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Police Officer Disciplined for Playing ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ and ‘Lola’ As Transgendered Suspect Being Booked for Theft

A transgendered (aka mutilated) person was arrested on charges of shoplifting. As this individual was being booked by police, one officer took the liberty of playing two songs in what was an obvious attempt to mock or shame the individual. This individual protested that what the officer did was very hurtful (no mention of how […]

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Join ISIS in Switzerland, Go to Jail

As Americans wring their hands over what to do about ISIS, Switzerland acts by simply banning the group. In the U.S., individuals have been spotted wearing ISIS attire in Houston; tweets of the ISIS logo have been sent from in front of the White House; ISIS graffiti has been spotted all over the nation’s capitol. […]

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Video: Two black males wear Burkas, rob banks; Paging CAIR…

Here is a compilation of surveillance videos of two black males who have been robbing banks in Philadelphia while wearing burkas. Pay attention to the blocked out customer at the 1:00 mark. The Burka-robber shoves the man aside until he gets the money while being armed and dangerous. The customer actually stands back, puts his […]

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“One Dog Less”

Muslim Youths Attack Relatives of Dead in Funeral Processions Click here for video: http://shoebat.org/videos/attackDead.php …when nearly 5-10% of your minority population is Muslim this is the type of behavior you can expect. Intimidation and disrespect of the host country, demands of Shariah compliance and special rights for Muslims. When the population reaches 20% Muslim Islamic […]

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Sisterhood List and It’s Defined Goals

THE SISTERHOOD LIST AND DEFINED GOALS In Al-Liwa Al-Arabi, it defines the roll of Muslim Women in the Muslim Brotherhood: “The sources acquired by The Arab Brigade for information and documents regarding the most serious international body of the prohibited Brotherhood organization—The Muslim Sisterhood. This [branch] comes directly after the secret service of the Muslim […]

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Norwegian Rapes: 100% By Men of “Non Western Background” (IE, PC for Muslim)

http://shoebat.org/videos/assaultOslo.php In last 5 years in Norway 100% of rape cases are carried out by Muslims or men of “Non Western Background.” The Western Media cannot bring themselves to even utter the word “Islam” in their reports. If it were Jews doing such things it would be on the tip of their tongues. At least […]

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Your Standard Islamic Religious Instruction in Germany:

http://shoebat.org/videos/islamGermany.php This is a German Muslim religious class taught by a Muslim teacher. Walid and all our former Muslim contacts confirm that this lesson would be the more moderate teaching on Islam compared to what they all encountered. You would never know by watching the main Stream media

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