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Israeli Government Acquits Two Jewish Terrorists With A History Of Violence Who Attacked A Church And Openly Professed Their Hatred Of Christ And Desire To Murder All Christians And Arabs

Islamic terrorism is well-known in Israel, but sometimes the terrorists are not always Muslim. In a recent story, two Jewish terrorists with a history of racist violence attacked and vandalized a Church in Israel, blaspheming Christ and calling for the genocide of non-Jews were acquitted by the courts and to the dismay and frustration of […]

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LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 25:  Pride marchers wave American flags and dress as Hilary Clinton as the LGBT community celebrates Pride in London on June 25, 2016 in London, England. Across the city performances and speeches take place as a parade makes it way through the centre ending in Trafalgar Square. 2016 Pride in London comes just two weeks after Omar Mateen shot dead 50 people at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)

Vatican Bureaucrat Says That It Is OK To Take Drugs That Make A Man Into A Woman And Vice Versa

There have been many serious scandals coming out of the Vatican as of recent. However, what makes these scandals troubling is that they are gravely serious as they are unprecedented in Vatican history. Even during the most sordid and difficult times were many of the scandals in terms of gravity and severity never seen as […]

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Will The Republicans Under Trump Bring About A New And Worse Era Of Firearms Restrictions?

There is no fundamental difference between the Democrat and Republican parties, as the closer one dives into the echelons of power, the more one sees that the two parties are not opposed, but a form of controlled opposition. The Democrats are degenerate and do not attempt to hide their degeneracy, but openly embrace it as […]

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Two Hundred Christian Families In Pakistan Flee For Their Lives After Muslims Falsely Accuse Three Christian Women Of Insulting Islam

There are many Christians in the world who still suffer from persecution by Muslims from false charges of insulting Islam. One such case happened in Pakistan recently, where after three women were falsely accused of insulting Islam, two hundred families fled for their lives out of fear of Muslim riots according to a report: Charges […]

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Islamic Terrorists Butcher Over Twenty People In Nigeria With Machetes

Violence continues with Islamic terrorists in Nigeria. In a recent attack, over twenty people were slaughtered with machetes and were shot according to a report: International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on the morning of March 4, 2019, Fulani militants attacked Tse-Tema Dula, Tse-Ugor, and Tse-Jabu villages of Mbacohon area in Gwer West Local […]

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New Democrat-Backed Bill Will Revamp The Civil Rights Act And Force Employers To Accept And Accommodate Homosexuality

The Civil Rights Act did many good things, but has been a source of controversy in so far as it has been used and as the last sixty years since it was passed clearly show, to force particular ideas into the economic sphere so to force long-term political and cultural changes. The most serious of […]

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Netanyahu Declares That Israel Is A Country “Only Of The Jewish People”

President Netanyahu has made many statements that have given people concern that he supports ideas and causes which are dangerously supremacist and darwinistic in nature. Such concerns were revealed again when he declared that Israel is a state only for the Jewish people, and then when a well-known Jewish actress criticized him, he publicly rebuked […]

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Pope Francis Praises Catholics Who Were Butchered By Anti-Christian Terrorists In Spanish Civil War

By Theodore Shoebat Pope Francis praised Spanish Catholics who were butchered for their faith by anti-Christian terrorists in the Spanish Civil War, as we read in a report from Crux:  At a time of mounting anti-Christian persecution around the world, Pope Francis celebrated the memory Sunday of nine seminarians killed during the Spanish Civil War […]

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The Government Of Iowa Will Now Be Funding Sex Change Operations With Tax Dollars. America Is Now Becoming A Nation Of Sodom

By Theodore Shoebat The citizens of the republic of Sodom are at it again, this time getting government funding to bankroll “sex change” operations which is really just genital mutilation. One report from Christian News states: The Iowa Supreme Court has unanimously upheld a lower court ruling that determined the State must allow “sex change” […]

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Dutch Hackers Expose Massive Secret Chinese Government Database Tracking “Breed Ready” Women

The Chinese government is filled with god-hating atheists who view men as nothing more than animals that they believe they can farm for their own benefit. They are but one example of the legal application of darwinism as state policy, and its consequences are as horrible as they are strange. While the Chinese government has […]

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Egyptian Government Legalizes 156 Churches

Christians have suffered persecution in Egypt for centuries. In recent years they have suffered tremendously due to the influence of ISIS and other groups, which have aggravated already difficult circumstances. However, there has been good news out of Egypt, where the government recently legalized 156 churches according to a report: On Tuesday, the Egyptian government […]

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Iraqi Man Beats His Friend To Death, Then Cuts The Body Into Pieces, Covers The Pieces With Spices, And Cooks Them

Violent and disturbing crimes have been on the rise throughout the world. In a recent story out of Finland, an Iraqi man beat a friend to death in what appears to have been an argument. However, what he did next has shocked many people, including Finnish police, as the man proceeded to cut up his […]

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New Mexico Governor Claims To Be Catholic, Declares That She Loves Infanticide And Wants To See More Baby Murderers Get Jobs

When one uses the term “Catholic” in the US, one needs to distinguish immediately and carefully by a series of questions what one actually means. In the recent past, this problem was not so pressing, as to be a Catholic meant to hold a series of clearly-defined values and beliefs in accordance with a particular […]

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