Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Favoritism Will Lead to War in the Middle East

By Keith Davies

Over the last year we have seen our government sell out Hosni Mubarak, the key leader who has brought relative peace and stability in the region. Instead, we have jumped on board with the “Arab Spring” which has led to Islamists taking power. My colleagues and I are not privy to CIA intelligence, but if we were able to predict such things based on common sense and our expertise in Middle East affairs, why could not our government see? Or maybe they can. It seems our government is infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and, along with political correctness from politicians who choose reelection over common sense, has allowed the Middle East to become a powder keg ready to explode.

President Obama chose military intervention to remove Qaddafi from power yet ignores Syria, and when the Iranian people were protesting, he ignored them as well. Why? It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood pulls the strings at the State Department. Many of Obama’s key advisers are Muslim Brotherhood operatives. The Muslim Brotherhood could not allow a secular free country to arise in Iran, which would be likely if the Mullahs were overthrown. Obama did their bidding, stood silent, and provided no aid.

The situation in Syria is a little more complex, as military intervention could provoke Iran to war (being an Assad ally) as well as a major proxy war against Israel, but Turkey is ramping up pressure so the Muslim Brotherhood has already a key ally in the AKA party headed by Prime Minister Erdogan, who is part of the Muslim Brotherhood apparatus leveraging its power to undermine the Assad regime. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood does not need the USA to do its heavy lifting in Syria. It is only a matter of time before Assad is forced out.

The mainstream media are so stupid with regards to the Middle East that they do not even know what they don’t know. “The Arab Spring is about freedom” is ridiculous. While the spark may have been about freedom, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists have used this spark to achieve their goals, which is the sixth Caliphate, and have almost succeeded with the finishing line in sight.

Leon Panetta, adding to the complete folly of US policy in the Middle East, has criticized the United States’ so-called ally Israel for not reaching out to Turkey and Egypt. However, Israel is the only one that does the reaching out, and it appears the more reaching out it does, the bigger the black eye it gets. Ironically, when it was forced to use military force to defend itself in the past, the aftermath of those conflicts brought more stability and peace than when they “reached out.” Over sixty years of reaching out to the world, and still people like Leon Panetta seem to think that just one more time will make a difference and will sway world opinion. How many times have I heard that story over the last thirty years? One example for the doubters was the withdrawal from Gaza, which did not improve relations with the Arabs but instead caused thousands of rockets to rain down on Israel’s southern border.

The policy of the USA from 1979 to the present has now made the whole of the Middle East an unstable war zone with Shia Mullahs in Iran and now from Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, and soon, Syria and others will come under the influence of the Nazi-style Muslim Brotherhood. We contend that Obama has deliberately brought on this because of his radical agenda and has been allowed to succeed with a combination of infiltration, naivety and political correctness.

Turkey is the key, and it will take over influence of the whole of the Sunni Middle East, using calls for peace to deceive, and when it achieves its goals of power it will then wage war against Israel. Iran will flex its muscles and will achieve its goal in gaining a nuclear weapon and will use that weapon against Saudi Arabia. After Saudi Arabia is destroyed, then all focus will be on Jerusalem.

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