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If The People Destroying Statues Really Cared About Fighting Racism, Then Why Haven’t They Called For The Removal Of The Statue Of Charles Darwin?

By Theodore Shoebat The United States is in the midst of a torrent of vicious and insatiable hatred against statues, a demonstration of Left-wing iconoclastic fury that knows no reason nor bounds. Of course, they are attacking statues that represent American culture and heritage, and want to keep and erect images that symbolize their own […]

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Black Paramilitaries Are Enticing Right-Wing Militias, Trying To Start A Race War

By Theodore Shoebat they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. (Isaiah 19:2) In the midst of all of these racial tensions, there are black separatist paramilitaries who adding fuel to the fire and stoking hatred, enticing Right-wing militias and trying to […]

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Pimp Logic: How People Justify Evil By Pointing To Their Good Deeds

By Theodore Shoebat Over the years I have noticed the effective method justifying evil by point out one’s good deeds. This is what I call Pimp Logic. It has permeated all walks of life, from individuals to religious institutions, to organizations, to governments:

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The Yugoslav Wars Of The 1990s Are A Reminder That War In Europe Will Happen Again

By the Shoebats “…speaking oppression and revolt” (Isaiah 59:13) “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12) So many are herded these days by armchair revolutionaries without heading the Ultimate Guide: “My people, your guides lead you astray …” (Isaiah 3:12). If […]

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Swedish Elderly Care Centers Are Deliberately Not Sending Elderly People With COVID-19 To The Hospitals. Instead They Are Letting Them Die Or Injecting Them With Chemicals That Kill Them

Let us not spare the widow or regard the gray hairs of the aged. But let our might be our law of right, for what is weak proves itself to be useless. (Wisdom 2:11:) An 81-year-old man by the name of Jan Andersson got infected with coronavirus while living in a nursing home in the […]

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The Zoomer Generation And Generation Alpha Are Heading Towards A World Of Fascism, Nationalism And Militarism

By Theodore Shoebat Generation Alpha (born in the 2010s) and Generation Z (born in the mid-90s and mid-2010s, also called Zoomers) are growing up into a volatile world where — unlike what we have been accustomed to for decades — the United States will not be the governing force of the world any longer. This […]

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For Years We Have Heard About How The Left Wants To Persecute Conservatives, But Now Republicans Are Leading Conservatives To Their Deaths

By Theodore Shoebat For years we have heard about how the Left wants to persecute conservatives. While there is definitely truth to this, right now we are seeing Republicans leading conservatives to their deaths:

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Republican Governments Are Leading Conservatives To Their Deaths With Covid-19

By Theodore Shoebat We are now seeing covid spikes in southern — Republican, really — states. Thus, we are seeing the results of Trump’s push for states to reopen. For decades we have been hearing from conservatives about how the Left wants to persecute and kill conservatives. But, in this case, its Republican governments who […]

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Netanyahu Is Eying The West Bank And Wants To Annex 30% Of Palestinian Land For Israel. Expect Hatred For Jews To Horrifically Increase Globally

By Theodore Shoebat Netanyahu is still eyeing the West Bank, regardless of the coronavirus disaster, wanting to annex 30% of Palestinian land. If Netanyahu and his ilk get what they want, this policy will end up affecting the lives of 110,000 Palestinians. “These territories are where the Jewish nation was born and grew,” Netanyahu said […]

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