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Trump’s Statements On The ICE Raids Are A Rarer Deal Than His Two-Month Long Steak Venture

President Trump has announced that he is going to do “raids” on “illegals,” but will delay it for two weeks: President Trump is delaying immigration raids that were set to begin this weekend, saying he will give Congress two weeks to make changes to asylum law before dispatching Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents around the […]

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newham church graffiti

UK Church Desecrated Three Times In Twenty-Four Hours With Satanic Graffiti

A church in the UK was desecrated three times in twenty-four hours with satanic graffiti according to a report: A church in Stratford was targeted three times within 24 hours during a spate of brazen arson attacks. St John’s Church on Stratford Broadway, St Matthew’s Church in Dyson Road, Stratford, and Cann Hall Methodist Church […]

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throwing up

Playboy Magazine Puts Man Pretending To Be A Woman As A Playmate Model

This is not a woman – this is a man. Playboy magazine is arguably the most famous American porn magazine, expressing bits of popular culture and often times interesting feature stories alongside smutty photos of scantily or unclad women. In this time of history where men can become “women” and women can become “men,” the […]

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cover photo bannon hindu nationalists

Steven Bannon Is Not A Catholic, He Is A Pagan Who Backs Pagan Movements That Want To Destroy Christianity

By Theodore Shoebat For years Steve Bannon has been working for the cause of Hindu nationalism. This is obvious for the fact that Bannon has been collaborating with Indian-American industrialist and Hindu nationalist Shalabh “Shalli” Kumar, a Hindu lobbyist who, alongside members of his family, donated over a million dollars to Trump Victory, who also lobbies […]

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UK Court Orders Doctors To Perform Abortion On Catholic Woman Because She Is Disabled

A UK court has ordered doctors to perform an abortion on a Catholic woman of Nigerian background because she is developmentally disabled: A British judge has authorized doctors to perform an abortion on a pregnant Catholic woman with developmental disabilities and a mood disorder, despite the objections of the woman’s mother and the woman herself. […]

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georgia protests

Furor In Georgia Over Russian Politician Invited To Speak At Georgia’s Parliament

Protests have erupted all throughout Georgia over a Russian politician speaking at the Georgian parliament: A Russian lawmaker taking the podium in Georgia’s parliament on June 20 caused thousands of angry Georgians to take the streets, accusing the ruling party of collaborating with archenemy Russia. Tensions flared when Sergey Gavrilov, a member of Russia’s Duma, […]

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cover photo british judges abortion

The British Government Orders Christian Woman To Have A Forced Abortion Because She Is Deemed ‘Unfit’ To Give Birth. Get Ready For The New World Of Eugenics

By Theodore Shoebat The British government just recently ordered a Christian woman to have a forced abortion because she is deemed as ‘unfit’ to give birth. This is a sign that Europe is ripe for the new coming face of Nazism. As we read in a report from CNA: A British judge has authorized doctors […]

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Seventh Sexual Abuse Allegation Gets Reported At The Largest Migrant Center In America, After ICE Has Sought The Destruction Of Thousands Of Reports Of Abuse

By Theodore Shoebat The seventh sexual abuse allegation has been reported at the largest migrant center in the United States, the Homestead Branch. The Florida Department of Children and Families received the report of the allegation, but cannot do anything about it since this issue is under the jurisdiction of federal authorities. We don’t know […]

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walter luebcke funeral

Pro-Migrant Politicians Throughout Germany Are Being Attacked, Receiving Death Threats has asserted that the “refugee crisis” was a collaborative operation by the governments with various financial, industrial, and other foreign interests who goal was to destabilize political conditions in order to usher in the conditions for a Third World War. The purpose of bringing in refugees was to destabilize society that could be used […]

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darin schilmiller

Indiana Man Convinces Alaska Woman And Five People To Commit Murder For Him, Then Blackmails Her Saying She Has To Molest Children And Send Him The Videos Or Else He Will Tell The Police

An Indiana man and six people from Alaska have been arrested in a bizarre murder-for-hire case. According to reports, a woman from Alaska and a man from Indiana, Darin Schilmiller, met online and started a relationship. He convinced her to murder her best friend in Alaska, and promised to give her millions of dollars. She […]

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Satan Worshipper In Louisiana Burns Down Three Churches And Declares: ‘I Want Christians To Be Scared’

By Theodore Shoebat A Satanist in Louisiana burned down three black churches and declared: “I want them to be scared,” as we read in a report from WAFB9: Holden Matthews, the man accused of setting fire to three historic black churches in St. Landry Parish, took photographs of his crimes as they occurred on his […]

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Hans Gielen

German Businessman In Poland Secretly Recorded By Polish Employee Saying “I Hate All Poles”, “You’re Sh*t,” “I Am A Nazi”, “I Am A Hitler” And “I Would Kill All Poles, I Would Not Have A Problem With It”

This story was back in February 2019, but it is worth reporting on again in light of the rise of nationalism in Germany. It is important not to forget that the conflicts of the past are as real today as they were then. Germany has historically waged war against Poland and severely persecuted her. Today, […]

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martha albishara

Police Release Bodycam Video Of 87-Year-Old Arab Woman Getting Tazed While Picking Dandelions

In August 2018, reported on the case of an elderly Arab woman who was tazed by Georgia police while picking flowers. Video has just been released of the woman from police cameras according to local reports: Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge and Officer Steven Marshall picked dandelion leaves away from Martha Al-Bishara’s cupped hands, […]

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