Police Officer Disciplined for Playing ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ and ‘Lola’ As Transgendered Suspect Being Booked for Theft

A transgendered (aka mutilated) person was arrested on charges of shoplifting. As this individual was being booked by police, one officer took the liberty of playing two songs in what was an obvious attempt to mock or shame the individual. This individual protested that what the officer did was very hurtful (no mention of how hurtful it is to steal from someone).

In the news report below, the mutilated person discussed how he/she has to rely on police officers to protect him/her against violent attackers. In addition to requiring more taxpayer resources than most in that regard, this individual then proceeded to allegedly shoplift, sucking up even MORE taxpayer resources.

And we’re supposed to feel bad?

Instead of being promoted, the police officer was disciplined:

Below you can listen to both songs in their entirety:



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