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The Rise Of Hatred Between Nations, And Unlocking Mystery Babylon

We recently did an interview with the Gathering Place Church as part of a series, Unlocking Mystery Babylon. In this interview we discussed the rise in hatred between countries and its context in the greater scheme of global conflict leading up to the Apocalypse:

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the war of israel and how she will lose

Read What The Prophets Really Said About The Future War That Israel Will Face And How Israel Will Lose

A Shoebat Sunday Special By Walid and Theodore Shoebat These days are unlike anything we have ever seen in the past two decades. Today Holocaust denial has reached an epic turning point even in western nations and anger against the Jews is higher now than it ever has been since the first half of the […]

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Conservatives Bashed Obama For ISIS And Islamic Terrorism, But Now Almost 100,000 Americans Are Dead Because Of Coronavirus And Conservatives Are Belittling The Situation

By Theodore Shoebat Conservatives bashed, for years, Obama for ISIS and Islamic terrorism. But now that almost 100,000 Americans are dead due to COVID-19, Conservatives are belittling the situation:

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Watch The Video That Reveals The Utter Horror Of How Nationalists Butchered 60,000 Christians

Today we took the time to watch a recently made documentary about the massacre of the Poles by Ukrainian nationalists. These nationalists butchered 60,000 Poles who were Christians, and to this day the Ukrainians will praise Stefan Bandera, the ideologue who led the slaughter. The story should not be a mere history lesson, but a […]

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