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Muslim Teens Kidnap Two Englishmen, Burn Their Faces With Cigarettes, Smash One Of Them In The Head With A Guitar And Then Drive The Broken Wood Through His Arteries, Stab The Other In The Hand And Make Him Drink Urine Until He Vomits

In a horrible story of torture out of the UK, two drug addicts had a conflict with three Muslim drug dealers. After a deal that went bad, the three Muslims lured the two addicts to a remote location and tortured them for hours before abandoing them for dead. One died of the torture and the […]

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Caretaker Gnaws 92-Year-Old Woman To Death, Ripping Of Pieces Of Her Face And Chest, Woman’s Son Finds Caretaker’s Face Covered In Blood As He Walked In On The Grisly Scene

An Arkansas man was going to visit his elderly, 92-year-old mother when he walked in on a horrible scene. There before him his mother was dying with pieces of her face, chest, and body ripped off from bite marks, and right next to her was her caretaker with her mouth covered in blood from just […]

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BOMBING IN ENGLAND: Nineteen Dead At Ariana Grande Concert. This Is Judgement For The West’s Rejection Of Christianity, Its Acceptance Of Homosexuality And Degeneracy

Theodore Shoebat There was a bombing in England, at an Ariana Grande concert. Nineteen people were killed, dozens injured. This is punishment for the West’s rejection of Christianity and its acceptance of homosexuality and degeneracy. I did a whole video on this: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is […]

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ISIS Massacre in Hama Reach to 48 people

ISIS Butchers Forty-Seven People

By Theodore Shoebat Another horror story from Syria: ISIS slaughtered forty-seven people. And yet the US and other governments are pushing for the destruction of the Assad regime which is really amongst the last bulwarks against the onslaught of Islamist tyranny. As we read in one report: At least 47 people, many of them civilians, […]

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‘Armageddon Has Come To Us’ Iraqi Christians Come Home To Destroyed Churches And A Broken Future At The Hands Of ISIS

For many Iraqi Christians, armageddon for their people has come. Once numbering over a million strong and having resided in their lands since the time of Christ, in a few short years after the destruction of Saddam Hussein’s government and the subsequent rise of ISIS Christianity is but a shadow in Iraq, represented now by […]

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‘You Made The Mess So You Can Clean It Up’ Poland Stands Up To Germany, Says She Will Not Be Intimidated To Accepting Muslims

In Poland there is a saying- “Not my circus, not my monkeys,” meaning that your problems are your own and my problems are my own, and don’t try to give me your problems. In a statement from Jaroslaw Kaczynski, he attacked Germany for transferring millions of people from the Middle East and other parts of […]

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American Policy Makers Call For War In The Name Of Religious Freedom As Russian Government Holds Fast To Outlaw Heretical Cults

America has received a notorious reputation, and deservedly so, for taking real problems and claiming to help the people suffering from them when instead they are just used for policy reasons. This can be seen repeatedly in the news where calls of “Christian persecution” are used repeatedly while no help actually being administered to the […]

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap People And Conduct Human Experiments On Them, They Take One Man And Force Him To Eat Poison, And He Endures An Agonizing Death For Ten Straight Days, They Cover One Man’s Body With Poison And Inject Chemicals Into Another Man Who Suffers For Two Hours And Dies

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslim terrorists conducted horrific human experiments in Mosul, injecting people with chemicals and even smearing poison on a man’s body. I did a video on this horror:   We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will […]

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Trump’s Visit To Arabia And Welcoming Erdogan Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy Where Many Will Join The Antichrist (Examine Biblical Prophecies Never Considered Before In This Incredible Research)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) The media attacks Trump for cooperating with Orthodox Russia but attacks him not for cooperating with Islamist Saudi Arabia. Why? With Trump’s welcoming of Turkey and visiting Saudi Arabia, many who despise Islam ask: does U.S. cooperation with the Muslim world fit in the theme of biblical prophecies? Is America saved or […]

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Massive Apostasy Under Way In UK As 26 People Abandon Christ For Every One Convert

The UK has been in decline for a long time, and this decline is directly connected to the decline of Christianity in that nation. According to a new study, nearly 50% of the entire British population is non-religious while Christianity for all denominations has and continues to plummet to the lowest levels yet at the […]

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Courageous Woman Exposes Mexican Drug Cartels, Narcos Open Fire On Her House And Shoot Her To Death

By Theodore Shoebat A courageous woman was exposing the Mexican cartels, and just recently they opened fire on her home, murdering her. Here is the story: She led a search for the “disappeared” in her home state of Tamaulipas, among the most violent in Mexico, after her daughter was kidnapped in 2012. Her strenuous efforts […]

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Arino Massie, Christian man who was deported back to Indonesia

Trump Administration Deports Christian Man Back To Islamic Indonesia Where Muslims Want To Actually Persecute And Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration has deported a Christian man back to Islamic Indonesia where Muslims actually want to persecute Christians. From what I have read, this man has committed no crimes. I hope we can surpass our “USA! USA! USA!” mob mentality, and understand that not everyone deserves deportation. Here is the report: […]

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Muslim Attempts Suicide Attack On Church On Easter Sunday, She Is Arrested, The Police Release Her And Say ‘She Is Too Smart For Prison’

Noreen Leghari is a medical student who joined ISIS and was going to carry out a suicide attack on a Christian Church on Easter The attack failed and she was arrested, and she publicly admitted that she was intending to participate in a suicide attack. Now in another twist to the case, she has been […]

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WE INVESTIGATE THE “INVESTIGATORS.” NBC Investigative Journalist States “Black Lives Matter is NOT a Hate Group,” The Same Journalist Then Tries To Expose The Shoebat Organization as a Hate Group.

By Keith Davies Recently I did an interview on request from the Phildelphia affiliate of NBC News. They wanted my comments and reaction to the far left whacko group called the Southern Law Poverty Center who lumps all Christian organizations who speak against Abortion, Homosexuality and Islamic terrorists with Nazi White and Black Supremacist hate […]

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Pagan Hindu Terrorists Attack Christian Pastor And Burn Down His House And His Church For Spreading The Gospel

Christians in India are facing increased persecution at the hands of pagan Hindu terrorists who out of their hatred for Christ are destroying Churches, killing pastors, and trying to force Christian converts to apostatize back to Hinduism. In a story coming out of Tamil Nadu, Pastor John Muller was attacked by five Hindus. After threatening […]

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Homosexual Prostitute Gets Mad At His Transsexual Partner, He Butchers Him And Cooks His Feet In A Pot On The Stove Before Slashing His Own Throat

Back in 2014, an electrician called to the house of homosexual prostitute Marcus Volke into a horrifying and overpowering stench. He called police, who came and found him cooking the feet of Mayang Prasetyo, another homosexual prostitute and his lover, on the stove. After trying to flee the police, he committed suicide by slashing his […]

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