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Over Two Thousand Dead Bodies Found In Home And Property Of Baby Murderer

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer made his career by murdering unborn babies for profit. Like all people, he died eleven days ago. When his family was cleaning out his house, they found the remains of over two thousand murdered babies stored there according to a report: The remains of more than 2,200 unborn children have been found […]

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The Prophecies Few Examine About The Coming Second Exodus of Christians Out Of The West And The North And The Conversion Of The Muslims Who Will Convert To Christianity And Even Consume The Eucharist

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) How many even examine what this prophecy is all about: “See, they will come from afar— some from the north, some from the west, some from the region of Aswan” (Isaiah 49:12) From distant lands in the northern hemisphere “from afar” and the west, Christians will flee including the Coptic […]

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The Iranian Strike On Saudi Arabia’s Oil Fields Is A Foreshadowing Sign Of The Prophecy Of Iran’s Destruction Of Arabia

By Theodore Shoebat Houthi rebels struck Saudi Arabia’s biggest oil field and brought about enough damage to halt half of the oil production for the royally ran country. According to the Houthi ran news agency, al-Masirah, they sent ten drones and did an efficient strike on the government owned Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Abqaiq and […]

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The Next Several Months Could Decide Trump’s 2020 Election

I have stated that based on current social trends, there is a strong chance that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. However, this is subject to a series of conditions, and they could, although unlikely, change. However, the possibility is serious enough that they could enough to turn Trump into a one-term president. The reality […]

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Infamous Porn Website That Promotes Sex Magick Puts In Million Dollar Offer To Name Major Stadium

The concept of corporate sponsorship for sports arenas and other buildings is not uncommon around the world. There are places in the US such as the Budweiser Center, the Dicks Sporting Goods Park, and Pepsi Center to name a few. However, according to a recent story, the Miami Heat team may be playing at “Bangbros Center” […]

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China Proves Right Again, Exempts Pork And Soy From Trade War Tariffs

The trade wars between the USA and China have certainly generated public attention. However, most of the pressure, invisible to the public, is on the Chinese in spite of what may appear. The reason for this has been discussed in multiple posts (here, here, here, here), which in summary is that China has an insufficient […]

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The Upcoming Amazon Synod Is Really About Paganism And Nationalism

By Walid & Theodore Shoebat In the last few Sundays we have presented ample prophecies from Scripture as to why the world, specifically Europe, will plunge into paganism. We have mentioned the Amazon Synod as a catapult towards syncretism in the Church. Some questioned us on this. We rarely pay attention to the rumors regarding […]

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sodomite flag in US embassy in Madrid

New Sodomite Credit Union Is Proof That The LGBT Has Taken Over The USA

Financial power is often synonymous with political power, for it is the “golden rule” in that he who has the gold is the one who makes the rules. Christianity is a religion that is not of this world, but it must partake of it. Christians have always been involved in finance, but the religion does […]

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President Erdogan Of Turkey Declares The US Mass Shipped Weapons To Terrorist Groups

The support of terrorism has been a cornerstone of US policy for decades. Rooted in the Gladio program, the US actively sought out and helped out or helped form groups with nationalist or identitarian-type principles in order to serve as proxy armies in the case of a Soviet invasion as well as to use for […]

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9/11's Kamikaze Jihadists

As 9/11 Disappears Into The Past, Prepare For The Next Terrorist Attack

Eighteen years ago today I was sitting in the back of my Chemistry class making jokes with a Chinese friend of mine  when an announcement was made over the school loudspeakers that ‘the Twin Towers were just attacked.’ Everybody was in shock at what happened. A look of terror came over my chemistry teacher’s face, […]

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Americans Waste Time On The Song And Dance Of American “Politics” While The Biggest Pedophile Scandal In American History Is Being Thrown Into The Memory Hole And So Few Care

The Jeffrey Epstein pedophile case is a massive scandal whose range encompasses both political parties and stretches around the world to the highest echelons of power. It is not that Epstein himself was particularly powerful, but that by veritably acting as a pimp who procured very young girls for very rich men, many of them […]

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Pornography Is The Unspoken Cause And Product Testifying To The Current Rot In Society

(Over the course of the next weeks, I will attempt to release a series on different topics within the adult industry and provide further explanation as to how it relates to social trends and movements. This is the first part of such a series- AB) In August 2019, a group of nearly two dozen women […]

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US Debt Found To Be Massively Underreported, Possibly As High As 2000% Of The Economy

Debt is not a good thing. Too much debt in any economy, be it personal economy or a national economy, leads to collapse. The US economy and dollar is very unhealthy. It is already known that the US debt levels are toxic and deadly, but according to a recent report, they may be far higher […]

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Japan Does Not Need US Corn, It Is Part Of A Long Term Strategy To Revive Empire

The Wall Street Journal recently printed an article saying that Japan does not need the extra corn. Even major Japanese political figures are saying that Japan does not need it in the objective sense: Deploying rhetorical gymnastics, Abe is helping Trump create the illusion that Tokyo will essentially bail out US farmers going broke amid […]

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The American Variant Of The Social Credit System Used In China Is Well On Its Way To Being Created

President Trump’s “mental health” comments and discussion of an initiative for such in light of the recent “mass shootings” (as while not to deny the existence of the shootings, there have been far too many reports from on-the-ground observers that there was more to each story to be told in the actual event that was […]

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By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) There is an Exodus coming of mass proportion. Hard to believe? Easy if you read the Bible. Explaining it all will take a few hours. It is in depth and if you are spiritually teething and still consuming apple sauce please click out for you will not comprehend it. […]

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