American Muslim Convert Professes Violent Jihad and Treason

"It is quite easy to purchase guns to kill your fellow American, so what are you waiting for?"

The perfect combination of American candor and Jihadic vitriol: in this broadcast to his fellow Muslim, Muslim-convert Adam Gadahn (Gadhan) reveals the true vision of the Islamic movement. He urges his fellow Muslims both in America and worldwide to carry out violent Jihad against anyone who does not share his religion. He includes very helpful tips on how to slay your fellow American by advising where to purchase your shiny new weapons of holy destruction…

Food for thought:
Maybe it’s time for us to lobby owners of gun shops to not sell firearms to Muslims… If we can send a copy of this email to all gun shops maybe some common sense can prevail. Common sense = racism if you are someone from the left. Why is Adam Gadhan free and not behind bars as his statements are professing open treason?

Click here to view the video clip:


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