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Iranian Nationalism, The Destruction Of Israel, And The German-Persian Alliance

By the Shoebats “We hear the shouts of the world-eating Jews from the throat of the Saudi king … Our missiles will rain down on our enemies. Our Sejjil Missiles will drop in the heart of Tel Aviv. The voice of Heydar [Ali] will prevail from the Kaaba. This is the Shia flag that will […]

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Iraq releases Hezbollah leader accused of Executing handcuffed U.S. Soldiers

When U.S. troops left Iraq, that country was essentially handed over to Iran. This latest news that Iraq has released a Hezbollah leader guilty of executing five U.S. soldiers five years ago, seems to bolster that charge. Via Fox News: Republicans on Capitol Hill are furious over the Obama administration’s handling of a purported Hezbollah […]

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Report: Ayatollah orders Attacks through man whose Colleague visited Oval Office

Reza Kahlili is reporting that Ayatollah Khameini has ordered the chief commander of the Quds Forces to collaborate with Hezbollah to coordinate terror attacks in response to the assassination of one of Iran’s nuclear scientists. The man Khameini reached out to is very relevant but first, Kahlili’s report. Via WND: After the recent assassination of […]

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