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Major Neo-Nazi Terrorist In Germany Opens Fire On Four Officers, Murders One Officer And Injures Three Others

By Theodore Shoebat A major Neo-Nazi terrorist in Germany opened fire on police officers, killing one and injuring three others. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: A police officer has died of his injuries after being shot by an anti-government extremist in Germany in what officials condemned as a “brutal crime”. […]

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Christians Are Winning The War With The LGBT As God Is Sending A New Curse Of Mega Proportions On The LGBT Community

By Walid Shoebat While the sexual revolutionaries taunt us of their political victories in gaining more “freedom” more “budget” and more “money” as the means to promote their perverse agendas, here comes God and curses them to self-destruction. The last few days the CDC sent a litany of serious warnings. Scientists cannot anymore cover up the new […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Town And Make The People Miserable, But Now It Is Finally Liberated

By Theodore Shoebat In 2014, ISIS terrorists invaded the ancient Christian town of Bartella, in Iraq. In one report from that time it says: Three other nearby villages were also attacked overnight and Thursday, local police officials told CNN. Two of the villages — Bartella and Tall Kayf — are predominately Christian. Hundreds of Christian […]

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Marine Le Pen Declares War On Christianity, And Says That She Will Ban Christianity If She Takes Power In France

By Theodore Shoebat Marine Le Pen just declared war against Christianity, saying that she will utterly ban all Christian crosses, symbols and clothing from public life, even going to so far as to say that she will abolish any Christian imagery from any all public schools. This would be an utter ban on Christianity, since the […]

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Journalist Goes To Muslim Camps In France To Make Documentary About The ‘Muslim Children,’ They Attack And Rape His Translator At Knifepoint And Rob The Journalist

This isn’t the first time this has happened. A liberal French reporter went to the no-go Muslim-controlled camps in Calais to make a documentary about the ‘plight’ of the ‘refugee children.’ Instead when he arrived, these ‘children’ raped his translator at knifepoint and then robbed the journalist: A female interpreter was raped at knifepoint on Monday […]

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Muslims Invade Christian Town, Butcher Christians And Tyrannize The Whole Town, Christian Warriors Charge Into The Town And Are Now Fighting The Muslim Terrorists To Liberate It

By Theodore Shoebat ISIS Muslim terrorists invaded a Christian town in Iraq, slaughtering and tyrannizing the Christians there. Just recently, Christian warriors entered the town and are now fighting to liberate it. Here is the report: On the road to Mosul, Iraqi-led forces have besieged a Christian town in an attempt to liberate it from […]

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Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan

American Government Brings In Muslim Man As A Refugee, He Comes Into Texas And Then Begins Planning To Blow Up Malls In Houston

By Theodore Shoebat The American government brought in an Iraqi refugee, Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, into Texas. He then recently got arrested for planning to blow up two malls in Houston. Here is the report: An Iraqi refugee who authorities say wanted to set off bombs at two Houston malls pleaded guilty Monday to […]

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Satan Worshippers Take Woman, Rape And Sodomize Her Repeatedly And Then Impale Her To Death

By Theodore Shoebat Satan worshippers in Argentina took a woman, raped and sodomized her, and then impaled her to death. I did a whole video on this horrific story:   CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE A DONATION TO OUR RESCUE TEAM THAT WILL SAVE THE LIVES […]

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BREAKING: Russia Is Now Deploying To Syria All Of Its Northern Fleet And Much Of Its Baltic Fleet In The Largest Surface Deployment Since The End Of The Cold War

By Walid Shoebat Reuters just reported: Russian warships off the coast of Norway are carrying fighter bombers that will likely reinforce a final assault on the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo in two weeks, a senior NATO diplomat said on Wednesday citing Western intelligence. “They are deploying all of the Northern fleet and much of […]

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Old Video Reveals Trump’s Guest, Malik Obama, Buying Young Muslim Sex Slave Girls

  By Walid Shoebat An old video reveals President Obama’s Kenya-born half-brother Malik who will be in the audience in Las Vegas tonight on Wednesday invited by Donald reveals the man is of a nefarious character with polygamist relations. Why Trump invited this reprobate is a cause for concern, especially that Hillary Clinton will square off in their third […]

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“We Will Invade Mecca After We Liberate Mosul” Says Militia Fighters At The Battle Of Mosul

By Walid Shoebat We hear of Battles for Mosul and Battles For Aleppo. These are the latest media attractions. It is as if we are watching a theatre from the time-machine during the times of Islamic expansions and crusader wars. The difference is that instead of arrows and swords we have missiles. Who knows, tomorrow we might get lucky […]

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Muslims Take Fifty Christians And Force Them Into Brutal Slavery, A Group Of Christians Come In And Rescue Them, They Then Cry Out: “Who Is This King Of Glory? The Lord Strong And Mighty”

Fifty Christians in Pakistan were enslaved by Muslims, being forced to remain imprisoned making bricks. Within these very brick kilns, Christians have been forced to endure all sorts of inhumanities and atrocities, such as rape and other sadistic tortures. While this violation of human rights goes on, our organization, Rescue Christians, has been working on the ground […]

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200,000 Christians Take The Streets Of Paris, And Fight Against The Religion Of The Antichrist And The Enemies Of Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat Around 200,000 Christians took the streets of Paris, to fight against the antichrist religion of Sodom and Gomorrah and to fight against the enemies of Christianity. I did a whole video on this event, with my own commentary: ‘ CHRISTIANITY IS AT WAR. WE MUST EDUCATE OURSELVES TO PREPARE OURSELVES FOR THIS […]

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New Report By The FBI Reveals The State Department Coercing The FBI To Fraudulently Fake Documents To Help Hillary Clinton Win The Election

(with permission from the Right Scoop) This is amazing and shows the collusion between Hillary Clinton and the State Department to aid Hillary through coercion. This should spread like wildfire in exposing the corruption. These new documents released by the FBI just this morning show that Patrick Kennedy, a senior State Department official, tried to convince […]

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The Republican Party Has Become Absolutely Evil And Satanic, It Is Filled With Homosexuals And Evil People

By Theodore Shoebat The Republican Party has become absolutely evil and diabolical. For today I discussed this with a lot of commentary: CLICK HERE TO GET OUR 2-DISK DVD SERIES ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY AND CHRISTIAN WARFARE AND JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY!  CHRISTIANS ARE BEING KILLED AND RAPED EVERY SINGLE DAY, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO MAKE […]

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Christians Prepare For The Coming Battle Of Armageddon (The War Between God And Lucifer) And Understand What Must You Do To BE READY!

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) “These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own.” – G.K. Chesterton. The words of Chesterton ring true today. From Asia’s Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam to Europe’s revival of national pride, Eugenics, national-socialism’s Alt Right in Germany … the battle between God and Lucifer  can […]

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