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After Knocking Down Prototypes Of “The Wall,” Border Patrol Under Trump Returns To The “Catch And Release” Policy

President Trump was elected in large part due to his emphasis to potential voters on building “the wall” on the US-Mexican border. However, Trump’s words have been shown to be nothing more than political rhetoric. This was shown to be true first because of the fact that Trump had his wall prototypes knocked down, and […]

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Anybody Who Praises Tarrant Is A Traitor To The Cross And A Useful Fool In A National Socialist Plan To Infiltrate Christian Churches

In January 2018, I wrote an article about the Daily Stormer’s writer and technical support person Andrew Auernheimer, known as “weev”, who made a video that was quickly pulled from his YouTube channel and the article deleted from the Daily Stormer about how the future of the National Socialist Movement would be to find ways […]

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Hindu Idolaters Prevent Hundreds Of Christians From Honoring Holy Week

Hindu nationalism is rising in India, and with it the persecution of Christians, which in a few years has placed India on the top ten list of nations where it is most dangerous to be a Christian. Part of this persecution, which often involves physical violence, is the progressive forbidding of Christians from living their […]

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Two Sodomites Break Into Ex-Sodomite Lover’s Home While Dressed Up In Costumes And Attempt To Burn Down His House With Ragu Sauce

Two men were arrested after breaking into a fellow sodomite ex-lover’s home while dressed up in a bull onesie and attempted to burn down his house with Ragu sauce following a burglary according to a report: Two Florida men were caught with their hands in the pasta jar after they used Ragu sauce to try […]

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Group Of UK Mothers Make Pornography For The Purpose Of Showing It To Children, Including Their Own

Degeneracy takes many different forms, but none are as obvious as moral filth, for it is one thing that cannot be hidden, as it always surfaces, and while being evil, it is a consistent theme throughout history and is an insightful metric into the temperaments of a society in a most private and unspoken way. […]

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Mother And Her Boyfriend Take Daughter, Tie Her Up, Rape Her, Then Murder And Dismember Her Body, Tells Police It Was Her Fantasy

A mother and her boyfriend plotted to murder her adopted daughter as part of a fantasy she shared with him. According to police the two tied her up, and as he raped her and murdered her, she told her daughter “It’s OK to go,” and after she died they dismembered her body: The mother of […]

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Paramilitary Organization In Germany Prepares For Civil Unrest In Europe And Plans To Murder Left Wing Politicians

By Walid Shoebat & Theodore Shoebat “And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.” (Isaiah 3:5)  So Isaiah prophecied that mankind will oppress mankind. Every one against his neighbour; city against city, […]

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Senegalese Migrant School Bus Driver In Italy Crashes His Bus, Turns To The Students And Declares “Stop The Massacres At Sea- I’ll Carry Out A Massacre -None Of You Would Get Out Alive” And Then Sets The Bus On Fire

Fortunately none of the students were injured, and the driver was arrested, but part of the incident was caught on tape in Italy as a Senegalese migrant bus driver threatened to massacre the students of the bus he was driving in retaliation for the “massacres” of migrants coming from Africa and the Middle East to […]

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Supreme Court Building

Supreme Court Vastly Broadens Government Powers To Detain Migrants Indefinately

In what is being regarded as a victory for Trump as continuing a case began by Obama, the Supreme Court has expanded the powers of government to detain migrants indefinately and without a hearing for crimes long since committed in the past according to a report: The U.S. Supreme Court, narrowly divided along ideological lines, […]

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Catholic Journalist Ordered For Interrogation By British Police For “Misgendering” A Sodomite During A Television Debate

It was once said that the “sun never sets on the British Empire.” The sun set a long time ago, and the nation has been continuing to drift into darkness of its own creation, as the nation has for the greater part abandoned Christianity and God and returned to paganism, and embraced as such all […]

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Germany Declares It Will Abandon Her NATO Spending Commitments

One of the warning signs of a future war is something which Trump has been promoting, which is the public declaration that she must “pay her fair share” and should take a greater responsibility for herself in Europe. This is what both want, as it is loosening the post-World War II shackles imposed upon her […]

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Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack, Murder A Man And A Baby While Praying For A Deceased Family Member

In the Godfather film series, Michael Corleone ordered the murder of several members of the various mob families. As evil as it was, he did not target people at home, which is what happens to him in the second film. Naturally, he is enraged about it while telling his associate Frank Pantangeli: He eventually figures […]

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The_Death_Camps Germanby

Major National Socialist And White Nationalist Website Admits That It Doesn’t Care About Race And The End Goal Is A New Darwinism

The Daily Stormer is the largest and arguably most popular National Socialist and White Nationalist website on the Internet. However, they have recently come out in support of Democrat contender Andrew Yang while before they ardently supported Trump. In an interesting article from earlier this month, and something that nobody has yet discussed, is that […]

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Chinese Government Agents Falsely Arrest And Torture Kyrgyz Man For Becoming A Christian

The Chinese government is waging a war against all religion except for the worship of the state and their spiritual leader, Chairman Mao. Both Christianity and Islam are being targeted by the government. Xijiang Province, meaning “Western Wall”, is the westernmost point in China and is the historical and at times contested boundary between the […]

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Six Christians Are Murdered And Hundreds Flee From Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Congo

In the past several days there has been an explosion of violence against Christians by Muslims throughout Africa, in particular the nations of Nigeria and Mozambique. Now Congo is on this list as six Christians were killed and almost five hundred fled from violence by Islamic terrorists according to a report: Six Christians, including three […]

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