Video: The Groveling to Afghanistan continues

It should be patently obvious to any rational human being (yeah, I know, they’re hard to find these days) that these incessant, shameless and yes, groveling apologies to Afghanistan over the Qur’an burnings have nothing whatsoever to do with being compelled to admit a wrong. They have everything to do with cowardice. The only thing worse than a coward is a lying coward. Here is the latest example; his name is Jan Kubis and he is an emissary for the Secretary-General of the United Nations – Ban Ki Moon – to Afghanistan.

Kubis may as well have gotten down on his knees and asked to clean Hamid Karzai’s ring with his tears of sorrow, in a plea for forgiveness.

Lost on everyone, even now, is that the world is granting Afghanistan groveling apology after groveling apology while the “noble people of Afghanistan” continue rioting and killing without anyone offering an apology on behalf of Afghanistan.

If you’ve ever wondered what a dhimmi looks like, wonder no more…

h/t Verum Serum


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