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Munich Security Conference Says That Germany Can No Longer Rely On America For Defense Against Russia And Thus Must Increase Its Military Might

The chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, said that Germany cannot rest all the time on America as a shelter, and must thus further strengthen itself. As we read in an interview that Heusgen did with ZDF: ZDF: You have experience with the first Trump administration: What can we expect if Trump wins […]

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Swedish Armed Forces 2019 3-19 screenshot

Sweden Will Be Boosting Its Military Spending By 30%

The Swedish government has announced that it will be increasing its military spending by 30%, another sign of the growing militarist consciousness that is rising up in Europe. As we read in Breaking Defense: The government of Sweden plans to increase its defense spending by nearly 30 percent in 2024, according to newly released public […]

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WE ADOPTED OUR FOSTER DAUGHTER _ Matt and Blue 8-5 screenshot

The Government Of Italy Declares: Do Not Register Homosexual Couples On Birth Certificates

The Italian government is going hard against the homosexual agenda by declaring that homosexual couples should not be registered on birth certificates, as we read in France 24: Italy’s right-wing government has been cracking down on city councils to stop listing same-sex parents on birth certificates. Led by the hardline traditionalist Meloni, the ministry of […]

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 Lawrence Hecker, child molester

Priest In New Orleans Who Molested Boys Is Finally Facing Prosecution

A priest in New Orleans who molested boys is finally facing prosecution, as we read 4WWL: Aretired Catholic priest from New Orleans who years ago secretly admitted to church leaders that he sexually molested or harassed numerous children is now at last facing criminal charges. State prosecutors in New Orleans obtained an indictment charging Lawrence […]

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The right to die in Belgium_ An inside look at the world’s most liberal euthanasia law 1-22 screenshot

Woman In Belgium Declares That She Wants To Die. The Doctors Give Her Poison, But Not Enough To Kill Her. So They Smother Her To Death With A Pillow

A woman in Belgium who wanted to die was given poison but not enough to kill her. So the doctors had her suffocated to death. As we read in Kresy: In Belgium, during euthanasia, a woman was given too little lethal drugs and the medics present at the scene decided that in this situation they […]

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Poland and Ukraine_ Real Friends or European Rivals_ _ UATV Explains 1-33 screenshot

The Ukrainian Government Is Now Threatening Poland With A Lawsuit

After all that Poland has done for Ukraine, Kiev is now threatening the Poles with a lawsuit because Poland does not want to allow cheap Ukrainian grain to overtake Polish grain. As we read in Kresy: As the Politico portal reported on September 1 , Ukraine is threatening to sue Poland and the European Union […]

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Tan France Helps Non-Binary Drag Queen Feel Like A True Bride _ Say Yes To The Dress With Tan France 1-29 screenshot

Man In Russia Dresses Up Like Woman And Puts On A Wig And Walks In Public. The Police Then Arrest Him And He Will Now Be Prosecuted For Promoting Transgenderism

A man in Russia is facing prosecution for promoting transgenderism after he got arrested for walking in a dress and wearing a wig. As we read in Novaya Gazeta: A 49-year-old resident of the Primorsky region located in the Russian Far East will soon face court prosecution for “promoting LGBT and sex change” views following […]

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ISIS Is Back and Wants Revenge Against Christians After Quran Burning 1-34 screenshot

Six People In Libya Leave Islam And Convert To Christianity And Are Now In Prison Facing The Death Penalty

Six Libyans who left Islam and converted to Christianity are now facing the death penalty, as we read in Mission Network News: In Libya, persecution is an inherent risk of becoming a Christian. According to Riadh Jaballah, friend of Voice of the Martyrs Canada, the Libyan Church is primarily an underground church. “The believers still […]

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Yorckscher Marsch_ Einmarsch des Wachbataillons beim Großen Zapfenstreich 28.08.2023 - Bundeswehr 1-28 screenshot

German Journalist Warns: ‘Germany Could Go Back To Nazism.’

German journalist named Stefan Huth has warned that Germany could go back to Nazism, as we read in Junge Welt: During the Cold War, units of the OUN fought against the Soviet Union as the USA’s stay-behind killer squads – often rubbing shoulders with German Nazis, who had been given a second career in the […]

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Fr. Nathan Brooks was arrested for child molestation

Catholic Priest In New York Gets Arrested For Molesting Child

  Catholic priest molestation is still happening and is not something enclosed in decades past. A priest in New York, Fr. Nathan Brooks, has been arrested for child molestation. As we read in LocalsSYR: On August 31, the Cortland County Sheriff’s Office arrested 36-year-old Nathan Brooks of Lafayette for three misdemeanors surrounding multiple occasions of […]

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