gladio. Another part of Gladio was getting these […]

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