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Inside the Mind of a Traitor

French General Philippe Pétain went from WWI hero to WWII traitor. He became an agent of the Nazis and even helped round up Jews for trips to concentration camps. Did Pétain suddenly become diabolically evil? Such traitors are devoid of a conscience. But what of men who have a conscience but ignore it while twisting […]

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Gaza an Open Prison, really?

H/T BNI The leftists and Palestine propagandists like to tell the World that Gaza is a prison and is still under “Occupation.” This is a lie. Yes movement in and out of Gaza is restricted but the reason for that is because Hamas chooses to use Gaza as a launching pad for Rockets and terrorism. […]

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Terrorists Use American Equipment, “paid for by US taxpayers.”

By Theodore Shoebat If every American, who actually pays taxes, knew where their money is going to, there would be a torrent of anger and uproar (not that there already is outrage, but it would be even greater). Fred Hof, who once served as Hillary Clinton’s special representative on Syria, reported this week that Islamist […]

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Rationalizing Cowardice in Court: Judge bows to Mecca

Being a coward is so dishonorable that people – including judges like the one in this case – will go to great lengths to avoid being properly diagnosed with it. Via Pundit Press: In 2011, death row inmate Abdul Awkal sued an Ohio prison because he was receiving non-halal food while in prison. As a […]

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A 180 on Anderson Cooper 360: CNN’s Agenda-Driven Journalism Against Walid Shoebat Exposed

In 8 minute video report exposing the lies and slander of CNN, as well as the unprofessional unbalanced report. Watch out for a much greater response to the CNN hatchet job over next few months. We will keep you posted! A 180 on Anderson Cooper 360: CNN’s Agenda-Driven Journalism Against Walid Shoebat Exposed CNN has […]

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American Muslim Convert Professes Violent Jihad and Treason

The perfect combination of American candor and Jihadic vitriol: in this broadcast to his fellow Muslim, Muslim-convert Adam Gadahn (Gadhan) reveals the true vision of the Islamic movement. He urges his fellow Muslims both in America and worldwide to carry out violent Jihad against anyone who does not share his religion. He includes very helpful […]

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