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Germany And Turkey Are Playing Both Sides In The Libyan Civil War To Take Control Of Libya

By Theodore Shoebat The German government is playing both sides in the Libyan civil war. While they are backing the oppositional Libyan National Army their ally Turkey is arming the internationally recognized government in Libya. Russian defense industry is also involved in this international scheme of war profiteering. Recent photos have shown the Russian made Pantsir-S1 […]

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john merrill

Alabama Senate Candidate Declares That The Sodomites Have Destroyed The US

A senate candidate from Alabama has declared that the actions of the sodomites have destroyed the US: Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R), a 2020 Senate candidate, says that Americans are too “preoccupied with homosexual activities” and “the wife swap shows,” ruining everything from TV to the country’s moral direction. Merrill, one of multiple […]

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bill clinton ariana grande

Bill Clinton Boldly Declares To The American People That He ‘Did Not Have Relations With Those Children’

Presented with no further comment: Former President Bill Clinton said Monday he knew nothing about Jeffrey Epstein’s “terrible crimes” and tried to downplay the time he spent on the billionaire’s private plane. In a statement issued hours after Epstein was arraigned on a sex-trafficking indictment, Clinton said he took “a total of four trips” with […]

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Four Christians Murdered In Burkina Faso For Wearing Crosses

Four Christians were murdered in Burkina Faso for wearing crosses according to a report: They had just gathered to share stories and the happenings of the day—like West African communities often do in the evenings–when strangers entered their village in northern Burkina Faso. Before the group left, they had killed four believers and had set […]

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One Does Not Just “Pull Down The Flag” At A Federal Building

Several days ago, there was a firestorm of controversy after a group of pro-immigration protesters pulled down the US flag at a Colorado ICE facility, put up the Mexican flag, then pulled that down and re-hoisted the American flag, but this time upside down: A group of protesters upset with federal immigration roundups stormed the […]

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dalton ga man fire

Hispanic Man Saves Two Elderly Georgia Women From Housefire

A Georgia man recently rescued two elderly women from a housefire, pulling them from the burning building: The Dalton Fire Department responded, however, one neighbor got there before the homeowners realized what was going on. Faye Wooten and Carolyn Nelson thought people were setting off fireworks, but it was their car blowing up in their […]

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jewish woman proud of abortion

Jewish Woman Proclaims: ‘I murdered my own child and I am proud of it.’

By Theodore Shoebat A Jewish woman just today wrote an article in which she boasts about having an abortion. In the article, entitled, “I Had an Abortion and Now I’m Not Ashamed”, the author, Rebecca Gordon, talks about how she is Jewish, lesbian and how she had abortion for which she is not ashamed.  In […]

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The Trump Administration Passes New Law: ‘Clinics Can No Longer Recommend Abortion To Women. This Law Must Go Into Effect Immediately.’

By Theodore Shoebat The Trump administration has passed a new law declaring that clinics can no longer recommend abortion to women and that this law must go into effect immediately, as we read in a report from KOMO News: Taxpayer-funded family planning clinics must stop referring women to abortion providers immediately, the Trump administration said […]

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kwin boes gets punched

Man In Indiana Murders His Own Eleven Month Old Son. The Judge Sentences Him To 20 Years In Prison. His Brother Sees Him Outside Of The Courtroom And Punches Him In The Face

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Indiana named Kwin Boes murdered his own eleven month old son. After the judge sentenced him to 20 years in prison, Boes’ brother punched him in the face outside of the courtroom: The report from KOMO News states:  Kwin Boes was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the […]

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Pro-Abortion Enthusiasts Want To Rip Apart Unborn Babies And Rip Them To Pieces. Oklahoma Government Declares: This Is Absolutely Barbaric

By Theodore Shoebat Pro-abortion enthusiasts want to legalize “dilation and evacuation”, which is a deceptive and insincere way of saying murderer and dismemberment. Thankfully, the government of Oklahoma has recently declared that this is absolutely barbaric, as we read in a report from Life Site News:  On Friday, Oklahoma County District Judge Cindy Truong upheld […]

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India Declares She Will Hunt Down “Illegal Immigrants,” Is Using It As An Excuse To Persecute Muslims

Hindu-Muslim tensions are not something new in India. However, Hindu nationalists have been known to directly parrot techniques used in the Western world to advance their own nationalistic agenda. In a direct copy of what is happening today, they are now using anti-immigration legislation to start persecuting Muslims: Born in India 71 years ago, Mohammed […]

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Massive Clue That Everybody Missed In The Italy Child Sex Trafficking Case

  In June 2019, eighteen people- many of them in positions of government and child protection services -were arrested as part of a child abduction and selling ring. The story has made news across Europe as America is currently having a similar case with the Epstein/Maxwell incident: Italian police have arrested 18 people including a […]

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imam massamba diop

Senegalese Imam Puts Together A List Of All The “Major Homosexuals” In Senegal, Threatens To Publicly Expose Them

The Bible states that sin of Sodom is so serious that it “cries out to Heaven for vengeance.” However, many people are not afraid of this evil. Instead, they fear offending the sodomites that they might be socially ostracised, economically disenfranchised, and persecuted. The Western world is filled with this problem, as many “Christians” will […]

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Churches Are Hiding Migrants To Protect Them From ICE Raids

By Theodore Shoebat Churches are hiding migrants to give them refuge from ICE raids. NBC News did a story on this stating: Asked on “Fox News Sunday” how many people ICE is targeting, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also said she wouldn’t “discuss operational details” and added that ICE “does this every single day; it’s […]

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British Court Orders Catholic Woman To Murder Her Own Baby. The Higher Court Overturns It Due To A Lack Of “Evidence.” But What Will Happen When Evidence Gets Presented To Support Enforced Infanticide? Eugenics Is Returning

By Theodore Shoebat A British court affirmed that the judge who ordered a woman to have a forced abortion went against human rights, as we read in a report from CNA: Courts in the United Kingdom have released the text of judicial decisions in the case of a disabled woman orginally ordered to undergo a […]

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ice arrests

ICE Raids Have Begun Around The USA

According to recent reports, ICE agents have started conducting raids against illegal immigrants: A nationwide crackdown to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants across the country began late Saturday in the nation’s largest city and several other places, according to an official. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) resumed its previously announced plan to apprehend thousands of […]

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