Is the Church being blackmailed with a ‘paedophile priests scare’?

*This article was last updated on Aug. 21. Raids in Catholic dioceses have started in recent months – first in Chile followed by the United States – and now that an entire generation believes that the Catholic Church is run by paedophiles nobody is questioning them. In September, Chile authorities raided four dioceses in clerical […]

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Muslim Cleric Faces Jail Time Under Blasphemy Laws After Insulting Christianity

Many times one hears about “blasphemy laws” and how they are used against Christians. While this is very true and a major source of persecution, there are also some Muslim countries who have been using the same laws to crack down on Muslim preachers attempting to sow enmity and discord among Muslims and against Christians […]

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Best Buy Delivery Contractor Attacks Old Woman, Beats Her With A Mallet Then Sets Her On Fire After Delivering Her Appliances

A Best Buy contractor has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including attempted murder, for beating an elderly woman with a mallet and then setting her on fire after delivering her appliances to her home on the job according to a report: A delivery worker contracted through Best Buy is accused of beating an […]

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New York First Lady Rejects Statue Of Catholic Saint In Favor Of Statue Honoring Sodomites

New York may be one of the greatest cities on Earth in terms of her power, history, and prestige, but what matters in the eyes of God is none of those things, but the faithfulness of the people. The “Big Apple” has a long history of debauchery, as with most major cities in the world, […]

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One-Third Of All Banks Close Amid Run In Ghana

One-third of all banks in the West African nation of Ghana have closed amid a bank run taking place right now according to a report: It’s bad enough that drought-like conditions and rapid population growth have stoked a shortage of water and other vital resources in Ghana, a country that boasts one of the fastest […]

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US Expats In Mexico Concerned About US-Mexico Tensions

Mexico is home to many expats from the US. In an interesting story, there is an increasing concern among Americans living in Mexico that the rise in nationalistic rhetoric may pose a threat to them: In this haven for foreigners tucked neatly in a placid, lakeside community with cobblestone streets and surrounded by striking green […]

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Russian Government Angry After US Government Tests Missile Previously Forbidden By Treaty

The US government under the Trump administration has not “made America great again,” but has made the world more dangerous by loosening the shackles that previous presidents and politicians instituted to prevent certain situations from happening again. Two examples of these are the restraints placed on Germany and Japan, which Trump has removed, concerning their […]

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Gibraltar says ‘NO’ to the United States

Gibraltar has rejected a second request of the United States to seize an Iranian ship, after it obeyed a first petition detaining it for six weeks. A day after Gibraltar released Grace 1 on Aug. 15, the United States Department of Justice filed a request to detain the vessel again citing it had links to Iran’s Islamic […]

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China Furious At Taiwan Over Offering Asylum To Hong Kong Protestors

An outraged Chinese government attacked Taiwan after the nation offered asylum to the Hong Kong protestors following increasing threats against them by the Chinese government according to a report: China lashed out at Taiwan on Monday over its offer of political asylum to participants in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest movement, a day after hundreds of […]

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Daughter Of Major Jewish Rabbi Goes Into The Porn Business

It is not an exaggeration to say that, at the very least in modern history, there is a well-documented and almost prideful link between Jewish communities and the pornography industry, which encompasses many venues including but not limited to prostitution, “adult films,” sex trafficking, “adult businesses,” and other forms of sexual debauchery. In the famous […]

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Chinese Government Employing Artificial Intelligence, Spies, And Other Super Technologies Against Hong Kong Protests

The protests taking place right now in Hong Kong have provoked the wrath of the Chinese government and the attention of the world. It is well-known that in China, the Chinese government regularly uses artificial intelligence technologies, especially in the Xinjiang region of China, to monitor all of the citizens down to minute details. She […]

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Four Christians Arrested In Nepal For “Preaching Christianity”

Nepal is a small kingdom in the Himalayas where Shoebat.com has reported that Hindu nationalists are attempting to test their social influence and “flex” their political muscle. In a disturbing but interesting event, four Christians were arrested and charged with the crime of “preaching Christianity” according to a report: According to The Annapurna Express, four […]

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venezuelan refugees

Refugees Around The World At The Highest Number Since World War II

The numbers of refugees around the world has reached the highest number yet since World War II at approximately 70 million people according to a report: The number of refugees in the world has hit a record of 70 million, the highest figure since World War II, according to the United Nations. People are fleeing […]

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Countless Numbers Of People Flood The Streets Of Hong Kong In Protest As Chinese Government Ominously Watches

The standoff between Hong Kong and mainland China gets more intense each day. With the former British enclave completely surrounded by Chinese military troops and now a “sea” of people flooding into the streets protesting and with the world watching, it is only one’s guess as to what will happen next according to a report: […]

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cover photo nuke and israeli flag

The Destruction Of The Jews In Bible Prophecy And The Triumph of Israel

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) The Destruction Of The Jews In Bible Prophecy And The Triumph of Israel? Yep. Sounds like a contradiction? Nope. It is a contradiction because you made it so. The Bible has no contradictions. Number 24:24 says that the “Hebrews will perish” and Numbers 24:18 says that: “Israel will be […]

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Meth Addicted Mother And Her Boyfriend Celebrate Her Son’s One-Year-Old Birthday By Beating Him Over Three Dozen Times On The Head, Almost Two Dozen On His Legs, Pouring Hot Sauce Down His Throat And Holding Him Under Water And Sodomizing Him Until He Died

A woman in Alabama and her boyfriend, both addicted to meth, celebrated her son’s first birthday by putting him through what authorities described as “horror and pain” for thirty-six hours as they tortured the boy to death in a variety of cruel ways. Evidence showed 89 injuries, three dozen on his head and neck including […]

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