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Head Of The Pontifical Academy For Life Puts Forth Challenge To The Definition Of What Life Means

  The Catholic Church has always taught that the definition of “life” is very clear, from conception until natural death. However, the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life made a strange statement in which he said that the academy must alter the definition of what “life” means according to a report: The president of […]

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Pope Francis Names Major Supporter Of All Things Sodom To Be Cardinal

Pope Francis has done many things that have made many Catholics upset. One of these is the increasing toleration and promotion of persons who are either sodomites or have associated with sodomites, often times in a way that is far too close for any sort of doctrinal comfort. In a recent statement that has shocked […]

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President Mugabe Is Dead

In 1964 following the breaking up of the British Colonial Empire, a war opened between two political factions in the southern African nation of Rhodesia. One faction consisted of minority Zimbabwean citizens of Anglo-Saxon descent and were largely farmers who produced the majority of the country’s food supply and economic power, and the other faction […]

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Major Sodomite Politician Correctly Declares That The Republican Party Will Have To “Reckon” With Christianity

Pete Buttigieg is a notorious sodomite as well as a Democrat contender for the presidency. In a recent statement, he said that the Republican party was overdue to face a “reckoning” with Christianity according to a report: Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (BOO’-tuh-juhj) says Republicans will face “a reckoning” over a policy agenda he says […]

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japan empire flag

Abe Government Allows The Imperial Flag Of Japan To Be Raised During 2020 Olympic Games

The Olympic Games in theory allow different nations the chance to engage in friendly competition with each other that provides entertainment to a lot of people. It can also be a cover for conflict between nations, where by “fighting” with each other for sport victory, political leaders see it as an extension of their proxy […]

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Presidential Contender Bernie Sanders ADMITS He Wants To Murder Foreign Children In The Name Of Population Control While Biden’s Eye Fills Up With Blood

Every presidental election should be likened to a show for entertainment, whereby people watch the antics and then vote for the most attractive one. It is the the Roman gladiator games without the dismembered limbs, or the various “talent” shows on television without possessing an actual talent other than brownnosing with what are very wealthy […]

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The Kings Of Rock Are Dying, Long Live The King

The American rock band Starship, which was a continuation of Jefferson Starship, is known for her infamous song “We Built This City On Rock And Roll”: However, it is perhaps more accurate to say that rock-and-roll was built on rebellion. Whether it was against “traditional” (i.e. Christian for their times) values, religion, society, culture, or […]

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jesus-cleansing-the-temple (1)

Christians Must Arise And Be Like Christ And Take Up A Whip And Drive Out All Of The Corrupt And Homosexual Priests In The Catholic Church

By Theodore Shoebat Someone has actually done what we have been exhorting people to do since 2014: record the evil things said about clerical leaders and expose them. A seminarian named Matthew Bojanowski was being sexually harassed by a sodomite priest named Rev. Jeffrey Nowak, pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians Church in Cheektowaga. “After rejecting Father […]

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sweden magnus tv

Swedish Professor Declares On Swedish Television That Cannibalism Is The Only Way To Save The Planet

A Swedish professor, Magnus Söderlund, declared that in order for the planet to survive the effects of “climate change,” human beings would need to make radical changes to their way of life, including their diets. Among the recommendations are the legalization of cannibalism, saying that it would be limited to dead bodies: Anyone who watched […]

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ai brain

Major Development In AI Technology As Computer Passes An Eighth Grade Level Science Test

The desire of all corporations and governments is to create a person that will work endlessly with complete submission and at full capacity for ideally many years with little to no maintenance. Throughout most of history, this is what people call “slavery.” Under American law, direct slavery does not exist save for those in prison. […]

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Polish Catholic Priest Who Was Harassed By Sodomites Finally Does What Recommended Years Ago, Secretly Records Bishop And Exposes Massive Sodomite Corruption In Buffalo Diocese

Years ago, Ted advised Catholics to do what he called “Operation Whip”, which is to record, document, and confront people involved in serious, blatant, and persistent moral corruption in the Church. This came from an experience involving sodomites in the priesthood and about which little was done. From what we could tell, very few people […]

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Major American Magazine Suggests That Cannibalism Is Fine Because Animals Do It

Animals do many things that are similar to humans. There is always the joke about how chimpanzees are so similar in actions and expressions to human beings. However, there are major differences between human beings and chimpanzees. For examples, aside from the obvious fact such as that the two are different species regardless of how […]

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Probe Against Sodomite Pastor Todd Bentley Goes International As Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Come From Pakistan

Todd Bentley has been shown to be a sodomite and sexual abuser, but now the allegations against him have gone international as accusations emerge from Pakistan according to a report: Sexual misconduct allegations against Fresh Fire USA leader Todd Bentley have now snowballed to include reports from victims overseas, according to Stephen Powell, the estranged […]

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Catholic Priest Stabbed To Death Just Over The US Border In Mexico

The city of Matamoros (“Muslim killer”) sits right across the border from the US city of Brownsville, TX. A Catholic priest was recently stabbed there to death according to a report: A priest in a Mexico border town was stabbed to death last week inside his parish, becoming the latest among over two dozen priests […]

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Mother Forces Toddlers To Have Sex While She Livestreams It To Her Boyfriend

A mother and her boyfriend were jailed for five decades after she was caught forcing toddlers to have sex and then live streaming it for her boyfriend to watch according to a report: AN EVIL mum made toddlers have sex with each other while her paedo boyfriend watched the sickening footage over social media. Florida […]

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There Is Indeed A Movement That Is Working To Get Society To Accept Cannibalism

By Theodore Shoebat There is indeed a movement that is working to get the society to accept cannibalism. One part of the Cannibal lobby is the Elderd Lab in Louisiana State University. In 2017, the Elderd Lab did a study on how cannibalism can help stop the spread of disease. The study was led by […]

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