Complicit with Evil

Complicit with Evil

By Keith Davies Executive Director of the Walid Shoebat Foundation

As Egypt and the rest of the Arab world descends into chaos we in America are either intellectually ill equipped to comprehend the problem or we are part of the problem and those that do comprehend the problem do not control the strings of power to act in a way to solve or improve the situation.

On our University campuses over the last 50 years we have seen them become places filled with ideological leftists who plan to “transform” America into a panacea of socialist Marxist practices. The result of two or three generations of churning out left wing ideologues it seems that enough students who now are regular voters over the age of 40, along with left wing leaders coming from the same ranks have grabbed the reins of power. Despite this America is still a center right country but you would never know it based on our media and power structure in Washington.

The fruits of this progressive agenda is translating into the weakest imaginable foreign policy of the Middle East and it is not as complicated as all of us “non experts” think it is. It is nice to see Glenn Beck win over some Americans who now are returning to their American heritage and other conservative media folks who are rallying to unseat a president who knows how to speak like a conservative but who acts like a far left winger in terms of his actions. However, the majority of people in America are still not paying attention to the issues despite the evidence, which shows that disaster is around the corner on many fronts.

The Middle East, which is our main focus, has now become a hot bed of Islamic fundamentalism with a racist ideology on par with Nazi Germany, yet you would never know it based on watching any network. For example, only one newspaper in the main stream reported that the CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan was referred to as “Jew, Jew, Jew” prior to being sexually assaulted. Why would these people who are so in need of “freedom” wish to kill a supposedly Jewish reporter (Lara Logan is not Jewish)? Lara Logan would have been killed if not rescued by some women and the Army. The answer is that the whole of the Middle East is inculcated with anti Semitism, that is fed to the masses from the mosque and mainstream Muslim/Arab TV, yet our main stream TV in the West ( proves this issue beyond shadow of a doubt) barely reports on this and just like the 1930s we choose as a society to ignore the fundamental problem in the Middle East which is Jew and Christian hatred.

They also hate America because they believe that without support from America the Muslim world could easily destroy Israel. The reason to destroy Israel is a religious one because as any scholar knows Islam is a political movement as well as a religious one and cannot tolerate non-Muslim countries, which they regard as part of the “Umma,” as well as a longer term objective of conquering the world for Islam. This is chiseled into their texts, as is part and parcel of their faith and not some radical concept within Islam as even some of the conservative commenters like to let on so they can escape the label “racist.” Again our media and our leaders are unwilling to identify the issues because we have deluded ourselves and offer appeasement because of the oil supply and the discomfort of taking strong action to protect our interests and freedom.

The world stands on a precipice and sadly based on our leaders on both sides of the political spectrum we will see shortly a Middle East dominated by both a Shia and Sunni fundamentalist regimes with the despots of the past turning into worse despots of the future. It is now too late to turn back the bad policies of the past; we have reaped this terrible fate through seventy years of policies based on money, corruption and willingness to accept the status quo. We have fed the crocodile with trillions of petro dollars. We have very wealthy evil men who know nothing of freedom but only subjugation, who use our money to instill hatred and murder because we are “infidels.”

We have ignored ways to become self sufficient in energy because of hypocritical concepts of environmentalism and global warming. Americans know we could be self sufficient in fossil fuels but our leaders fail us both Democrat and Republican. Currently eight million are employed to supply about 20% of our domestic energy consumption, how many more would be employed if we were to exploit the resources to make us self-sufficient. If we allowed our great American companies to invest in supplying our energy domestically our economy would be stronger, we would have little or no terrorism as the Middle East would be still a desert with Arab tribes killing each other instead of us, like they have been from the time of the bible.

We have fueled this problem literally. We know how to fix it but no leader has the guts to lead.


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